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October 28, 2007


You have not really lived until you have danced the Macarena with a toilet seat around your neck.


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I'm glad you had fun, Dave!


FIRST to wonder if Dave has a hangover. ;)

Also FIRST to say that both Cal and SC lost yesterday. I'm blaming the CA fires.

Post more pix, Dave!

"You have not really lived until you have danced the Macarena with a toilet seat around your neck."


Hi Leetie! Miss your head!


I miss my head too. I think it needs to make a comeback. Or else come home.

I will take your word for it.

Rutgers lot too, El. 31-3.

I'm with Leetie. Well, I'm not actually with Leetie, I have no idea where she is and if I did know where she is I would need to stay away, what with the other, fellatious fellatious incorrect allegations of stalking...
Anyway I agree with Leetie. More Pics. Preferrably video of the Macarena.

I didn't get out to any parties, 'cause I spent the night in the garden with Linus, waitin' for Thee Great Pumpkin.

haven't seen Leetie's head for months. :(

Need pictures ... at least "crappy" ones.

Or better yet, was there live webcam coverage of the event that you can replay like this crazy site does?!?

Dave, that's a good way to end up in a news story on your own blog!

That is one cwazy site Jon. And it knows too much.

Dave, what about the Electric slide???

*hoping Dave didn't have to pray to the porcelain god*

although if he did, he'd like...be right there!

Mornin' everyone!!! where's the coffee and goodies??

(^5's Punkin! YAY SOX!!!! )

Sioux, the coffee and snacks are on the previous thread. :)
/end PSA

Siouxie, you slacker... are you just now getting up?

Siouxie - Yes! GO SOX!

Wyo - I tried to find you last night, but your patch is too big!

LOL actually I got up earlier...but went back to sleep. I love Sundays....

(I did wake up at like 4:30 and turned on my computer to check how the game had ended) I was happy and went back to sleep.

I stayed up and watched a little longer... they scared me for a few minutes LOL. But only one more game to go!!!!

Uhh.. Punkin... what's this about Wyo's patch?

I saw the score was close for a while..6-5!! I wouldn't have gone to bed then!!!

Punkin, I'm not even going to ask how you know about Wyo's patch being too big.

I went to bed at 6-0, and woke at 10-5. I didn't even realize it was close.

Well, Edgar, those are great odds. Better than 5-10 that you would wake up.

There is one good thing to be said for living on the left coast. I saw the whole game, then got to see Cal blow the lead and lose. Sniff.
Got 3 more pumpkins to carve today.

Thee Great Pumpkin looks like he's wired for sound - and has a lock on it too....

Thee Great Pumpkin looks like he's wired for sound - and has a lock on it too....

How many "seat up-seat down" arguments did you start?

I'm just hoping that for one night of the year, the blog was low flow. Or at least, low outflow.

It would appear then that I have not really lived.

And because you've asked....

Those are not wires.

Those are suspender straps.

And car keys.

And a compass.

And it is nap time.

Dave must be feeling a little flushed today.

Welcome back, Leetie! Does your head get frequent flier miles? How many times did it get to see Dave?

I'm gonna have to give Meanie a different head. More head, if will (just sayin' before YOU all do). ;)

Nobody needs to see THAT first thing in the morning.

*waves to PB*

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