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October 31, 2007


Ridley and I are at JFK, on our way to Chicago. This is not a mask: this is what I actually look like when I have to catch an early flight.


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dave, the pumpkin king?

wanders off singing "this is halloween, this is halloween..."

better get Dave some coffee, STAT!

Not first because i'm blogging in atlanta traffic!

Looking good, Dave. I hope you missed the 5 car crash on the Grand Central this morning.

Mornin' Dave! You look a little pale.

You should have slept on the train ride yesterday, Dave. Maybe you can have a wheelchair bring you to the plane ahead of the other passengers.

Speaking of them, try not to annoy the other passengers (except Ridley) by being too cranky.

Hey, Dave's got on his Disco Stu shirt again!

HEY!! is that a blurker/blogger behind you???

Hmmm... I'm lazy this year. I think I'll just be a nurse for Halloween...

Dave, you're so bony! Care to share the miraculous weight-loss secret?

Too many Barry Beers?

Is there truly such a thing as "too many"?

Happy Halloween, blogmates.

Here's a mood setter for you.

Plus, an all-time classic that never fails to captivate me. (Make sure you have the sound up enough to capture the power of the music too). Thank you, Bill Tytla.

Meanie! thanks! those two are classic.

*off to put on my VERY easy cowgirl costume*

ok...it's not an "easy cowgirl costume"

So you're saying the cowgirl part is off somehow, Siouxie?

Arrgh! <- (frustration, not pirate noise)

They're head for Chicago, but on Halloween... I can't drive up to see 'em. :-(

No bones about it Dave, you are looking a bit puny.

Meanie, I'm a huge Danny Elfman fan!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Reformation Day, to those who care to celebrate. :-)

Dave looks well hung.....over.

DiverDDoc - glad it's you enjoying the Atlanta rush hour and not me. Remember that our Halloween evening rush hour is traditionally the worst traffic of the year.

Ok, is it me, or does that mask look like Stephen King? I'm sorry, SK, but it just does.

*Awaits retribution from the Master of Horror - YIKES!*

I've decided to be a biatch for Halloween. My kids are going out with their friends, so I'm gonna turn all the lights off and sit on the porch with some wine, in the dark. If any of those little suckas dare to come to my porch, I'm gonna scare the bejeebers outta them.

Just kidding.

Hey, I got a phone call at 10:30 last night. A friend of a friend wants to borrow my horse trailer to go pick up their pig that got locked up by animal control. I didn't ask any questions. How funny is that?

Oh Jeez Poo, you are so gonna be in trouble now.

casey - Why is there blood running down my walls?

Pumpkin (King) Head!

casey, i'm going to be a total biatch. really. ask my kid. wonders whether red or white wine goes better with candy corn.

Top three scary movies:

Nightmare on Elm Street
Dracula (Bela Lugosi)

Just be glad you aren't travelling with Mrs. Blog on the Airbus A380.
I thought only electronic devices had an impact on airplanes

My next novel is about an axe murderer. Guess who the first victim will be...

And to further the torture, I shall book the next Remainder's gig at your house.

it's the unknown humor columnist!

Maybe it's just me, but Dave looks have in the bag...

I think I'll stick with "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".

I vould just like to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween! (said in best Bela Lugosi voice)

*flaps away to find something, anything, loaded with caffeine*

casey, i'm going to be a total biatch. really. ask my kid. wonders whether red or white wine goes better with candy corn.

Posted by: THE fairy princess pirate wench | 09:09 AM on October 31, 2007


Definately a dry red wine. That will cut the taste of the sweet candy.

One year my son hid under a big pile of leaves in my front yard and really did scare the bejeebers outta the little ones. It was wicked funny.

Re W?Mw?'s link.

Seat 28C: Man, there's a lot of turbulence on this flight!
Seat 28B: Yeah, and we're still at the gate.

Happy Halloween bloglits! Let the partying begin!

Happy Halloween all. Here's a productivity enhancer to help you pass the time until the weebitching hour.

Guin, I'm partial to Nosferatu Those long fingernails give me the creeps! That guy scares the beegeebers outta me.

It's Decemberween Strumpet-ween! In Ignus Naperville!

May you all have lots of candy wine strikethroughs fun!

Must find camera now.

For Dave and Ridley: Official Book Review (of Starcatchers) by 11 yr. old boy: "You definitely have to get me the next book. This was an awesome story!"

Doh! I forgot to buy candy for the nasty little things coming to my door tonight. TIme to roll out the crimescene tape.

OK, it's a *good* pumpkin, it's not the *Great* Pumpkin...

Ellie - I loved the more recent "Nosferatu" - it was in the 1980s with subtitles. I've never been able to find it on DVD though.

Somehow this reminds me of a sign I saw on a grocery store a few years back around the middle of October:


$0.39 a pound


I think a lot of kids were very disappointed that year...

*off to put on my VERY easy cowgirl costume*

ok...it's not an "easy cowgirl costume"

Posted by: Scary Siouxie | 08:38 AM on October 31, 2007

A couple years ago, before my daughter became a hormone filled teenager, I was takin' her trick-or-treating. I think she was some sorta fairy princess that year. Anyway, for a costume I just put on my chaps and gloves (yes, I was also wearing pants) and grabbed a rope outta my truck. My daughter said, "Daddy! You're supposed to take me trick or treating!" I said, "I am." She said, "Then why are you dressed for work."
I miss her.

Ooo, hadn't heard of that one Guin! Have you seen Shadow Of A Vampire? It's about a group making a vampire film, but they use a real Nosferatu. Funny and creepy. Willem DeFoe plays the vampire. Eddie Izzard also stars. Great film, IMHO.

Another Halloweenie productivity enhancer:


Sorry, I still don't know htlmnop. And there is a snowball's chance in h3ll that I ever will. Help?

*Snork* @ Steve! That reminds me of a Halloween greeting card I saw with a picture of several houses on a neighborhood street. One house had been completely TP'd, including the car in the driveway. The caption under the picture read, "Guess which house handed out the little boxes of raisins?"

Willem DeFoe is just creepy, period. Just looking at him gives me the willies. Him and Christopher "More Cowbell" Walken.

Here you go Casey.

casey's linky

for those of you who still have candy to buy, may i suggest you shop at the dollar store?

I'm with you, gjd, both times.

Happy Halloween and Reformation everybody!

Ok...now at work and everyone looked at me funny cuz I came in wearing my cowgirl hat..jeans...boots...bandana...I'm like..HELLLLLOOO???? it's HALLOWEEN!!!


Why am I the ONLY one that cares?

oh yean..I do have a top on too...geez.

oh and...Meanie, yes ;-)

I told everyone at work that I was coming as the invisible man, today. *hee, hee* I'm going to stay home and play on the internet.

Sioux, I dressed up in all camouflage like a guy in the milit...oh.
Never mind.

Everytime I hear or say "Halloweenie" I am reminded of something that was posted here a long, long time ago. It was a hot dog roasting stick that was shaped like a little man and where his, you know, weenie was supposed to be, that is where one would put the hot dog to be roasted. It was very funny. I was just trying to find it but was unsuccessful. A warning to anyone in blog land that wishes to keep their breakfast in their stomachs this morning, as opposed to their keyboards: DO NOT GIS WEINER ROASTING STICK (or any combination of these words) WITH SAFE SEARCH OFF. That is all.

I'm sure that Annie will be able to help me find tihs picture tho. Annie?

Hmmm... I wonder if I'll win the costume contest.

SNORK at Scott!

gee, blurk...how creative of you.

casey, is this it?

Happy Reformation Day! Our pastor gave a great sermon on Sunday (more history lesson actually) where he came as Martin Luther. I especially liked the part where Luthor's first sight of the woman who would become his wife was her climbing out of a beer barrel.

haha Duckula, that's it! You win the prize!

*Hands over a well done weenie*

It looks very authentic, Sioux.

casey, Annie's prolly still wakin' up. It's early yet on the left coast.

fivver, roflmao. I had forgotten about that one.

(((blurk))) Hey, is that a gun in your pocket? ewwwww......

or a halloweenie? ;-)

Fivver, we did a skit, too. (It was a herring barrel, actually.) I got to be Kate.

Oh, yes, and it is also the last day of Pastor Appreciation Month, so if you haven't appreciated your pastor yet, you have until midnight.

Thanks, casey, I haven't had breakfast yet!

fivver, Happy Reformation Day! Your pastor sounds like a fun fellow. Ours didn't mention the wife-in-a-beer-barrel part of Luther's story for some reason.

*chomps on the weenie*

thanks, casey...was getting hungry.

See what happens when you leave home for a book tour, honey? You're not lookin' so good.
We miss you!
Mrs. Blog and Daughter Blog

Hey, where's "Very Easy" Cowgirl Siouxie?

Hey Michelle & Sophie!!


*WAVES @ FrankenHammie's...uh...Monster!!!*

Hammie, you know I'm always easy here!

hehehe...Med said "gun".

Sorta, I guess.

What is BlogDaughter going to be for Halloween?

*chomps on the weenie*

*thinks about another definition for 'Headless Horseman'*

*adds brain bleach to coffee*

*Waves @ Mrs. Blog and Daughter Blog!!!!*

*Waves @ Scary Cowgirl Siouxie!!!!*

*Waves* @ Hammie!

Happy Halloween, Mrs. Blog & Sophie! Hope you have many treats and no tricks!

isn't appreciating your pastor some kind of sin or is that just for priests?

My youngest daughter dressed up as a French whore today. Yes, I am proud.

*Waves @ Duckula!!!*

Siouxie, when is the November thingy? Is it the 16th? Already told my boss I'm taking off....

*Snork* @ the proud mama! She went to school dressed that way? Won't they send her home?

oh ..hell...why not??

*Waves @ FrankenHammie AND his *ahem* "Monster"!!!!!*

My we's a friendly bunch this mornin'!

Have candy joy, Sophie!

I entered my building today with another employee. She was either dressed as a hooker or had very bad taste in clothing. It could've gone either way.

Sioux, minime dressed as a cowgirl today, too. And took a stuffed horse, that she "roped" as a prop. GMTA.

Her costume has nothing to do with our waiting until last night to shop and everything being gone at 5 stores...... yep, i am running for mom of the year.

Duck - I pass near a local high school several mornings a week. Believe me, they are not sending them home for looking like "street hostesses".

casey, the RBR show/book fair is the weekend of Nov 10th.

Ducky, she's in an "Performing Arts" HS and they all dress up. Usually during the school year too ;-)

Mummy!! Thanks for the links! Chernobog is one of the greatest villains ever and I love love love Jack Skellington. Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!!!

The costumes sound great! At least with the cloudy skies in SoFla it's cool enough to wear costumes.

pogo, you have a good point. Siouxie, I wish I had gone to a fun high school like that!

Every Halloween I leave half an arm hanging out of the trunk of my car and go do errands. Only been pulled over once.


*grabs the extra n*

YAY to minime!!! or should I say..HOWDY!

pogo's right...mostly those artsy kids dress pretty funky, not whory. Mine wouldn't leave the house. She's a good kid. Med & casey met her.

*Wave @ Darkdiva!!!!*

Punkin I've thought of that but it wouldn't be shocking here in Miami.

Hi Edgar!!!!!!

Happy Halloween!

I saw a high school girl tottering along the sidewalk to school in knee boots with 4 inch spikes this morning. It didn't occur to me it was Halloween.

Schools dress codes are a lot less restrictive than they were when I went. This is a mixed blessing.

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