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October 01, 2007


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Siouxie))


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High ^'s Siouxie.

yay siouxie and jeff.

i'm good at skipping rope and skipping class and skipping out and skip to the loo, but never could i skip a rock.

Perhaps the "Amazing" Mets could use him more than the Marlins.

YAY! ^5 Jeff!

We need this guy pitching for us.

Mets are already skipping the post-season, Layz.

Awww, come on, be nice to the Mets. If they hadn't choked so royally, My Phillies wouldn't be NL East champs!!

That's actually kinda cool, especially since I can't skip rocks.

Can you say Yanks-Phillies World Series???

Hey Dave,

I think the Dolphins need him more.


No I cant. I can however say SOX - phillies!!!

How about Anybody vs Phillies World Series? I don't care who the American League puts up, as long as the Phils crush 'em

orcel, the Phils pulled their AAA team out of my fair city this year after 18 years of support, so they can KMA. (BTW, we got the Yankees AAA team so if it does turn out to be Yanks/Phils the entire east coast will hear Scranton screaming at their TVs).


I love your scenario, but I've lived here long enough to know not to count ANY chickens before they hatch (or at least get through one round of playoffs)

What sthnbelle says, though ANY of the 4 AL teams is so far superior to any of the NL teams it isn't funny. But in a short series that doesn't always hold up.

Can you say 2006 Cardinals?

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