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October 26, 2007


Pair Get Hitched at Ohio Haunted House

Key Quote from Father of the Groom: "It's weird watching your son get out of a coffin. Usually when you see someone in a coffin, they're going the other way."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"7 floors of hell"? Sounds like their wedding coordinator has had some experience with the institution....


Hungry, casey?

I feel your rotting fingers
I see your rotting toes
Zombies are all around us
Come on and say I does.

(Okay...time to go get the caffeine...)

Just wrong. I'm actually going to a Halloween party/wedding reception on Halloween - costumes requested. I thought this bride and groom were wierd, now you tell me there are more of them?

Doncha just luv Halloween? Fantasy Fest has started in Key West under a cloud of...rain. My favorite Halloween was when Jason was 7 and dressed as a witch. Rachael, 2, was his black cat.

Hudge: I tried to refrain from making a comment on "weddings" and "7 floors of hell" - especially as my anniversary was Wednesday - but I knew someone would.

This is the sweetest wedding that I've ever been to," said co-worker Tim Perrien

WTFBBQ! Sweet is being married in Cinderella's castle, not Dracula's

AWwww..I'd LOVE that...and Stephen King can be the Minister...

quietly wonders what the honeymoon will be like, shudders, goes off to work

"It was morbid," gushed friend Katie O'Malley. "Beautiful."
A closet Goth, apparently?

...you want i>real bondage ?

Here it is

...you want real bondage ?

...you want real bondage ?

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