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October 27, 2007


"We don't want people covering their bodies with broccoli and going to the beach."

(Thanks to Amanda Tunison)


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But if you cover your body with broccoli and go to the beach you can avoid other undesirables.

One expert was excited by the discovery.
Whatever floats your boat...

There you have it, ladies! Let the puppies breathe, but eat more broccoli!

*disconsolately returns broccoli to fridge; puts beach blanket away*


Save that *snif* for the next page, KDF... ---->

"Since we're dealing with foods...", unless of course you eat fugu or mushrooms or for some, peanuts(approx. 8 per 350000000 over 5 year period) or...

And here I thougt the Broccoli Bikini Line would be my Ticket To Ride....

Hmmm...I think the professor needs to get his head out of his...fridge.

Broccoli? I'm more of a celery stalker myself...

Or, if you're a James Bond fan:

Is that a Broccoli, Cubby?

Anytime that scientists refer to "regions of human skin", I just feel kind of .... icky

....and broccoli is related to hops, which are a prime ingredient in ...... WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Great taste! Less filling! Higher SPF!

"particularly in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, et cetera,"

Does "cruciferous" mean "makes you fart"?

Just wondering.

Ugh...I've been working all day. I thought Meanie said 'Tastes great - less filing.'

A beer that would enable less filing would be alright by me. Or even better, in me.

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