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October 27, 2007


But we DO have scratch 'n' sniff wallpaper.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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But what twelve year old girls buy wallpaper?

What if I don't want to sniff where I scratch...oh, wait, I'm a guy. Bring it on.

"Michael Angelo?" Damn, what does it take for that guy to die. What does that make him? 500 years old?

Personally, I'm gonna need some Glade(TM thingy) wallpaper for the bathroom...

Let's see, coffee wallpaper right next to the bed, for first thing in the morning.

A lovely rose-floral arrangement wallpaper for the TV room (much easier than fighting for the remote)

and retchhpukevomit wallpaper that activates after 3 days for the guest bedroom.

*SQUEAL* Willy Wonka flashback! Do the snozberries taste like snozberries?

Snork @ mm. My guests never stay longer than 3 days, so I wouldn't need that one. My hubby would never leave the house if there was coffee wallpaper...

A "Smell my wallpaper party?" I'm sorry, I haven't gotten THAT bored yet.

"Brought to you by FRUIT OF THE LOOM, featuring their all new line of scratch & sniff underwear."


mm - now YOU'RE funny.

*shudders to think of scratch & sniff hospital walls*

Hm. What would library walls smell like? I wonder.

so wonderful... I love the smell of books...

Library walls....I don't know. Books have a smell all their own.

At school I want Valium-scented walls. For the teachers. That's not a bad idea for hospital walls, either.

*snorkus major*

Hey baby, scratch my back . . .

Umm...are the lightning bolts pointing to something, or is that just my dirty mind at work? What are we supposed to scratch and sniff there?

LMAO, Auntie!

And I want the Valium-scented walls, too!

scented? bah, i want flavored!

didj'all see the poor doggie picture on that page? click on "flavor pug" in the left column. poor penelope - she's gonna rise up and kill them all.

ot - in SoCal right now, at least near LA - RAIN! /ot

Annie--Yay, rain!

CG-I wanted flavors to taste, too. No fair.

DD-I'm sure Dave will post it when Penelope goes on her killing spree. Can't wait.

Pure Genius?

I din't realize they had wallpaper in those padded rooms ...

What will it smell like if you scratch B-A-N-N-A in the wrong order? My uncle got his nose shot off in the war. How does he smell? TERRIBLE.

My walls in my apartment in NYC smelled. Does that count?

Yay, for rain in su.so.ca!!

Off to pick up my new kitties!!! I'm getting two sweet cats and I'm soooo excited!

Byeeeee for now!

I'm waiting for scratch and lick.

Yay, kitties! Enjoy them and take pictures of them in cute outfits for the blog.

*groan at JEC*

I'm waiting for diet scratch & lick.
(somehow that sounds kinky)

Or there could even be sniff and lick, which is even kinkier. ;)

And kind of icky too, now that I think about it.

Yeah, see the link Mahatma posted at 12:11. I think it's supposed to be scratch and sniff and lick. Both kinky and icky. Kicky?


My wallpaper is defective, unless smelling like cat butt is the new flavor of the month....

What would that wallpaper print look like, Pirateboy? It might be better than having the banana wallpaper on your walls.

AuntiM: It would look like a rancid snozzberry.
Thanks for the Wonka posting! As soon as I read the article, I started searching for that quote. You beat me to it.

Augustus deserved it. And the Oompa Loompas are still creepy, 30 years later.

Pirateboy? The sad thing is, I knew that line about snozberries from memory. Rancid snozberries would be gross. All of those little brats deserved it. I kind of liked the new movie's Oompa Loompas, just because they were less creepy than the original movie's version.

"Hello, My Name Is MoFAux And I am a Wallpaper Sniffer"

*Ponders the Lincoln bedroom.*


Okay, who let the spammer out?

*looks around*

Where, Med?

Poetry spam. Who knew?


(sorry, here in SoCal, bbq is still a dirty word)

Go Gators!!

Glad to see we could share some of the rain we have experienced so much of here Annie. Take as much as you like, we're still drying out from this past summer.

It was barely a sprinkle, and just locally. But thanks for offering, Doc.

Wow, all is quiet in the land of blog. Florida must be playing of something.

I found the Perfect Rain Dance. It isn't for los Indijos, its from England. The English Rain Dance. It has to work. Ever been there?

Willy Wonka was my first thought, too. I dreamed of that wallpaper when I was little.

I'd say the parents of the kids deserved it, too.

Well... there's a game on, but I'm not sure Florida is really playing (down 28-24). *grrr*

Is there a bacon scented wallpaper? Mmmm yummy yummy bacon.

I actually used the "snozberry" line as the title of the email that I sent to Dave for this item!

I must say I also thought of snozberries. Gene Wilder is cool.

*due to self-imposed dietary restrictions, merely gotta go with B-R® "sugar free" treats, instead of Willy Wonka's ... dang ...*

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