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October 31, 2007


We are dining at Lou Malnati's Pizzeria in Naperville. One of the waiters is a giant wolf named Greg. We assume this has something to do with Halloween.


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Which one is the wolf?

That guy has a lot of bacon in his pants

I think 'Greg's' ramparts are a bit saggy.

Hm, it's either the Halloween thing, or Greg is trolling for dinner.


Did you have Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza? That might explain it...

Two Authors named Dave and Ridley
Stopped at a Napier eatery.
A wolf showed them in
and said with a grin,
"Just what I needed. A double entreé"

When you ordered mushrooms, what kind?

That's the 3 little pigs.
In his pants, I mean.
Not Dave, Greg, & Ridley.

Two Authors from the Great Beyond
Stopped in at Napier to bond.
A wolf showed them in
and said with chagrin,
"Just what I needed. A double entendre."

YAY! I gave out candy!! To 4 kids. My neighbors 4 kids! Then it started raining again.

*adds the ' up there*

YIPES, Dave & Ridley! It's the BIG BAD WOLF in disguise!!

So far, no trick or treaters.

I'm preparing for an onslaught. They bus them in. Multiple times. For about four hours, it's a war zone.
By then my neighbor's limpid ghosties will hopefully be a bit more perky than they are now.

The last three were around 12. A soldier, a Rasta, and a dark-skinned/black-haired guy in normal clothing. I asked. He said, "I'm a Mexican, but I don't wanna wear the hat."


Annie, those things need a boob job!!

*snork* @ "The Son Also Arises!"

You all look so scaaary in your blogstumes!

Before I run, I thought I would leave you with a bit o' spookiness...

Remember Count Floyd?

ellie, YES!! LOL

I got a kick outta hearing "Monster Mash" this morning on the radio. I cranked it UP!

Pizza in Chicago? What about ribs?

OT: Woo hoo! I just got my Dave ticket in the mail:
Stamford, February 17! Second row center, close enough to count the fibers on his blue shirt.

I am coming armed with Marshmallow Fluff for an authentic New England gift. Hope other bloglits will be there!

Is that a toy in his pocket or is he just happy to see y'all?

Where is Ridley's left hand? Is he getting some tail?

So far, no trick or treaters.
Posted by: Alfred Simon Fyodorovich | 07:40 PM on October 31, 2007


OK..I got more kids!! all neighbors. I'm thinking if I run out of chocolate, I can just pour boxed wine in their goodie bags.

Be cautious while doing that tapping, Annie - I remember reading recently, that got someone in a whole lot of trouble...

Sio, you could always hand out cigars.

SandyEgo - that was a Larry Craig joke just for Alfred. I know how much he likes them. Not. ;)

Count Floyd has some serious problems, but he's cool that way.

Sorry, no tricks or treats for that kind of tapping.

I got two kids, a witch and a power ranger. I didn't think we would get anybody, so I didn't buy candy.

Halloween Dreams

Freud: So you wish to battle her with a very large sword?

Me: What ever works.

heheh - well, then I just compounded it. ha My work here is done.

Hey, Alfred--what's the name of the group on Facebook you created for the Dave fans? Or was that just a nightmare I had?

My trick-or-treaters seem to be done. I went to my sister's neighborhood so my hubby could wear his kilt and take my nieces on the death march.

Decided to break out the old name for 1 last time. Missed out on the trick or treaters so far. They must have heard the rumors about my apartment. Whether or not they are true is between me, God and the overnight watchman at the county dump....BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

UGH! I just had another buncha kids come! I'm already wearing my PJ's. I'm a "Sleepy Byotch From Hell"!

I'm sure you look lovely, Siouxie.

AuntiM- Alfred's Dave Barry's Blog Group

Trust me Siouxie, the PJ's look probably scared them worse than any costume you could have been wearing. *Ducks immediately behind blog bar and throws the extra-large jar of hot wax into the trash compactor and selects extra-squishy as the setting.*

ya'll are doing it all wrong. i sit home and wait for my kids to return from looting trick or treating with the man who fathered them and then i get dibs! i love this holiday!!!!!!

ya'll are doing it all wrong. i sit home and wait for my kids to return from looting trick or treating with the man who fathered them and then i get dibs! i love this holiday!!!!!!

Kidding as always Sioux! Your the hottest Cuban female I've ever known. Ok, the only Cuban woman but I would take you over Gloria Esteffan any day! ;)

Thanks, Alfred. I poked you, too.

Nice backpedaling there, Dr.

Night, all.


Give em Hell

*glares @ Rick*

uh huh...sure...

*looks for the secret batch of hot wax*

Sio, those hot pink slippers are SCARY!

I have dozens of little wax 'Coke' bottles left over. They're awful, but kitschy. Belly is too full, but not only because there were so many Reeses.

I somehow doubt I'll bother, next year, as very few kids came to the door, tonight. Perhaps the end of an era that started in the 50s.

My roommate arrived at with a bunch of candy. Then he turned off the porch light.

CJ, those pink fluffy slippers are NOT scary!! Not till I *smack* you with 'em! and I didn't! so there! pffffft!

Too old to trick OR treat, too young to hit up Hollywood. So I ate all the candy corn. :(

My tummy hurts but I'm just rockin' that eyeliner mustache. All is well.

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