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October 08, 2007


Now they want to take away the fundamental human right to get naked for a sandwich.

(Thanks to many people)


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FIRST to say ...I'm back!!

*takes cuban coffee away from Dave*

This is really getting down to the bare essentials

New sign on Black Frog Restaurant door: Clothed For Winter.

So now they want to take away our right to jump naked into a lake to get a free sandwich?

That's cold.

Welcome back, Siouxie! *snork* @ Meanie. I was wondering what they'd do when the water froze over.

Ditto - what Annie said.

All I have to say is Naked Chickens - a friend sent me to the market to get naked chickens for his dinner party. All I could think was what a Great name that would be for a rock band.


But it would be a good name for a boo . . . wait, uh,
never mind . . .

fascism at our borders!

I always thought a 'skinny dip' was that thin nerd in science class.

Yay! I'm "many people". 8)

Oh, I guess that means I should lose some weight...

Andy - it's easier to watch your weight when it's all right in front of you. :)

Thanks, Annie!

I see I haven't missed much around here.

Travel update:

HOT as friggin heck in CT. Yale won. Pepe's Pizza IS the BEST! and airports SUCK. Got to Miyami via the LONG @SS way - CT to JFK to Lauderdale to Miami. Twelve hours and 3 airports later...I'm home. Oh and NOW, they make you take the one-qt clear plastic baggie OUT of your suitcase, along with your shoes, purse, BOB battery operated devices...sheesh.

It's unreal!

oh yeah..missed you guys ;-)

Since the sandwich is made with prime rib, I might be willing.

Wench - I think it says the patron must be 'prime rib.'

daisy - there's a band in Kansas City called "Four Fried Chickens and a Coke." Anyone get the film reference?

DD - The Blues Brothers. Don't forget the dry white toast. :)

"Four...WHOLE...fried...chickens." - Jake

No shoes, no shirt, no pants...no sandwich.

Very nice, SN and Guin!! ;-) It's a darned good band, too!

The black frog was renewing its liquour license. The big show is to have a person run naked into a lake. One of the patrons didn't like it.

I guess the patron needed a bigger drink.

Why is it that a couple of people always have the power to take away the fun things in life? One person is offended and the legislating begins. It is disheartening. I am tired of overly sensitive people. I consider myself extremely conservative, but I see no harm in a quick skinny dip for free food.

*applauds Jessica R.*

*sets up new lunch stand*

Look, there isn't much else to do here....

....except blog.

Also: that water in Maine is COLD. Anyone willing to get naked in it for only a sandwich is nuts. I'd require a sackful of $20s, at a minimum.

BTW - where is Punkin? She lives in Maine. She must have some insight into the naked sandwich controversy.

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