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October 28, 2007


If it's real.


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I'm latterally stunned.

Does the game 'Hot Potato' come to mind for anybody else?

in the n.f.l ,reviewing the play would take hours!

If I was a coach, there would be some serious tackling drills/dummies on monday's practice. Followed by suicides.

Maybe the Dolphins ought to hire their special teams coach. At the rate their going, it may be the only way Miami wins a game this season.


It seems to be real, according to this news account.

Those defenders tackled like I used to.

Wonderful stuff.

ushers in a whole new era of special teams play...


It seems to be real, according to this news account.

Those defenders tackled like I used to.

Wonderful stuff.

um...what's the big deal?? isn't that the way volleyball is played??

*hair flip*

I may need to amend my choice in coach's to hire. I gathered it was Cal/Stanford all over again, thus a special teams play. I'm still waiting to watch as the slow ass dial-up still hasn't downloaded it yet.

things are getting pretty scary over here.


Some costumes leave one speachless.

I'm willing to bet the other team did not find that so amazing, haha!

Naw, it was the offense, not the special teams.

Bucs up by 3... may I open a vein now?

If she has a whip and some handcuffs, I got a proposal.

she made swear that I can't tell who it is. so I won't.

Snork @ the Laterals (WWBAGNFARBBTW)

It's OK, Wyo. You can tell.

psssst, cj, that's a 6! :>

nice try, igloo. I'm not that dumb. close, but not that dumb.

DAMN, Wyo. I know who it is and I wanted to tease her. Mostly I'm just jealous cuz she's sooooo hot.

I'll just have to tease her privately. Phooey. ;)

*SNORK!!!* at igloo. You're bad, boy.

ummmmm, nevermind that 6.

Oh, and as for Nymphadora, I'm thinking DavCat.

It's on SI.com as real. 15 laterals, 46 seconds of real time, but no band.

Wyo, those are great pics!

I counted 13 laterals in that video clip, but I might have missed one. Or twelve.

Thanks for gettin' us back on topic. For a while I thought I was watchin' rugby.

Thanks, Gene. I grew up in San Antonio. Trinity is a small, private college there.

Bet that team had enough adrenaline pumping to power the city of San Antonio for a week!

Psst, daisymae: WWBAGNFARBBTW?? What's RBBTW?

Jags up by 1...phbpbtbtbt @ crossgirl!

May not have been the best football play ever, but certainly the poorest ever defensed. Good Lord! They had guys on the sidelines a couple of times and...nothing. Apparently the defensive coach must have worked for the Texans recently. Thank God the NBA season is just around the corner.

*recognizes those boobs*

that's all I'm sayin'!!!

Siouxie, don't call the halloween-garbed bloglits Boobs.... they're Boogers!

*SNORK!* Siouxie!! LOL

Ducky, the RBBTW would be "Rock Band, By The Way."

CJ - I'm prayin' for your Jags here.

And Wyo - the Bears'll come back strong next game. Lots of animals panic when confronted with the kings of the forest.

somehow the cowardly lion's song is now stuck in my head. thanks for nothin', Diva.

You're SO welcome, Wyo! I live to please. ;-P

You can't take sides, Diva... the crossgirl faction is Bucs.

Is that legal? I have never seen any team attempt such a play before.

Ohhhh. I guess I didn't pick up on that. :-\ Well, just call me...you know.

Well at least the Texans made a charitable contribution to the residents of San Diego psyches today. Too bad about da cubs...I mean Bears. And I still believe the Jags can take down the Colts. They just need to have a healthy offense the next time around.

Diva's right RBBTW is 'rock band, by-the-way'.

Edgar, as long as all of the throws go to a player behind the one pitching it, it's legal. The Cal/Stanford play had quite a few "questionable" laterals.

Somebody tell me why the BOT hit me 3 times before posting that message?

Is that legal?

is what legal, the costume or the play?

(sometimes I get distracted.)

Doc - Pbthththth.

thanks a lot, diva. thbttttffffpppp.
good game, cj.

Good game, lots of young players, lots of 10-plus year veterans. Down to the last 30 seconds, Jags by 1!

Wyo - re: the costume. It's only legal in 32 states and Haiti. I'm just highly depressed because I've never looked that good in anything. Or nothing, as the case may be.

Sorry, cg, but you KNOW I can't really pick sides. *sigh* I didn't know y'alls had a rivalry goin' here.

Go Trinity! ;-)

GO ROCKIES! Rocktober ain't over till its over! Oh, and the CUBS SUCK! VIVA DUSTY BAKER!!!

Doc. You're grounded. Yes, I do have that power. Pththththththth.

I'm with you, Doc. although I love Sioux. Go Rockies!!

Hey Ducky, don't the San Antonio Missions play down on Trinity's campus? I know they were associated with the Dodgers back in the '80s.

Gumball, Doc?

Don't you be giving him any gumballs, Ducky! He doesn't deserve them after that crack against my boys. Humph.

By 1? No way! How do you win a football game by 1?

Maybe, Doc. I haven't kept up with the SA minors. We have the Round Rock Express to keep us occupied here in Austin.

Gumball, Diva? ;-)

edgar, you have one more point than your opponent.

Let's see them do that again.

I was referring to the football play.

Well put, Wyo! That's exactly what Mr. Ducky would have said. One time I was surprised about the outcome of a game I hadn't been able to watch, and asked him, "How did that happen?" His reply: "The other team scored more points." *Snork*

Mmf. Fanks, Ducky. Took two.

DD - Not many people ever have looked that good. Mr. gjd was a *bit* too interested in having a look. I told him he didn't blog, so he can't look.

Ducky, Diva is just upset because every team in her beloved Chicago has stunk this year. Of course, so have all the Houston teams, but I called her teams losing poopy heads 1st so I win. BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! *Go Rockets!*

*I'm glad I blog, and have the right to look*

'scuse me.

Children, leave the blog and go stand in a corner until you can be nice.

Because I'm the Mom and I said so.

Edgar, field goals get you 6s, touchdowns get you 7s.

This video clip is probably the first football I've watched voluntarily in about 20 years.

I still don't get it.

Field goals get you 3's, touchdowns get you 6's, and extra points after touchdowns can get you either 1 or 2 points depending on whether you kick it or run a regular play. Safeties account for 2 points as well.

gjd - LOL @ your depriaved hubby. :-)

Also - Doc and I go through this every week cuz he's just can't bear to denigrate teams with a weak fan base.

I wasn't trying to make you look bad CJ. I got what you were saying but a lot of casual fans probably don't.

I saw it on the local news so the play must be real, and yes it did appear legal.


Touchdown=6 pts
Field Goal=3 pts
safety=2 pts
extra point=1 pt
ƒg⇒ΣScore∀pts∋ ∴ ≡ 1

keep trying, igloo. wyo's still not buying. ;-)

When you figure that out, we'll get ya started on Aussie rules and rugby. ;-)

Oh Med, please don't make me learn new rules. I will be attending my 5th hockey game in 5 years shortly and I still don't know what the heck is going on unless the puck winds up in the net.

LOL, Med. Funny.

Rick. Do you know soccer? Really very similar... just a lot faster and (tehehehe) bloodier.

Oh, hockey is easy. You hit the puck with the stick and run around the bases before it gets hit back over the net unless you get tagged and then you have to freeze until someone else tags you.

Hmmm. Mainly, a team that is settling for field goals gets the even numbers and a nail-biter. That game was a nail-biter. It is now time to switch to brownies.

DD... I figured it was in good fun. Just an unfortunate reflex I have. LOL

Ok, the lateral play was pretty cool, but check this out!

I know the champions of the MSL are here in Houston. Otherwise, I only watch the Euros play it because the fans are nuttier than a tree full of squirrels. Before I die I want to attend a France/Germany football match just to see the carnage.

I did that once, Doc. But I was on horseback. Does it still count.
You seem to know a lot about sports. Ever think of working in the industry?

He must run hurdles in the off-season.

gjd - you're a mom. It's legit. :)

Doc - that was a WILD video!! Cool!

Rick that IS cool!

And Siouxie... just go back to picking your teams because of the uniform colors :)


OK, now that we've got all that figured out, how the hell does cricket work?

By rubbing it's hind legs.

Cricket? They just rub their back legs together and that's what makes the pretty chirping. I've tried that, but I only get funny looks. Oh, and I just mean my legs - not my BACK legs. I only have one set.

Ohhhhhhhh that was lowwwwwww Mr. Prof!!

I did like the Jags uniforms though..nice shade of aqua. ;-)

My fav color is still the Vikings. Purple.

gmta, ig.

CTProf said: And Siouxie... just go back to picking your teams because of the uniform colors :)

What? Isn't that how you're supposed to do it? I mean, not the ONLY way. The little pictures on their hats have to be pretty, too.

by singing at the Hawaiian Village Hotel Bar in the Late 50's and early 60's.

iggy, you need to get out of that hottie dress...just sayin'

NTTAWWT, of course...if you're into that.

Siouxie - pay no attention to the man behind the screen pass. I'm picking teams by their purty logos. I have yet to watch a game this year, and I've got the most points in my league.

"Hottie", I'm just going to reach up and snick that apostrophe away for you, 'kay?

Rick, anyone can do that. We had this guy here at RU, way back when Rutgers was good. But, all good things come to an end they say.

gjd, exactly!!!

I mean...it's not like they have to be good at playing or anything. It's how you look. Nice butts are a plus too.

*hair flip*

Wyo, it's simple: you defend your wicket. The bowler hurls the ball at you on a one-hop, trying to hit your wicket. You defelect, parry, and whallop, forever, if you can keep whalloping and get runs for a Not Out. Marvelous game, because you are even allowed to pivot around and wail the ball behind you... in cricket, the Hoi Polloi behind the catcher and ump don't exist; you can spin and hit it backwards. Fun game! First time I ever tried it, I looked at the coach and asked him, "So this is legal?"

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