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October 29, 2007


(Thanks to Schadeboy)


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Does this have anything to do with teabags?

Boiled nuts?

whew. but OW.

...but most men like grilling.

I'm willing to go for pressed nuts, but I will never go for boiled nuts.

..I imagine most women would like to do some serious searing just on principal.

water and heat penetrate the nuts, releasing beneficial chemicals

I guess that explains the hot tub incident.

Yay! Southern folk finally have something to eat that's actually GOOD for you!

I miss boiled peanuts.

Well, I heard on the Food Network that you were supposed to keep your nuts in the freezer.

That's where mine are, Lizzy.

*Sneaks out through the window*

*Snork* @DPC!

Nothing goes better with cold beer than hot boiled peanuts (or 'cat turds' as my one-time SO described them); I'll live forever!!

EWWW...boiled nuts are icky!

again, I thought the wimmin were the keepers of the nuts....

*turns on the hot tub*

*sets temp to 200 degrees*

ohhh boys.....? care for a dip?

*SNORK* @ sthnbelle.

True. I have yet to see a sign by the side of the road that says, "Deep Fried Boiled Peanuts next exit".

Another case of the cure is worse than the disease.

belle - I thought them's was "bald" nuts where you come from.

Texas, I do not generally wish to sear a man's nuts. Scouts honor! Yes, I really was a Girl Scout, why do you ask?

"No,no,no, I said prick his boil!"


If I had a nickel for every time I said that...


Belated *SNORK* @ Suzy Q!! I ain't answerin' that for all the tea in China.

Boiled nuts may be good for you, but I think I'd rather suck on a couple of bawls, personally.

oh, fox news. a typo in the very first sentence? *sigh*

Yep, Megan ... and does that surprise you?

Sheesh! This "news" story is barely out, and I've already had spammage tellin' me about it before I read this linked story ...

The wonders of modern science, eh?

I sure hope our resident cowboy doesn't say "Them's good eating!"

The Testicle Festival, aka The Testy Festy">

Well, P'B' ... I may be the worng cowboy, but they is good eatin' ...

Merely trineta help ...

Oh-U: My error, I think.

The revised instructions said to "take the bull by the horns".

Sorry for the confusion. Bad translation ;)

But if you boil them they aren't salty anymore...

layzee, darlin', you boil 'em (in the shell) in salt water, (Can't believe I'm about to say this), and sucking on them is the best part. And yes, Diva, they are "bald" peanuts round 'bout where I grew up.

CJ, a cold beer may be good with them, I haven't tried that...but an ice cold Blenheim's ginger ale is really good too...

Not the original hot one though...not-as-hot works for me.

I'll have to stop by the produce stand tomorrow...

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