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October 26, 2007


...we will refrain from linking to this.

(Thanks to Warren Anderson)


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Leave it to the French.

le *snork*

Just for the record...I AM NOT AN AUTOMATED ROBOT!

For his sake, I hope there are all kinds of accents on that. Although I have a hilarious image of him giving his name at the DMV and being smacked. *tee hee* I'm easily amused.

Ladies, he may be single!

Not quite as bad in translation as this guy. Or maybe it is. Ya gotta wonder about that extra e in Steeve, however.

I so did not laugh profusely at that. Ahem.

Isn't there some sports guy or reporter with the last name "Bastardi"? I think it's some guy who reports occasionally for Fox.

See my 7:56, you wench.

wl, oneblank -Dan LEbetard. Sounds more like 'leopard-tard' than the other. But then, still...not so good.

DMV Clerk: Name, sir?

Steeve: Steeve, S-T-E-E-V-E

DMV Clerk: Last name?

Steeve: HO, YOU FAT!

DMV Clerk: Well, I never! Security! Tase this bro.

Security: *BZZZZT*

Steeve: *thud*

Any woman who marries this guy and takes his name is just askin' for it.

Yep, Wench Lizzy, that's AccuWeather's Joe Bastardi.

Don't forget William the Bastard, who invaded England in 1066. He was successful and decided to be known as William the Conqueror.

Dave, no love for the guy who discovered Mr. Ho You Fat??? That's not right at all. You thank Warren Anderson, whoever that is, who most certainly found out about Steeve from Tim's Take where this appeared two days before your post. Check it out: http://timztake.blogspot.com/2007/10/introducing-steeve-ho-you-fat.html
Thought you were better than that Dave.

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