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October 24, 2007


(Thanks to Steven Spatz)


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I'm guessing she read a previous blog posting with a similar theme that gave her the idea.

"When she said I vant to suck your... I thought she was talking about something else."

Ah, men. After a woman says "suck", the north brain shutdown sequence begins...

Absolutely right, NT. Mine almost shut down while I was typing that last statement.

Almost? *contemplates* The force must be strong with this one...

Well... it was me saying it and not a woman. I was able to resist my own utterance. Yours, however, gave me a north brain lock.

He: So, I'm thirsty, what about you?
She: Oh, definitely.
He: What do you like? I've got all sorts of stuff.
She: O positive?
He: Oh, absolutely. I definitely have pretty much anything you can name.
She: Plasma?
He: Well ... sure. It's HD. Might be a good idea to just relax a bit first, I guess. Here's the remote. Now about that drink....
She: Hemoglobin?
He: Hmmm. Never heard of that one. So many fancy cocktails nowadays.....
She: Where's your kitchen?

Sooooo...Dracula had a "personality disorder"???

"When he escaped, she chased him with a pickax."

If I had a nickel for everytime this happened to me...

Tammy, Doll - you kill me!!

*gives Hammie a nickel*

Things I've learned from this blog that I can teach my kids:

TO MY DAUGHTERS: Never EVER agree to doing a sex tape. It will always come back to haunt you (and even if it doesn't, your father will kill you.)

TO MY SONS: Never EVER agree to be tied up during sex. Just trust me on this.

He's bloody lucky her name wasn't Loretta, or she might have bobb'd it for him!

That was "Lorena", you know.

(wonders if there's a 12-Step program for this?)

So stabbing someone and chasing them with a pick axe is a "personality disorder"? Ya think?

Scott, I take it she is not your daughter?

Okay, so what is the moral to take away from this story? Is it that drugs are bad, alcohol is bad or just the combination of the two? The weekend quickly approaches and inquiring minds want to know.

But Philly people are just so darned attractive.

If they're not from Philly, blame my computer; I do.

I want to type, but I have to stop giggling first. Ah, to see the look on his face when he sees the knife and "becomes concerned".

She sounds like a "whack" job to me.

Ok, they're not from Philly but 10 years? She did say she was sorry.

This is outrageous that she gets sentenced at this very busy time of year for those so inclined to drink blood...

KOW: I think the moral is, a 46-year-old guy who goes home with a girl half his age should know at least one Latin phrase: Caveat Emptor.

Which applies even if she wasn't charging.

Best line in Edgar's link:

"This is the most scandalous and controversial thing that has ever happened in Vietnam's virtual world," says journalist Hung Nguyen.

Tryst = that ?
Huh - that i did not know.

mugshot <---- click there

She thought she was a vampire?

Tied up. Check.

Victim. Check,

Stab/puncture. Check.

Drink blood.

Check, please?

Maybe he was not her "type"?

Seems like an excellent reason to not let yourself be tied up by someone you barely know.

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