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October 22, 2007


Travel and Leisure magazine has published a survey concluding that Philadelphia has the least-attractive residents, although an editor is quoted as saying, graciously, that "Travel & Leisure editors believe there are a lot of attractive people in Philadelphia." We're sure that Philadelphians will be grateful for that.

(Thanks to Barb Goldstein)


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*packs bags for Philly*

I should be with my people.

I see ugly people...

You know that feeling when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up....

That's them.

I'll bet Tancredo had something to do with this...

Philadelphia: Home of Surly, Ugly People just doesn't have the same ring to it as The City of Brotherly Love.

mm - you mean, "Tan-Feo"?

Hm. sthnbelle is a pretty Philly, in my humble opinion!!

So now that the Bears fans have left after a victory, the city is uglier?

I suspect the city has been on the downside since they booed Santa Claus when he came at a halftime show.

Congrats to Miami for being the least ugly. Hmmm....wonder how this article got posted here....hmmmmm.
Dave, btw - the shirt you're wearing today is just darling on you.

Personally, Dave, I would like to be on the panel of judges you put together for this vote.

What would possess any self-respecting magazine editor to launch such a study? Any way it comes out, you're going to lose a passel of subscriptions from somewhere.

And, no, I'm not irritated just because I have family roots in Philly. (Anyone got a replacement mirror? My last one seems to have developed a crack or ten...)

I hear it's always sunny there.

At least now we know what made the Liberty Bell crack....

¡Snorkear a AW-b-h!

It used to be really shiny, then when Al Gore was in town, inventing the Declaration of Independence, he happened to glance...

Oh, AD - that's just sooo *giggle* wrooong! *snicker*

I'm told Philadelphia used to be great. Then Dave moved to Miami.

I always thought it cracked under peer pressure?

Anyway, I seem to find myself wanting to visit Miami. No reason.

"I'd rather beef in Philadelphia."

You're right, Ms. Diva, ma'am.... I probably deserve to be punished for my insolence...

If you've got a paddle somewhere in that desk of yours, I am prepared to take my medicine...

*revolutionary snork* @ AD!

Surly ugly people fighting
Melee in the crowd
People people
Throw their weight around
Ugly ugly
Philly’s the worst town
Crappy crappy
Everybody frowns
Where no tourists go
And the sun don’t shine

Philadelphia Freedom
You're uuuu uuuuh uuuuuugly
Yes you are

Philadephia's motto: You're free to leave... and probably should

Neil Young singing ...

City of uggerly love.
Uggerly love.

Sometimes I think that I know
What love's all about
And when I see the light
I have to shut mine eyes.

Well I just remembered this

Wow! Good thing we moved the capital to D.C. where everyone is beautiful and principled.

Hmm, Washington, DC is also on the bottom. Glad I moved across the river to Virginia . . . or maybe it lost points because I moved.

Huh, Boston must not have been one of the choices.

I so want to email that article to my ex-boss, who was from Philly, but I didn't see a link.

Annie - I think that the degree of undress in both Miami and San Diego prolly has somethin to do with it.

Annie YOU"RE ALIVE! And you have time to comment. Guess things can't be that bad then, eh?

Given the picture of the bikini-clad blondes in the post below, what does that say about Miami?

I hear the people in Gnome, Alaska aren't that great.

Annie is currently on her way home to be with the boys. The fire is getting closer.
She's a tough chick, she'll be fine. I mean, good God, she puts up with me!

Yeah, but, Blurk, we've put up with you for as long as she has, and look at what a bunch of craven cowards we are.

Ugh, that makes me feel bad. I hope Annie and family and property are alright.

Yeah, but, Meanie, she ain't.
And I don't know how any of you put up with me.

Of course I know Annie can handle anything that comes her way. Just trying to keep it light at a tense time, which I'm guessing she'd appreciate. (Let me know if you think otherwise). We're all worried for her, whether she wants us to be or not.

Putting up with you, well, is there a choice?

I'm tryin' to keep it light too, Meanie. Stay positive and all that.

And, of course there's a choice. I just hope it stays in my favor.

Well Meanie, you could become a surly old curmudgeon and curse us all off, but you're too arn nice and helpful.

Well Meanie, you could become a surly old curmudgeon and curse us all off, but you're too arn nice and helpful.

As long as it's not beer, taking it light suits me perfectly.

He's so arn helpful, I said it twice.

I don't like the light shit stuff either. That's why it's Coors original.

Curmudgeonhood must be earned. I'll see what I can do.

Uh-oh, here she comes.

That is QUITE enough outta you!
Everything is fine out here. Sheesh. Keep this up and I'm going back to Mother Miller.

Best wishes to West-Coasters and all...except Indy fans.

Home from the Hunt, beer is cold, life is good.

CJ! You survived the surfeit of estrogen! It looked like y'all had lots of fun.

Hooray for San Diego! (in the poll)
(not so much in the fire, but I digress)

*resolves to put on makeup whenever she goes to the grocery store to keep up San Diego's 'attractiveness' factor*

*gives blurk an Atta Boy!*

Thanks, El.
I'm tryin' to not be worried.
But I am.
But I'm tryin' not to be.
But I am.
Well, you get it.

I believe it was WC himself who said, "On the whole, I'd rather be in Philadelphia."
What this has to do with the topic, etc., I have no clue. It's just that I have always liked this quote.

iggy - look at the 1st 5:43 post, silly.
OT - Wench & others - please don't worry. It's like this - earlier today, things were fine - fire was pretty far away. But the wind kicked up and a power line fell into an orchard near my house, so I ran home. Now everything's fine again. One minute everything's ok, the next it's a bit busy. But like blurkie said, if I can handle him, I can handle just about anything.

ig - wasn't that quote on his tombstone? Hence the hilarity of the quotation?

Hey! Whadda ya mean, "if I can handle him", I don't...but, I usually...I mean, I...sh!t, you're right.

As usual. ;P

*smooch blurkie*

His actual tomb at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California simply reads "W. C. Fields 1880 - 1946".
From what I understand, the remark was made in Variety in the 1920's. It what he originally proposed as his epitaph.¹

¹ Wikipedia

People two miles east in are under mandatory evacuation. They're the same bunch that got burned out 4 years ago. Might be a tad closer to us this time. The winds are supposed to stay high through Wednesday.

blurk, I thought you were a morning person.

Yeah, usually, Wyo. I worked 7 to 4:30 today and I'm just waitin' to get called back in tonight. The base is in exercise mode and when the call comes I'll be workin' 7pm to 7am.

Scott - are you talking about the Cedar Fire? Are you near Ramona? Or are you getting smoked with the Irvine bunch?
I thought smoking was illegal in California. Somebody's gonna be in BIG trouble with Ahnold for this.

Annie - good to know you're ok.

some things about workin' for Uncle Sam, I don't miss. now blowin' stuff up was fun... but 12 and 24 hr shifts kinda sucked. especially for $2.35/hr.

I'm hopin' the call won't come tonight but...well, you've been there.

" daisy.

I was just chattin' with Sioux and med and askin' about you, Annie.

Uh-oh, Wyo - I didn't do it. Or blurkie made me do it. Or something like that.

jus' thinkin' of you, Annie, an hopin' you stay safe.

We're as fine as frog hair split twice down the middle. Please don't worry. Blurkie might cry. ;)

we had fires rippin' through here this fall, and an uncle of mine lost his cabin. It only took a few minutes. spooky.

Annie, for Ahnold cigarettes are bad, cigars are okay. This smells more like cigars.

No, I'm just west of Interstate 15 and north of the Miramar Marine Corp Air Station. In 2003, the Cedar fire burned south on the east side of 15 and jumped 15 in Miramar and headed southwest, then east from there. I'd say that last time no flames got closer than four miles to us. Right now, I'd guess the closest is 10 miles.

blurk, I got the d@mn T-shirt too.

Wow. I've been offline for the majority of the day. Just now hearing the news. Scotts' cholesterol is high and something about a fire in California.

In case of emergency Californis style: Should be start with the oldest vintages first?

*mumbles* frickin wireless keyboard is useless.

Should we start with the oldest vintages first?

Cheryl - pay no attention to the man behind the screen. We are fine. Although your spellchecker has been tippin' the Merlot. NTTAWWT.

line 'em up, Cheryl, I'm headed for the rest of monday night football, and may need a bit o' vino.

'wireless' or 'wineless'?

Cheryl - cholesterol's fine so no worries there.

Yes, but his backhand could use some work.

I hate bein' on call. Monday Night Football and no beer.

Scott. Thank god. Please notify CNN.

Annie. Good point. Maybe if I fed the damned thing some wine it might work better. Actually I am guilty of plagarizing the idea from a Gundlach Bundschu poster from aways back. It always struck me as good advice.

Blurk! Wyo(oooooooo)!--man the whole gang is here minus the Miami sect.

Where the heck is Siouxie, anyway?

psst, CH - we're just halftime entertainment during football. NTTAWWT. Rah. Rah. Rah.

Annie, I don't even have a backhand!

That's alright, Scott. Annie's got a good enough backhand for all of us.

Damn jaw still hurts.

Scott - perhaps if your cholesterol were higher, you would.
blurkie - Siouxie's earned a night off. Deal with it.
Cheryl - I bet you wouldn't have to worry about typos if you just chattered about Gundlach Bundschu all the time. We'd just assume you had gas or something.

I'll practice my ducking, blurk. Thanks for the warning advice.

That's whut you get for looking for Sioux all the dang time. You gotta play the hand you were dealt, or get smacked by it. Pookiebunz. :)


OT vent - 'splain to me, Lucy, why they would continue to add more fire units to a blaze that is officially 100% contained, done, over? Hmmmm? Grrrr....

Annie, let the perfesshionals do they're jobs. k?

"Pookiebunz"??? where the hell did that come from?

Wyo...don't ask.


Wyo - I'm so glad you asked.

Pay no attention to the woman behind the smoke.

OMG, she said it out loud!!!

eeeekkkkkkk! Itg's the smoke from the firest that have caused her lack of - how shall I say this - um - discretion. *giggles*

Scott, did you hear that they're talking about evacuating Del Mar?

I left a message for CG and said if I had to evacuate I'd go to a hotel. He called and said he heard on the radio there was not a hotel room to be found between here and Santa Barbara.
So I guess I'll have to go to his house.
Desperate times, desperate measures. ;)

Verrry funny. The nice thing about all this smoke is that my voice gets kinda deep and husky....

Looking at my post above, I seem to be
having a problem with extra letters in some words.

Oh well, it's the smoke....:)

Gotcha, El.
Not one, single, solitary hotel room.

It's yer story, hon, you tell it big as you want to.

El, I can't help thinking that if we had gone to the Hunt like I told you I wanted to, we wouldn't have to worry about evacuating.
psst, El - Siouxie got rear-ended, not in a good way - see the 24 post ----------->

"When smoke gits in yer 'i's...."

Quick thinking, that CG Guy, eh, El? I heard that the SD apartment rental association is asking their members to provide a list of available apartments so people can be placed.

Del Mar? I see mostly Rancho Sante Fe but that's like the northern border of Del Mar. I think their talking about the eastern end, too, so nowhere near I-5, yet.

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