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October 08, 2007


Key Quote: While our artists make every effort to insure accuracy, we cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of using fabric brain art as a guide for functional magnetic resonance imaging, trans-cranial magnetic stimulation, neruosurgery or single-neuron recording.

(Thanks to Mike L)


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Ow, my head hurts.

Yeah...I saw a similar warning posted on the Sistine Chapel. Art: Don't try it without a lawyer.

On the subject of crazy art, there was a sexpo (sex expo) in Jhb last week and one of the stars of the expo was an Australian who was painting portraits with his penis, apparently he was pretty good.

Was I the only one that initially read that as "Brain Fart"???


um..nevermind then. carry on.

This is your brain.
This is your brain on rugs.

Mot! I sent that article in a couple of weeks ago as an "update" to "Pricasso".

Did you go to the sexpo???

Mot - posted here years ago, before he was 'big.'

*snork* @ Annie!

and a simul to boot!

Boots? Where? Are they on sale?
slightly OT - I thought I'd be coy and google 'sagamore hotel webcam' - didn't find the hotel, but found lots of 'sagamores' - eeeeew. Bad nakey, bad. Time out.

Sooz, didn't know it was on until it was shown on TV last night. It was the same guy Pricasso, must have missed or forgotten the posts. I blame senile decay.

Whoa, cowgirl - double simul back-to-back with a half-gainer. I gotta sit down.

Annie, google "Sagamore Hotel & nude" photo and you'll get the story.

Sagamore article

The TV report of the Sexpo showed a very large range of very inventive and cutting edge BOBs.


Siouxie - webcam=key word.
More info here but WARNING - lots 'o beige!

Annie, your post of 12:02 caused three of my co-workers to ask what the heck I was laughing at. I think that qualifies as a triple-*snork*

You should def. post that in the comments section of the museum site.

Mot - linky no workie. Linky please. NOW.

Marjorie Taylor's brain looks a lot like an ice bag.


Thanks, FL - that was kind of you to say.

Siouxie - maybe Marjorie had a hangover. Or a slipped stitch.

This art is the result of woolly thinking.

Next thing you know, they'll be knitting their brows....

Mot - Siouxie and I are still waiting patiently for your linky to the curiously innovative BOBs.

Oh, and *snork* @ AWB for "brain on rugs."

Buncha ragheads.


"Mrs. Lindsay, I'm afraid I have bad news."

"Yes, Doctor?"

"I've looked at your MRI and you seem to have multiple brain tumors and ... Waitaminnit... those are snags in the yarn! Nurse Ratchett, has that cat been in here again?"

LMAO Hammie, Lairbo, Layzee & Meanie!



Gals, you can try www.mnet.co.za and click on Carte Blanche, they may have something about the sexpo.

*snork*@ "brain on rugs!"

Neuroeconomics... I must have missed that class. Must be something about 'a penny for your thoughts.'

You know, I have been getting quite bored with quilting the same old geometric shapes. Why didn't *I* think of the brain motif?

I'm sorry mam, the brain has spongified, there is nothing we can do.

Horror Flick - "The Moths that Ate My Brain!"

The dog ate my craftwork.

That last joke was just plain crewel.

The first one was pretty good, but don't you think the cerebral cortex should be more of a robin's egg than a baby blue?

Caffeine has finally kicked in - my brain is now featuring lots of glitter and more cowbell.


Pass the butter! Annie's on a roll!!

(And Annie - the Aussie release of that film was titled I Ate the Moths that Ate My Brain.

*takes Cuban coffee away from Annie*

* takes Cuban cigar away from Annie *

Siouxie, Tex! I thought you were my fiends. :(

They dissected Raggedy Anne's brain!

Steve - ya gotta admit, though - them's some real nice frontal lobes.

Secure a perimeter - use your best S-twist worsted yarn.

It's turkey day in Canada. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American cousins...

Happy Turkey day, Afkat (and your Canadian brethren & sisteren)

So...you guys screwed the Indians too, eh??

we love ya annie. Sometimes you just need a smack in the head.

Hey! You give that back!

Siouxie - I don't know who told you that, but that's NOT how you make turkeys.

Sioxie. Such language ! This is a family blog.

Our Houston Astros play like a bunch of half baked turkeys, does that count ?

Exqueeze me, Tex...you're right.

So...you guys screwed the Native Americans too, eh?? Gotta be PC.

*snork*& a tomahawk chop @ PC Siouxie.

We threw the Indians out of Texas. They kept taking the best parking spots !

Big time Siou...big time. Apparently we managed to get the second largest land mass in the world for a couple dozen mirrors and some beads...

My tribe, the Cuban Sioux, got shipped to a tiny island where we harvested sugar, tobacco and major league baseball players.

Yeah, well, we Irish were here wayyy before Columbus anyway. We were just hung over.
What was the topic again?

This art reminds me of those crocheted toilet paper roll covers that grandmas used to make, only smarter.


um..the spam WAS there ...I swear!!

judi or Dave must have cleaned house.

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