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October 26, 2007


...a Pink Mummy Fairy!

(Thanks to Chris Paxton)


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"I'm looking for a monophysite priest to marry to our maid."

billiant!! i so want this costume!

"...4-piece set. Polyester. Imported."
With all the lead involved, it must way weigh close to 500 Hectares.

*tosses an 'r' to the pirate wench....arrrrrr....*

She's scary with those big feet!

I think you crashed the site, Davester.. it won't come up. Is there a curse for killing a pink mummified fairy?

Well, I would rather my daughter be the mummy princess than the popular girl's costume, "The Slutty Princess".

Will we see a crapcam photo of Sophie wearing this?

Somehow, I bet not....

Evidently she's a pink mummy fairy from the 1980's with that headband.

God - and with the shoes, it adds up to $70+!! What happened to wrapping oneself in paper towels or toilet tissue - or ripped sheets if you want a less translucent, possibly rain-resistant wrap - for a mummy costume?

Kathybear - have you priced tp lately? Besides, most places it's freezing cold. Why buy a costume just to put a coat over it. Put a parka on and go as the Michelin Man. Save your money for more important things, like shoes.


Annie? Freezing cold, in Kalifornia? That means temps into the low 60's, right?

Where are my mittens?

P'boy - I grew up in upstate NY. We sometimes had snow on Halloween.

My name is Peggy Hill and I would like a size 16 bowling shoe?

Something like that. :)

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