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October 28, 2007


It's not pretty.

(Also thanks to DavCat)


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First? Looks like a hairless hobbit. And "strangely enthusiastic" is a perfect WBAGNFARB.

"There'll always be an England."

What's a little harmless chase around the moor?

Dave....is that you?

That's a jarring early morning gob-smacking for us folks slowly waking up. No mention of the obvious...was alcohol involved? Off to put some brain bleach in the coffee.

No, can't be Dave. No rim around the collar.

you're right mm.....no blue shirt either

OT--Did everyone's Windows PC decide last night was the return to Standard time and pack up your clock one hour? It's now the first week of November. Supporting article so you know it's not a WaynePrank. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21490034/ . --Back OT

...or BACK up your clock. What. ME, preview??

no prob here in Arkansas WahneHere... Of course, we don't use your so called "time" here.

or "Y's" either

oop's....busted....bai now.

I generally don't believe in this "time" thing, either. Haven't worn a watch for 25 years or so. But it made me think the Eagles were running even more pregame shows than usual.

What was he treated for at hospital?

Kathybear - Severe shrinkage.

It's cold on the Moors.

In birder terms, it's a rare flabby-gasted bald sasquatch.

“Then this naked man just turned up. It wasn’t very warm and he was being strangely enthusiastic."

I just LOLerd.

perhaps he's Wiccan and just started celebrating New Year's eve a bit early.

BTW did anyone but me think that "strangely enthusiastic" showed in the picture? Her certainly appears to be having a good joke on everyone.

hey, beautiful casey. how youse doin'? ;-)

Nah, he is a rugby fan displaying his alcohol enhanced enthusiasm for the world cup finals.

He, He appears.... her can't type...

My computer and TVs stayed on the right time, but by super cheap economical VCRs turned back an hour. But I read an article that said just to leave it because in - what? - 2 weeks, it will be OK.

*winks at Jazzzz*

Jazzie, just fine as a fiddle you handsome hunka man meat!

Looks like a hairless hobbit.

Posted by: WayneHere | 11:28 AM on October 28, 2007


WH, I read that as "hairless bobbit" and thought that was strangely appropriate.

*waves sullenly at jazz*

I just thought "strangely enthusiastic" meant he wasn't too...um...excited (iykwim). Which, as Punkin said, makes sense due to the coldness.

Annie, I wasn't aware you came equipped with man meat. My bad.

Annie eats man meat???

hu nu?

'chopped liver' refers to an action, not a dish.

har de har, Sioux.

I'm just happy we didn't get the front view.

Amen, Jeff. Amen.

OT for a moment. I am apalled that none of us - NONE of us - thought to make sure that Dave's costume included a NEW, UNUSED toilet seat. We're slipping.

Less is moor.

DD - for all the times Dave made us retch........let him have the used seat. I hope it was used by an aging, poor-visioned Barry Manilow.

Oooh! Tushy', MtB!!

ROFLMAO, Punkin Boo!

How do they treat "nudity" at hospital?

Gently, one might hope.

"being strangely enthusiastic" was the best line of the article I thought.

and *snork* at Meanie's "Less is moor."

*cues benny hill 'wacky sax' chase music*

and "wacky sacks" were in evidence,too...

"being strangely enthusiastic" was the best line of the article I thought.

and *snork* at Meanie's "Less is moor."

*cues benny hill 'wacky sax' chase music*

and "wacky sacks" were in evidence,too...

that was strange. sorry for the double post. my computer seems to be workin' in two time zones.



to hell with yackety sax, the doo doo, doo doo from Twilight Zone seems more appro gooder.

Wow, Wyo, just visited your site, I had no idea there were so many blogger pix up now! Good job, it's so sweet of you to do that.

I think, casey, that at last count there were 44 different bloggers there. kinda cool. and you folks put 1000 hits/day on the costume site. but who's counting?

Wow, Wyo! There must be way more blurkers out here than we realized!

I love a good chase scene!

Jazzzz - this would be the superlow-speed chase scene.

44! Wow I suppose that's like everyone here, except me...

When the cops got tired he turned around and chased them? Sefinitely a candidate for the happy farm, with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers who twiddle their thumbs and toes...

Yes Less is Moor. Truly a classic line.

Chargers Time!

Go Jags!

Sorry, Diva, Dem's da breaks. (Da bear facts, as it were.)

Re: The Eagles. A pre-game show before they do "Hotel California"?

Oh, that type of football. So who is the goalkeeper?

Go Manchester!

Are all the bloggers active, Wyo?

all but two I think, Edgar. some have been a little rare of late, and a couple are blurking lately. There are only two that I've not heard from for some time.

Eleanor's Chargers are beating the crap out of my beloved Texans. Here's to another 3 win season, the 2nd pick in the draft, and selecting another unknown defensive lineman for the 5th straight season. *sigh*

Strangely Enthusiastic WBAGNFARB.

The Witch Fire lit one under the Chargers.

I worry about those Texan linemen, in another year or so. Still, time to go offense.

Chargers, beginning of 3rd quarter:

So far, so good. :)

They're doing it for the home crowd. Some of whom no longer have a home. :(
Doc Rick must've realized there's no bigger turn-on than a humble man.

how 'bout them bucs?!!!

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