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October 26, 2007


Here's a commercial for you.

WARNING: Not suitable for watching by anyone, anywhere.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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deep breath


other than that, I'm speechless.

...I was good up till the crack part. Of course, if it was a female then OK.

My nanny.bot has deemed this inappropriate. Descriptions, please?

On second thought, maybe not...

smacks Texas.

*wakes up to casey screaming*
*watches video*
*acid coffee belch*

I'm glad I watched until the end before sending the link to my teenage son's soccer coach.

Incredible ball control, so to speak.

*goes for more caffeine*

"papierafreneinga" (?)


If it had been a basketball, then I might be impressed.

The Bot is out to get me.

You're ALL out to get me.


*goes to greet the men in the white coats*

*looks out blog window*

*sees gjd talking to ice cream vendor*



I don't think the basketball would have 'fit' but the attempt would be worth the watching

...and thanks, annie for the early mornin' smackdown.

...safe in CA, annie ?

What casey said; hilarious.

Only a guy would think to do that (obviously).

*zips in*™

I would never watch something as disgusting as this is.

Thanks for warning me, Dave. I always listen to you. ;)

yes, safe in SoCal, thanks. Eleanor? Hand check, please.

Did he actually catch it or did it just stick?

oops, name change time.

The translation isn't half as much interesting as the commercial: And that's the end of paper bills.

The translation isn't half as much interesting as the commercial: And that's the end of paper bills.

soccer- still at the bottom of the sports report....


Nothing like watching an assless white dude grab a ball with his butt-cheeks to get my juices flowing...and NOT in a good way..I snorked coffee up my nose!

Yes Annie, we seem to be OK, although all the fires aren't out yet.

How about you?


So true. I got smacked by annie for 'suggesting' my (male) preference for a female performance.

Hiya, Siouxie. How's the weather down there?

It is cold and raw and rain is expected later.

Pass that coffee, please.

I'm pretty sure this is one time I'm thankful for the stupid military firewall.

Glad to hear you gals (Annie,El) are OK! I'd send you some of our excess agua if I could...same goes for ddd in Hotlanta.

Hey Jeff!

It is awful! hot and wet - which would be GREAT if we weren't talking about the weather. ;-P

blurk, be thankful.

Totally OT, but there's something interesting happening in the skies.

Thanks, Siouxie! Morning, all!

I'm going to get my bucket so I can get ready for work. We have to save our bathwater for the plants!

El - we have..... FOG!!! Yay! So it's only a little, but....

ddd!! just do that what Med's granny used to say...what was it?? "t*ts, pits and ??" LOL that cracked me up!

fivver ... and it's headed right for us! Commence panicking!

Holmes doesn't possess a long tail...

That's not what Annie told me.

Siouxie - does that bath water make the plants grow better?

You know what? Forget I even asked.

*steals Wyle E. Coyote's umbrella*
*hunkers down under it*

That was creepy. I think I am traumatized.

I was watching that how it could possibly go awry---and there it was. The crack catch.

ddd, are you serious? saving your bathwater for your plants?

I just hope they don't recycle in that office.

Wow, that comet is really spectacular.

Fog. *sigh* Not here yet. I just saw one of the morning walkers and she was wearing a mask.

LOL, Katie!!! I thought he was heading to the trash can with that thing. Eeeeew!!!!!!!


*Waves @ Hammie!!!!*

*Waves @ Tex, too!!!!*

Why water plants? Just have the important meetings in secret. And can someone give better directions for the viewing. like is it higher than the CN tower and to the left?

ww- yes. Some areas will be out of water in a few weeks if we don't get some serious rain. The governor has declared water emergency in (80?) counties.

So gotta go fight Darwin, all!

See ya later!

Why do I keep coming back here? I'm drawn to this. I'm amazed, amused, scared, and confused.

Now I can't quit picturing this feat using three of those bowling pins like jugglers use.

casey, and people tell me that I'm warped.

Yep. Saving bathwater. Another good one is to fill a bucket w/ the water from running your shower while waiting for it to get to the right temp.

I've been thinking about trying that brick in the toilet thing

*remembering to put brick in TANK and not in BOWL*

ww, I have to be really careful, you wouldn't believe it. I work in a very professional environment and people look at me funny and slowly back away if I don't keep myself under control. I have to come here to find like-minded people.

Pic and more about Comet Holmes here

ddd - let's put it this way - if you don't water your plants, they make excellent kindling. Keep it green or get rid of it. Speaking from experience.

Thanks Richard. Cloudy today but it looks like I'm getting my scope out tomorrow. Incidently, for folks interested in astronomical eye candy, APOD is great.

* waves back @ Ms. DD *

...I leave for just a minute and now people are putting BRICKS in their toilet and saving their BATHWATER ?

Let's try that again: APOD

casey, that's why i work in a highly unprofessional environment. i'm actually considered the sane one here and i have papers saying that i'm not sane.

swat me

fivver...oh, I thought you said (g)astronomical eye candy. Pictures of 3-tiered cheeseburgers and onion rings the size of truck tires danced thru my stomach.

...but cool anyway.

Wery velcome. Yup, I've accumulated quite a few wallpaper images off that site.

Quite wet and icky here in the DC area Thu-Sat. But I'm not complaining because we need it.

Mmmm. Onion rings!

Texas, don't try to tell us you've never put a brick in a toilet. And bathwater is the water left over after taking a bath. You know, in that big galvanized tub in the yard. Sorry, we should've explained that part better.

Awww annie, you're just p*ssed because someone performed jihad on your mediocre Yanks. You know, the high school level 'baseball' team found in NY,. (Baseball used lightly)

Sorry, we should've explained that part better

*hands Tex a flame-retardant suit*

snork @ annie & tex

(grabs Tex's flame-retardant suit & puts it on)

How're those 'Stros workin' out for ya, Tex? ;)

Egads!!!!I'm not even sure I want to know what the translation was. Here in Jersey, it's raining - and I have to walk home (just a mile, but it's all uphill...Feh).

Hey, I think I'll haul out my scope tonight, too!

(My Red Sox continue to do reasonably well... does that mean that I have permission to make fun of the Yankees?)

And casey, the first pin might hurt... but the third one's going to leave a mark. Just sayin'...

I want to know what the commercial is for. Does anyone speak Farfegnugen?

ellie, no...

but I've been not too Farfrompuken a few times...that count?

LOL Siouxie! No doubt at the Hunt, yes?
Or was that just a rumor?

nah...when I was young..and stoopid and couldn't hold my liquor - I learned quickly. There was much drinkage during the Hunt weekend, but no pukin'. We're all responsible drunks now.

Will someone PLEASE answer the stupid phone?

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