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October 31, 2007


Do not click this link.

(Women: Happy Halloween from DavCat and the s.b.)

(UPDATE: And make sure you make your next hotel reservation at Travelodge.)

(Thanks to Ginger B.)


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Didn't open it, but I suspect that naked sleepwalking is one topic...

Sorry, I'm at work.

now that's a jack-o-lantern i can get behind, or in front of, or, well you know what i mean.

Thank you, ladies!!

Dear me, I've never seen a pumpkin that um, uh,

scuse me.

totally OT, but funny story: the guys just showed up to get my horse trailer to spring the pig from animal control jail. I got the scoop. Pig owner is the groundskeeper for a HUGE botanical garden that sits on over 1200 acres. Ms. Pig has about a 1/2 acre fenced in pen. Apparently, tis the season for her to get jolly, IYKWIM so she rooted under the pen and went traveling. She wanders into a high dollar housing developement and the residents were none too happy to see her, so they called the law. Pig is picked up. The pig's daddy loves her, she actually comes into the house and drinks beer from a bowl and they watch TV together. The whole time I'm thinking a pot-belly pig, but no. We are talking a 650 pound monster pig. How funny is that?!?!

I'm so happy she is being sprung from pig jail!

Now back to your regularly scheduled butts.

ISIANMTU: When I took a group of high schoolers to Atlanta for a national youth gathering in 1998, most of us were hanging out in one of the girls' rooms late at night when one of the girls who was assigned to another room down the hall came in with a sort of shocked look on her face. "There's a naked man in our room," she said.

Turned out a well-pickled businessman had mistaken their room for his. They had put the little hook thing over the door so it wouldn't close all the way behind them and when he ran his keycard down the lock, well, presto! The door opened! *rolls eyes*

When I got there he was snugly curled up passed out cold in the fold-out couch bed (UNDER the covers, thank God!) in the living room, his briefcase and all his clothes strewn all over the bathroom, which was, of course, also overflowing with girls' cosmetics, hair products, underwear, wet towels, etc.

I called security, woke the guy up and harangued him for 5 minutes until the guard arrived to herd him out.

And then I had to go home and explain this to the parents of 6 teenage girls. :-\ *shudder*

*wants to see what they do with the burning candle*

casey, too friggin funny!!!

btw, we could sure use a nice little piggie for our Christmas Eve pig roast ;-)

DarkDiva, were those all the kids running around with the red backpacks? :o)

Wow - I've never felt such an urge to squeeze the pumpkins.

lol, fivver...never thought of that. Actually, I haven't gone past LOOKING, let alone thinking.

*SNOINK* casey!! You have some of the most INteresting friends!!

i think someone dropped that pumpkin. it has a crack in it.

fivver - YESSSSSS!!!!! Were you one of us?!

Watch out for the seeds. Just sayin'.

No, I was working downtown at the time and saw them everywhere. Being of the same persuasion, it was great to see them. It seemed like they all had a great time. Except for that nekkid drunk thing. Who wasn't me, let me add.

I know where the candle wick is ;-)


Hot wax with a flaming wick?


SNORK SNORK SNORK at Mummy the Blue!

Yes, DD, yes I do. They keep my otherwise boring life very interesting!

fivver - I'm glad you cleared that up. We were also the only youth group out of 33,000 kids who had an overnight hospital stay. Now y'all know why I don't work with youth any longer.

Wow. THAT makes for a HAPPY Halloween.

Uh, which hospital DD?

No idea. The other two chaperones attended to her while I herded the other kids through their paces. It was very close to the Convention Center, I do know that much.

fivver, better a flaming wick than a flaming d*ck ;-P

judi, that may be the best picture you have every posted! It's wonderful. *sigh* Now if we could only turn him around....

Just to see if anything on his front is decorated for Halloween....;)

El, he's got the candle wick all ready to spark ;-)

I work in a metal distributorship, and just as I am reading these very colorful comments, the guy next to me shouts out,
I had to turn around to make sure he wasn't rreading over my shoulder !!!
He means aluminum bar, of course, not flaming wicks or such ...

Pulls errant "r" from post, before Annie busts me for happy fingers ...

True story-My son used to sleepwalk as a child, often when he had to go to the bathroom. We would be downstairs watching TV, and Sam would walk past us, stand in the middle of the kitchen, and pull down his PJ pants. We would guide him to the bathroom, no accidents, and put him back to bed. He also often slept with his eyes open. CREEPY!! He was clumsy when awake on our curved steps, never fell when he was asleep. He stopped when we moved out of Philly in '94, thank heavens. We moved out to the country by a creek and state park.

I bet he could catch a wad of paper between those cheeks!

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