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October 01, 2007


The campaign is definitely gaining momentum, as we can see from this candid unposed photograph taken over the weekend outside the World Famous Rose Bowl, showing two random people and a random dog.
(Thanks to Mike Weasel, Mad Scientist, and Ozzy the random dog)


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Yay for Mad & Weasel!

Very cool. The dog is a definitely plus.

*definite* more coffee needed

Excellent grassroots campaigning, Mad & Mike & Ozzy! A brilliant stroke to court marginalized canine voters.

(And, as we all know, Ozzy The Random Dog would be .... etc.)

*waves at mad, mike and of course, ozzy!!!*

Yippee! Mad, Mike & Ozzy are not ashamed to be seen in their representin' in those completely non-geeky T-shirts!

Whoo hoo!

YAY to Mad & Mike & Ozzy!! Representin' the west/left coast!!

I'd like to go on record by saying that I have am not now, nor have I ever been a dog. Although "Dog" was my nickname in the frat house. ISIANMTU.

Hooray for Mad and Weasel and Ozzy! Hooray for randomness!

*applauds Mad and Weasel*

Obviously they are auditioning for seats in President Barry's (YOTUS) cabinet.

Smart move. ;)

*wild applause for Mad, Mike, Ozzy and the stunning completely expected juggernautical success*

*snork* at "YOTUS"*

I for one, approve of illegal dog voting in this case.

Thanks for posting the picture Dave.
We all had a lot of fun at the wiggle waggle walk. One random guy thought our shirts said Dave Baby for president and he kept asking if the random dog was named Dave Baby. We tried to explain several times, but he just snapped a picture and wandered off.

Waves Hi to Mad & Mike!

Mad, you're glowing!

Waves back at MOTW,

Siouxie - Weasel has that effect on me.

HEY! I know them guys! ... well, except for Ozzy ... GOOD to see ya, kids!


BTW, when we were drivin' home yesterday, a vehicle passed us (well, actually a BUNCH of 'em did, but this one wuz special!) that had a Dave Barry for President bumper sticker ... on the actual bumper! This wuz sumwhere in central Minnesnowta, and they turned onto the road to Crosby, MN ... so ... mebbe sumone here knows of their existence? ... whutever ...

Actually there's a smudge or something on my camera lens. It does that with a lot of pictures. Woohoo, Ozzy is famous! I'll be waiting for calls from Hollywood now.

When George W. Bush asked Dick Cheney on Halloween what he would wear as his costume,

Uncle Dickie should have responded:

"I'm going to disguise myself as Scooter Libby. That way I won't have to worry about punishment for any wrong-doing!"

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