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October 31, 2007


(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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They'd better keep practicing until they hurt someone, d@mmit!

Minutes later France surrenders

Well, thank God the jet landed safely! Wouldn't want something falling out of the sky, would we?

What? They dropped a what?

Oh. Never mind.

i'm so thrilled to be living here. we have the worlds largest navy base and all the bombers and jet fighters anyone would ever want. makes me feel so secure. used to be i'd worry about the terrorists targeting this area. now i'm worried about us targeting this area. i'm thinking about moving to the Dakota area or maybe even farther north.

Wickedwitch --
Before you move, check to see if anyone in the Air Force misplaced a nuclear weapon nearby. Supposedly they don't stray into Canada, but you can't always believe the press coverage when we invade a country.

But the Navy didn't say whether alcohol was involved.

We need to know these things.

Just a little warning shot to remind the rebs that the South will not actually rise again.

Jeff!! Pilots drinking???? I'm SHOCKED! gobsmacked, even!

*SNORK* @ Mitch

And now I bet they find out Virginia,indeed, did not have any weapons of mass destruction.

I always blame the dog.

*hums a snappy tune by the Gap Band*

SNORK@Lizzy. i feel so secure right now. i'm directly under the Langley AFB flight path, not to mention the local airport is only 3 miles away. i'm starting to think that Chicken Little was correct. The sky IS falling.

Navy = boats. Something is very wrong.

My great aunt lives in VA Beach and is right under the flight path to Oceana. She hates it--you can't hear yourself think half the time. But then she remembers that those noises mean we're safe then she tolerates it. Based on my last visit there, I'd wonder if the bomb came from a plane or if it was part of a gang fight.
Also, Wicked, before you move north remember: your nose hairs freeze up here. Frequently.
That is all.

"Also, Wicked, before you move north remember: your nose hairs freeze up here. Frequently.
That is all."

OY! That is so very true. Your snot freezes, too. And God help you if you have pierced ears and forget to NOT wear earrings. OW OW OW!

*remembering why I am enjoying life in Georgia*

Can I investigate the pilot? Please! I'll be happy to do a breath test and in-depth probing into this disaster...... for the good of the country, of course.

Med, you tramp!

(can I do the co-pilot?)

Yeah, you ... um ... "bad" girls!

(I once got to fly an F-4 Phantom ... wanna investigate me?)

As to the "practice" bomb ... mebbe they wuz merely "practicing" to set up a "practice" investigation, by "practice" investigators"?

"Minutes later France surrenders"

While Italy rushes to the aid of the victors.

Med - not sure if you'd want him. I heard that he has the same 'oopsie-bomb' problem at home. IYKWIM.

Annie, the American Navy is the World's second strongest Air Force.

thanks for the warning gjd, i have multiple piercings that i really don't want to have freeze up on me, IYKWIMAITYD. possibly i'll have to reconsider a move farther south.

You dropped a bomb on me, baby. You dropped a bomb on me.....

What? Just practicin' for the "investigation."

EG - then they should shower more often.

If the Navy were smarter, they would have little tags on their bombs that say "If found, please return to ___________".

Just curious.... Was Slim Pickens seen anywhere in the area?

Just curious.... Was Slim Pickens seen anywhere in the area?

I swear to God I only hit send once! Seriously....

Mummy - or something like 'if you can see this, YOU'RE TOO DAMN CLOSE'

Those navy pilots and their Halloween pranks...

Thank God! At least it wasn't the Air Force this time.

Given some of the kids I knew when I was in Annapolis I could probably put together a list of suspects for those investigators.

Round up The Usual Suspects!

Trick or treat!

El- Round up TUS? no tengo una bomba.

That has to be the funnest way to wake up.

"Hey Raulf look!"


Twice, even ...

(I miss ol' Slim ... he wuz always good for sum laffs ... still is, on DVD or reruns ... merely sayin' ...)

Thanks, O the U!

I was starting to wonder if anyone got that....

Such a great scene!

I have a story about a Navy practice bomb. I'll spare you, this time, if you give me lots of candy.

Well, thank god it was inert. Now what the
#%$# does inert mean anyhow?

It's like an innie, kathy, which we all know is better than an outie. :-)

[practice bombs have a small charge that (theoretically) allows fliers or cameras to spot where they landed; I wouldn't stand next to one, but they aren't hugely explosive; inert doesn't seem like the right word]

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