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October 31, 2007


The city has pulled out all the stops for us, including naming a street after Ridley.


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YAY!!for Ridley!! now where's Barry Street???

That's great, but, er, why is Punkin's bra hanging from the lamppost (or shouldn't I ask)?

Chicago's Barry Avenue is in the Lakeview neighborhood. That web site claims it's named for some other Barry, but we know the truth.

so it's true? chicago really is the windy city. hope ridley found something to hold on to.

Ridley looks like he might have gotten a nap in on the plane. Rest up, boys - only 3 days till Philly (or Fairless Hills, wherever the heck that is - I'll be there anyway) Shall I bring brownies to re-energize y'all?

*snork* @ Mummy!!! that's what I call uplifting support!!

Although it's not in quite as prominent a location as Pearson, Dave can find Barry Ave. about 50 blocks NW of Chicago's downtown - give or take a few. Unfortunately there's not an Apple store anywhere near it.

Wait a second... Are you guys hitting Rush Street already? In know it's after 5:00 somewhere in the world, but it's before 2 in Chicago.

Watch out for law school students emerging from the shadows. And Jesuits. Lots and lots of Jesuits.

Is it a different time of year in Chicago or something? Why does it look like the middle of summer?

Dang, Meanie beat me to it! It's either Punkin's or a tree bra of some kind.

It's unseasonably warm today; it was even nicer yesterday. It's scheduled to turn cold after sunset tonight.

What are they doing at Water Tower Place? I thought they were supposed to be in Naperville about now.

The wind in the nickname refers to the political wind.

The wind in the nickname refers to the political wind.

I only sent that comment once! You'd think that if I were trying to double post the bot woulda capchaed me or something. Like it did when I left off part of the eMail address.

Martin --
They can catch the 5:00 express from Union Station and get to Naperville by 5:33 and have a nice walk to Anderson's. They will make better time if they remember the local custom that all people in uniform are to be greeted by mooning.

As long as the Strumpeteers aren't using skateboards, they will be fine. If they have skateboards, expect to be detained by the local constabulary.

$ - Political wind huh...I always thought it was a reference to the amount of kelbassa everyone eats up there and the...um...effect polish sausage has on the digestive track.

They might want to leave early - seems there's a bomb investigation which has shut down Metra in Naperville.

And, uhm, if you guys are driving and want to be there by 7:00, leave downtown by 5:00.

If your crapquest directions tell you to exit at Naperville Road and the exit is closed...

Exit at Winfield Road (one exit further west), go south to Diehl Road. Double back to go East on Naperville Road and follow your directions. There is a lot better way to get there by going South on Washington Street, you can connect well.

If you are going East on I-88 and the Naperville Road exit is closed (or if you miss Winfield), exit at Route 53. Go South on 53 to Ogden Avenue. Double back by going West. You can find Washington or Naperville Road to complete the rest of your directions.

Not My,

My comment had nothing to do with "how do they get there"; I had thought they were scheduled for Naperville at 2 PM today. From your comment, it sounds more like they're scheduled for tonight. If so, good thing I didn't plan on attending...

Martin -- my bad. Part of being a resident of the Windy City is knowing how to find alternate routes during Construction Season.

Get out of my neighborhood!!!!

GAD! They'll let ANYBODY in now!!! Harrumph, even!

/You can almost see my apartment building in that picture!

BTW, my brownies are really good, even without gumballs. Might even give AnnieWBH's cookies a run for their money....

Global Warming, Megan, Global Warming.

/High in the 60s today!

OK, I need to write a bunch of bestselling books so MY job can be flying around the country visiting exotic destinations ... and Chicago. I am green (like the river) with jealousy.

Oh, and my sister used to live on Barry Ave in Chicago. Six degrees of separation?

seems there's a bomb investigation which has shut down Metra in Naperville.

Right you are, JimW. I blame teh squirrels. And Canada geese.

The Blog -- Always up to the minute news, from Naperville and wherever Dave's strumpeting leads you!

Yes, it's very nice out today, for a Reformation Day. I remember taking my 2 little princesses around one Halloween, maybe 18 years ago, while the weather went from overcast to foggy to drizzly to rainy to sleety to snowy. And it was uphill the whole way!

The festivities are s'posed to start at 7:00 at Andersons. They probably gotta get warmed up at Bar Louis' first, so they can make proper Lord Ombra sounds, or summat.

Woo hoo! I just got my Dave ticket in the mail:
Stamford, February 17! Second row center, close enough to count the fibers on his blue shirt.

I am coming armed with Marshmallow Fluff for an authentic New England gift. Hope other bloglits will be there!

YAY Guin!!!!


How long ago did you order them? When I look at the seating chart, all the good ones are taken.

Guin, there won't be any fibers left in that shirt after the raging females get done with Dave! February 17??? This tour is longer than Cher's farewell tour!

Nice city, really great to see. Well next time I will see it again.
Regards, Maxx

It is very nice to see. at the time, i will see it again.very nice post.

see you...

Wow thats pretty cool. Im a Big fan of the Chicago Bulls and for me it is a dream to Travel o Chicago. One of the greatest City in the World.

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