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October 31, 2007


Is your dog missing?

(Thanks to Marta Zlotnick)

And while we're thanking people: Many, many crunchy thanks to the bloglits¹, from Dave, Elaine, and the s.b.

¹You know who you are.


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Don't break my bark, my achy breaky bark....

Perfect for howling at the moon.

Okay, under there is a link for the "Pin Up Wig". Do not click it. It is creepy.

Last night I was at wally world looking for a wig for the boy's costume, and the only one we could find at first was a mullet wig. He asks "What's a mullet?", so I drag out that old gem "Business in the front, party in the back" and I had people complimenting me on my cleverness. IANMTU. I hate wally world.

See, now we GOTTA click on it.

So this is where Miss Piggy gets them...

TSWL- Your name sounds so much more Official like this. I looked for the link -tells you about my character- and couldn't find it.
So I believe that javascript blocker saved the day.

Lizzy, they are all equally creepy.

I'm thinking that a few could be sent to Las Vegas, top secret and confidential, to a Mr. B.M. as well...

*Howling snork* @ Annie awoooooooo!!!!*

TSWL - it's actually the Pin Up DIVA wig.

Go ahead and bite the hand that wigs you.

Go ahead and bite the hand that wigs you.

That dog looks suspiciously like my sister's 2nd soon-to-be-ex-husband. Weird.

I don't think it's werewolves attacking on a full moon. I think it's dogs that were abso-freakin'-humiliated by their owners.

Of course, if you're a dog and your owner is wearing this, you are a doomed doggie.

It was only funny the first time, Edgar. ;-)

This is why dogs bite people. "Zeus" joined Penelope (the fruit-scented-wallpaper dog) in an attempted attack on Virginia Beach.

Okay, Annie. Now I'm just creeped out.

"Recommended Washing + Drying Instructions: After thorough brushing, bathe wig for 5-10 minutes in a basin of lukewarm water with a little wig shampoo. Rinse wig well (2-3 times) + shake out excess water. Dry the wig with a towel. DO NOT WRING! Put wig on a curved surface and let it dry naturally. When wig is completely dry, brush thoroughly again so the original shape + the silk gloss return. Do not brush or comb wigs while still wet."

Good thing they included this. Too many dogs practice poor wig maintenance as it is.

Snork @ WriterDude !

*knows who she is*


Auntie - just don't touch the ostrich. You don't know where he's been.

I agree, Annie, with your general observation about doggie revenge ... mulletdog seems to have an expression that says, "If you don't get this frikken' HAIR off me RIGHT NOW ..."

My ex used to have this cocker spaniel with this adorable little tuft of hair on top of his head (always looked like a toupee).

One Halloween I gelled it up into a mohawk and dyed it purple! I thought it looked cool and the dog seemed to like it...

My ex was not amused however. She had no sense of humor (or fashion).

Honestly, it looks like the dog is saying.

"I could care less what you dress me in, I play in poo."

Talk about the hair of the dog what bit ya....

For those needing a last-minute costume, the downloadable Larry Craig mask!

Almost time...

Candy - check
Jack-o-lantern - check
Bourbon - check

*waiting around to see if any one shows up*

I got candy & wine, fivver...I think I'm set too!

or if any two show up

It's dropped off lately, but when we first moved here this was a rural area and we lived in the only subdivision. Parents would bring the kids in by the van load!

First Halloween Toon

We live in an apartment, so no trick-or-treaters here. There are some people handing out something on the corner, but apparently you have to pay them money for it. Glad we are off to a friend's for the evening.


Is it OK if, when the hellions say, "Trick Or Treat," I just say, "I'll take Treat," then mow them down with squirt guns?


Alfred, then I am officially slutty today! The link for the pin up wig is on the bottom of the page. Prepare yourself for dog porn if you join Annie in having to look!

CJ - do you want to find your house and car tp'd, egged, keyed and possibly burned in the morning?

fivver, kids these days are tough. CJ may well find HIMSELF tp'd, egged and keyed. Or shot, even. Just hand them the candy and no one gets hurt.

I had a great parade of Pirates, Bob the Builders as well as an assortment of Zombies, Ghouls and other indescribable creatures. They were all cute.
I tried to get an aaaarrrggghhh from the Pirates and they just looked at me as if I was from another planet. So I gave them more candy.


OK, I see. Give candy to the bigger kids... mow down the youngsters with no TP or eggs!

Sorta OT

Pig update: The pig has been sprung from animal control and is back in her pen. One other detail that I didn't know earlier: Pig daddy and his friends had been looking for her for several days. Pig daddy went to the store and found her picture up asking for any information as to the owner of the pig. hahahahahaha!!!

2nd piece of news: I was adopted by a cat today. I'm not really an indoor cat type of person, but I'm so in love already. Get this; long haired orange and white kitty adopts me on Halloween. I've named him Punkin. Appropriate, huh?

Y'all have fun trick-r-treating tonight!!!

I scared many, many people today. More than usual, I think.

Great casey....I've always loved.....er...cats. Got 4 of 'em.

CJ, you are going to water gun those cutsie little toddlers dressed as Winnie The Pooh and Teletubbies? YESSS! Will you take photos or video? Please?

BTW: I am taking the kid and Tipton in his torn Band-Aid outfit. That ought to scare them!

Casey - that's so coolio !!!
We were on a pre-Thanksgiving hike about 3 years ago when my dog found an orange and white kitten left to itself in a wilderness park. Sad, huh ? But now our "Punkin" is a giant big loud mouthed spoiled brat and totally lives up to his nickname - "punk" - we wouldn't part with his whiney butt for anything now ! You're so lucky to be adopted by a cat !

I hit the picture, but saw nothing interesting.

In real scary news. My Sister needs emergency brain surgery. She had been complaining about phantom pains for years now. I kept telling her it was all in her head. Apparently it was accurate. She has Chiari Malformation.
To be honest, my youngest siblings are lucky to be alive. My parents had kids die on them in between me my brother Greg and the youngest. An 8 year difference no less.
She is a wonderful girl, and has finally found an excuse to slack off. It's a bit scary right now. But I think she will do fine.

Wow. Our prayers are with you and your family, ASF.
To cover all the bases, we'll combine our good karma and send that your way, as well.

And she will, ASF. I won't go looking up Chiari right now, but there are skills and tools out there.

Wow, Alfred! I will keep her and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks all.

CJ- It seems to be an easy procedure. She should be back to normal in 2 years. I don't know of anyone that has died from it, so I figure my sister will do fine.

Wow, Chiari until recently was considered quite rare. I've been hearing more about it lately. I think it is not so much rare, as not diagnosed. I did hear about a mentally handicapped adult male that was living with his mother and sister. He was making a sandwich and simply fell down in the kitchen and died. But he had been having rather severe symptoms for years that were mis-diagnosed or attributed to other health problems related to his mental handicaps. The head nurse at the office of my neuro-spine specialist had surgery to correct her malformation about 2 years ago. She is extremely bright, extrordinarily peppy and very charming. She has occasional neck pain from the fusions and other procedures that were done to correct the malformation, but other than that, she is better than ever. If left un or mis diagnosed for a long period of time, the malformation does eventually worsen, ususally causing severe and often permanent neurological problems. Be glad and grateful your sister has been diagnosed before this happened to her and that much more is known about the malformations than was known just 10 years ago. Advances in orthopedic and neurological surgical technologies are simply amazing and I have no doubt she is going to be better than ever when she recovers from this. Best wishes to her, you and the rest of your family, Alfred.

For those needing a last-minute costume, the downloadable Larry Craig mask!

Posted by: CJrun away! | 05:55 PM on October 31, 2007

And don't forget to wear your wide stance. Just dont go to the bathroom.

Casey- One of the big reassurances I have right now is that doctors know about it. And that most of the procedures have been figured out. I checked out the New England Journal of Medicine and other such stuff to see if there was mention. And it had quite a bit talked about.

I remember when ADD and ADHD came out. More specifically, I remember how they dealt with me. It was a real nightmare. I'm glad my sister will be treated better.

I mis-read the article the first time. It says "lined ear holes".

Big mistake. Huge.

Wow, Alfred, I'm glad they caught it so soon. That is truly scary! I'm happy to hear it's something they can do something about and she will be okay. My best to her!
And Casey, how sweet to take little Punkin in! Sounds like he knew who he was looking for!

'zzat iz not my dog.

Alfred if you need more info, I can put you in touch with hubby's first cousin. She and all three of her children are going through the surgery stage now for Chiari Malformation and tethered cord syndrome. All four have had their spinal cord de-tethered. Two are having the decompression surgery within the next two weeks. They are being treated in NY. They have a caring bridge site here: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/hutnikfamily

It's just a guess, but I'm betting that whomever the dog was looking at got his or her jugular ripped out after the picture was taken. That dog looks seriously pissed off.

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