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October 27, 2007



We're going to a costume party tonight. I will be assuming a wide stance.


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Can I be First?

No foot tapping and no matter what you get arrested for do NOT plead guilty.

1st...and major SNORK Senator Craig. Although you might have to work with him once elected president Dave. Looks like he may run again and the people of Idaho are just dumb enough to re-elect him.

Damn...3rd! Curses, foiled again.

Dave Barry's Guide to Guises
Wow - amazing resemblance to Larry the Loo-Loiterer. Wyo MUST add this to his collection of halloween bloggers.

Dave, whatever you do, don't tap your feet. Or go to the bathroom.

btw...nice 'do.

Wow! I never thought Dave Barry could look creepy (like a perv)...and yet he does.

Don't click on the prev. link. I made it up, buts a spammy popup site.

I don't get it- does this mean Sen. Craig is a poopy-head?

And Dave, you are really workin' that seat lid!

does mrs. blog totally support your costume?

Dave! Is that really you? You look so....uh...senatoiletal!

I can see Mrs. Blogs' eyes rolling right now. Can't wait until Sophie calls Daddy a 'potty-mouth.'

OMG - I just realized something.

Dave has a .....forehead.

Dave, we think you look a little flushed.


rim around the collar...

Dave...if I had known...I might not have gotten my pic taken with you...gotta think about my rep, y'know...

that picture will be quite a fixture around the herald office, i wager...

Dock- Where are you from? I want to make fun of your local people. I am fairly certain that I could find all sorts of stuff.

Before he was caught, Larry Craig was a respected person in my community. He seemed to do everything needed, -some disagreed with him, some agreed with him to much, the same for any politician- but we never really looked at his family life. None of our freaking business. He kept it secret, and we didn't see any reason to pry.
Then the arrest happened. There are quite a few jokes being told in Idaho.
"For Better Congressional Service, Tap Twice"

But really, if someone votes for him, its because they looked at his voting record and decided that it was agreeable. Idahoans have certain things they like, whether Senator Craig agreed with them (Obviously he wasn't all about family values personally) he did vote for them. In other words, he seemed to be a good representative of the state.

So please, back off on Idaho. Senator Craig turned out to have some problems. Can you say yours are that much better?

It has been pretty insulting how people have been treating my home state. Yes, there are problems in it. I don't mind discussing them, but making a blanket statement after one person is caught in the loo without his pants.

I don't mean this personally too you. I have just been getting tired of seeing all these comments in general all over the web. And you just happen to be a friend that said something similar. So, I am just saying something that has bothered me since this problem has started.


Snork @ rim around the collar.

In similar news. Last night I was at a party, were the costumes wouldn't have been as interesting then the real life people. The Manager of a porn shop. A up and coming rock star. and others.

I wanna know where the seat came from...

........or do I?

Alfred - Have a gumball. I'm from the state that keeps re-electing Kennedy. Try to live HIM down!

punkin- I am fairly certain it was from a high flow toilet.

Virtual costume party.

(It's all Annie's fault.)

Idaho - Famous Poo-tooters.

Just a note re: Why-Oh's site> I am not the pirate shown there!

He's obviously a fake pirate, circa Disneyland variety, 2006.

A fine, FINE, costume choice. Have a great time!

[Gators down 28-24, leave me alone!]


CJ: When you "bench" a player, do they set on your Craigslist bench?

Inquiring minds want to know....

Do you mind if I use your photo for my (Idaho-based political) blog?

Can a person wearing a toilet seat around their neck be able to say "sit on my face" with a straight face?

I didn't think so.

**********TOTALLY off topic allert**************

Annie, you have a paso???? Me too! Raised her from 6 months, she'll be 6 in May '08. Are they the best or what???

Glad to see another fino lover here. I also have a Saddlebred. Gotta love the "hotbloods".

****Back to your regularly scheduled program*******

Did Dave kill a defenseless toilet to get that seat? A fine, fine costume, by the way. Everyone has taken the good jokes that I could think of...so I'll do a quick tap dance and be done with it.

Al--sorry that people are dumping on Idaho right now. On the plus side, more people know the location of Idaho now than ever before. My dad's from Massachusetts, so he has the Kennedy thing to live down, like Punkin.

We all have our winners, Cal has DiFi, Mass has Teddy, and Wyoming has Cheney.

At least Dick Cheney shoots better than Teddy drives!

now now CJ....It will be okay.
nice look for you, Dave....*eye roll*
and of course, 1st place goes to sweet Siouxie's "rim around the collar"

So if I understand this costume correctly, Dave is going to the party dressed as an escaped boa constrictor wearing glasses and who has just emerged from Senator Craig's....errrr...."plunbing"....

Works for me...

OT - casey - HAD an Azteca, which is an Andalusian/Quarter cross. So very similar to a Paso. Wonderful guy, as you can see. He could do anything - polo, lateral canter, dressage, pole bending, barrels....Muy macho, yet a pet. Someday I'll scan and share his pretty pics. I miss him very much. :(

hey, Jazzzz, great to finally catch up to you!

OT Alert:
To all the bloggers who have contributed so far, thanks.

I am considering a Christmas page, where you can submit a virtual Christmas card, with a message for all the bloggers. If you're interested, send in a submission over the next couple of months, and then sometime about the 15th of December I'll publish the page.


YAY! I win I win!!

whatta I win??

An Idaho driver's license is on the way to....

This is so going to impact the Juggernaut!

Wyoooooooooooooo you are the BEST!!! Thank YOU for doing all this for us!!!

Jazzzzzzzzzzzzie...we miss you!

When I think of Mass I think of MIT. It took me a while to find out what the M stood for.

Wyo - Cheney's in my hometown in NY today...hunting...

Alfred, don't sweat it. Things won't get out of control here. Dave has a handle on it.

Hunting...for the people who were setting off fireworks there last night, Annie?

And, please .... I live in New Jersey. 'Nuf said.

Alfred, I'm from Texas. We gave the world the current President of the United States. I have had plenty of people make fun of us for that and a myriad of other things. That being said, I can handle it. I'm an adult and worrying what someone said on a blog about my home state will cause the following...laughter. Try not to let the little stuff ruffle your feathers Al. It will only lead to an ulcer when you hit 30. Trust me.



Miss you guys sooooo much!!!

Sadly, I won't get to wear the costume I picked this year. I was going to Wilmington NC for my bro's party, but got sidetracked with work...had to work today, didnt have the energy to drive. I was gonna go in a sheet with holes poked all over it....The Holey Ghost.

I'm so sad. I'm sure I could have offended many a person tonight. *snif*

Dave, that costume looks pretty well thought out! I assume it comes complete with tap shoes to complete the ensemble.

sometimes its good to be offended. Just don't touch your cooter. (that's against the rules, you know.)

Lord. I just realized that he's not showing us what he looks like from the waist down. PLEASE tell me he's wearing pants!

Alfred Simon Fyodorovich:

Are you the same young Alfred that we've been graced with for quite some time now? I've been away for quite a while and I've seen a lot of new bloggers. I'm not familiar with your name....

*snork @ casey and the "holey ghost"*

hehehe Doc, I'm famous around these parts for my simple Halloween costumes. Went to a huge party once dressed normally with a lemon that was tied around my neck, dangling at crotch height. I was a sour puss. My boyfriend had a potato tied the same way..dictator. He was a police officer. The next year he wore an abbreviated version of his uniform and I wore regular clothes with a HUMONGOUS fake butt tied around my waist with one tooth blacked out...of course, he was the cop and I was a crack ho.

*snork* @ Lizzy's tap shoes. brilliant.

casey - for your sake, I'm trying to be offended by your idea. Unfortunately, I keep thinking of Charlie Brown.

I once showed up at work at 'Job-Interview Barbie.'

It was July.

Casey- I am the same youngin Alfred.
I just decided to add some extra stuff to my name.

somehow, Annie, I'm thinkin' casey would look a little better than Charlie Brown in a holey sheet. WAY better.


AAAaaGGGgggHHhhh!! Gators down by 12! What was the topic?

Whether or not Dave is WEARING PANTS or not.

*removes extra "or not" added due to extreme fear of a pantless Dave*

*waves at Alfred*

*snorks to Annie*

*A fond nod, snork, and a wink to Wyo*

Dave Barry He Gets rid of the Crap

*waves back at casey*

YIKES CJ! Damn, Georgia put the beat down on your boys today. Sorry!

I'm a Gator fan, and I'm calling. Sorry, CJ.

Al--WTFBBQ? That was very interesting.... Now we know what your bathroom looks like. Glad it's clean.

*grumble, grumble, no defense, grumble*

Please excuse me while I drag my inflatable doll to a public restroom.

Doc- I usually laugh at stuff said about Idaho. Heck, I once wrote a Jihad to the Potato back in high school.

CJ- I demand pictures of that one.

AuntieM- It was an idea from a friend. We all wondered how high the Bidet went. He suggested youtube.
I like to keep the house clean.

CJ, make sure you wear um...rubber...shoes...

Al-something was high, all right.

I second Siouxie's motion. All in favor say "Aye".


*never could spell*

*snork* @ casey, Lizzy, and Annie!

Dave needs a song to go with that costume.

Hey, Craig, what you doin’ in there
Standing alone here tonight while I wait right beside you
I can tell your nerves are frayin’
I can see your legs are swayin’
One door between us, your wide stance a big plus
I love you

Larry, darling,
Tap three times on the tile floor if you want me
Twice on the pipes if the answer is no
I’m discreet, yes,
(Tap, tap, tap) Means you’ll meet me in this stall, hey
Twice on the pipes means you ain’t gay, I know.

If you look by your left foot right now
Pull in the string with the note that’s attached to my heart
Read how many times I saw you
How in my stall here I adored you
And only in my dreams did this wall between us come apart

Don’t be snarling,
Tap three times on the tile floor if you want me
Twice on the pipes if the answer is no
I’m discreet, yes,
(Tap, tap, tap) Means you’ll meet me in this stall, hey
Twice on the pipes means you ain’t gay, I k

Last word: know

*clap clap clap*
Beautiful, Ducky. I'm sure Dave will wipe a tear from his eye--with toilet paper--after reading that!

*snork* @ Ducky Orlando!

Well, I'm off to a costume party. I'll send a picture to Wyo for the blog. Have fun making more toilet jokes!

Wyo- I learned to tap dance because of boredom. It was a real high.

Oops, I meant AuntieM. Sorry Wyo.

Wyo - those are great costumes. Are some of those bloglits? If not, we should have a virtual costume party for this weird and squirrely crowd. Ought to be interesting!

DavCat, they're all bloggers (or their pets).

Thanks, Auntie M & Siouxie. Auntie, have fun!

The idea was to try to figure out who they all are, by comparing pix with the Blogger's Page.

some are easy, some are really hard. kinda like people.

*standing ovation for Dave's costume!*

Dave got the clap from a toilet seat?



I'm goin' to hell for that one, I'm sure.

Excuse my oversight.

*snork* @ Wyooooooooo! Nice handbasket.

I doubt it Wyo. I think I booked my reservation just ahead of you for the last seat. Your safe.

*books seat to hell next to Wyoooooooo*

I bet nobody could guess all of the people on your page so far, Wyo. Some would be hard even with a picture of the real bloglit to go by. You want virtual Christmas cards - with or without people or pets?

Kathy, any picture you want. Your choice. (I may use some scenery for mine.)

btw, I got a couple of comments from good friends who point out that I should be a bit more PC, and call it a Holiday page. While I make no apologies for celebrating Christmas (and calling it that), I also fully respect those who may have other faiths, or none at all. so....

Holiday page it is.

Nuh-uh, Wyo. You call it a "ChristmaHannaKwanzaaYule" page or nothing! That's what the invites to my holiday party say. It covers everyone, except atheists, most of whom still celebrate Xmas.

Off to the party....goth chick me!

happy Halloweenie Dave and bloggers! Hope you all have a safe and happy .....

I was gonna say holiday...does Halloween count as a holiday? Whatever, who gives a crap, every day that we wake up is a happy day, right?!


Excellent, Ducky!

Since "holiday" is a reduction of "holy day" and "holy" means "set apart" (though some define it as "set apart for God"), technically, yes.

Wyo...if I may suggest something...

Two years ago I arbitrarily decided that our pre-printed Christmas cards from the companies that I own, to be sent to our clients, should be changed from Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays. You know...in the spirit of inclusiveness...

Well....apparently our clients were paying attention. I received a couple of complaints from some of our companies that were led by those of the Jewish faith...the general complaint was "don't patronize me...it's "Christmas, drop the "holiday" crap,...and by the way, we put up our own Hanukka Bush(sp?).

And I received a similar complaint from one of our most important clients who happens to be a very wealthy Ismaili Muslim...in his words, "we celebrate Christmas (the "Santa Clause version) because its fun and the kids love it".

Merely saying....

Wyo - Can I send you a pic for the bloglit costume page? If so, where shall I send it?

Oh pul-leeze, Alfred. He's a closeted gay who votes against all positive gay legislation. He deserves to be made fun of, and worse, IMO. He's a hypocrite.

And Wyo, what about Hanukkah? :)

I've never seen Dave with his hair combed back. I didn't even recognize him at first.

Love the costume, Dave. So eloquent in its simplicity. :)

Ducky, that's one of your best parodies, IMHO. I would actually sing that.

Afkat, thanks, well put. this is a strange world we live in, when people are reported to be threatened by "Peace on Earth."

DavCat, Absolutely!! click on my email me link here and send a jpeg(s) and a bio. welcome.

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