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October 31, 2007


Hi Dave,

The football video is indeed real - I was watching it from the Millsaps sidelines as the entire monstrosity unfolded during our Homecoming festivities in Jackson. The Millsaps administration even launched the fireworks before the play was over, figuring Trinity could never pull off an upset in one play. Ha ha!

Thought you might enjoy a picture I snapped earlier in the game of a Trinity player trotting towards the middle of the field. You can see the "Driven" Millsaps College banner in the upper corner of the photo.

Questions immediately arise: Why is he carrying TWO footballs? Why is there no one else on the field? And why does he have a FIELD GOAL bleached INTO HIS SCALP?!

All the best,

- Chris "Ricky Kidd" Spear




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Shouldn't the R in DRIVEN be backwards?

_Why is there a soccer net instead of an end zone?_

_Why are one and a half of the hashmarks yellow?_

TH, cause it's a new game...Foccer.

In the lower divisions where big money television has not appeared, the yellow line that shows the first down has to be put down in chalk and vacuumed up when the ball moves downfield.

It's one of the reasons why Division III football sucks a lot.

I ws actually just a little concerned about the angle of his arms, but I guess that's an effect of the shoulder pads that make it look like he's broken.

*snork* @ blurk!

Who's KA?

I thought all guys had two balls.

Siouxie - KA is Kappa Alpha fraternity.

If you're actually asking, and I'm just not missing some joke, Siouxie, my guess would be that KA would be the fraternity Kappa Alpha.

(The missing the joke is pretty likely, actually - not enough caffeine today)

I think the better joke is - who is calzi and why lick her?

or not.

ah...thanks ladies ;-) I should have known that.

Ka is also something from Stephen King's Dark Tower series of books. It means "fate" or "destiny". That's what I thought about.

Siouxie - Ka is also the Egyptian term for a portion of the soul. I think that's where SK got his concept.

sthnbelle, I've noticed that especially on pro football players. They roll the sleeves up to the shoulder pads, so it looks like their arms have an extra bend in them.

NOT to criticize Ricky Spear, but I think that field goal in his hair is shaved in, rather than bleached ... merely sayin' ... therefore, I'd guess he's prolly the FG kickin' specialist, and has two [extra] balls to go practice ... (sorry this is not funny)

Well, if you wanna get technical, OtU, that wouldn't be a "field goal" shaved in the back of his head, it would be a "goal post".

Just sayin'

I believe the goal post is a reference to a gang in chicago. Just learned about it in a criminal justice class.

Or ... it could be a tuning fork, and he's the Basso Profundo in that famous Football Opera, AAAAiiiiiieeeee DA ball went thru the posts! WE WIN! ... merely trineta add a little culture here ...

'belle, I wuz merely repeatin' whut he called it ... that's my story ...

Yeah, and like Deadspin comments are funny w/o ten million inside jokes.

It's awful hard to be sure with a picture this small, but aren't the guys on both teams wearing the same helmets?

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