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October 26, 2007


(Thanks to Beth Lipoff)


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I finally know what I want to be for Halloween!

FIRST! (and 2nd?)

And Botted for the 482nd time today.

"manhole skirt"
Lets leave that one alone

AND I got Botted posting a post about the BOT!

You'd better hope they don't check the change slot.

Change for a dollar, little girl?

In Douglas Adams' book Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul, the underemployed Norse god Thor turned a woman into a coke machine. I always wondered how he did it I wonder where these people got there inspiration.

or their inspiration, for that matter.

Their inspiration there.

Yeah, I can just see some mugger pull out a gun and yell at you, "Hey, reach for the sky and give me all your---hey! What the hell?! Where did she go?!"

For some reason, this seems like something that one would see on the old Benny Hill show.

Maybe our soldiers can use these to confuse snipers?

Maybe our soldiers can use these to confuse snipers?

Somebody ought to turn that damn bot into a soda machine. You savvy?

And if the would-be-mugger happens to be thirsty???

Still, this is totally being added to my Christmas List.

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