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October 26, 2007


Damon Guppy

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who will NOT REST until this item gets blogged)


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ellie dressed Tipton as a torn Band-Aid? That's just sick!

Must be Homecoming or something tonight. Talk about stupid - despite going thru a thoroughly hellish week of fire, stress, and potential evacuations, the local high school just launched a huge bundle of professional grade fireworks.

Not so fun.

I love that you went as White and Nerdy. That's still one of my favorite costume concepts EVER!!

Thanks, DD. We are, as I've said, incredibly freakin' nerdy. We even had the nano iPod with the tiny speaker playing the song when we entered the room. Most people didn't get it. It's not as much fun when you have to explain the joke.

Annie--who in their right minds would set off fireworks in the middle of a FIRE?

I don't think we're in Kansas, anymore!

Geez, Annie. Well, look on the bright side. Maybe they'll be Darwin award candidates when all is said and done.


Yeah, he's too fat to be a good hot dog...he's Kosher, BTW.

Wyo - I should ask pete if he'd mind my submitting a photo of the two of us. We got to meet for lunch a couple weeks ago. He's a really nice guy and gives EEEEXXXCELLENT hugs!

Wouldn't the school administrators be held accountable for arson if one of their pyrotechnics started a major fire? Somebody needs to slap the hell out of whoever green lighted that fiasco.

*snork* @ ellie's kosher foot-long

Ah, the Oz jokes are never ending. I suppose I asked for it. Shoulda cropped the photo some, though.

Snork @ CJ and ellie. Cute doggie.

A friend dressed up as an Italian gondolier. He added black sunglasses and went as a Venetian blind.

*flaps back in*

Yay, ellie, Tipton, and Auntie M!

*Snork* @ CJ's costume!

Annie, WTFBBQ, iykwim.

My oldest son once went as a lego. He wore a box with tops from Quaker Oat Meal cans attached.

Doc - no kidding. It rattled a lot of people's nerves. Although my labrador wanted to go 'fetch the birdies.' She was really mad when I wouldn't let her go. She's still sitting by the front door whining to go hunting.

*groans at really bad pun*

Had a friend who wore a pre-made costume, the Chick Magnet. Not as original, but still a bad pun.

*Snork* @ Annie

OK, the Venetian blind is also excellent.

jd - easy on the bbq jokes just yet. Some soon-to-be-murtilized sonuvagnome put me on an email sp@m list for "Cattlemen's BBQ Sauce." Har-de-har, whoever you are.

I couldn't come up with a costume for a big party back in '91 and everyone was expecting something great. At the last second I went through my parents house and found the big, black trash bags used for bagging leaves. Light bulb went off. I cut holes for the legs and arms in it and went as "white trash". Lousiest costume I ever used, but it got big laughs. My friends back then were a little Beavis and Buttheadish.

I always liked Meg Ryan's "Freudian Slip" in DOA. anybody remember that?

I took my kid to a costume store last week. Wish they had put a sign up or somethin' before the 'adult' costumes. Turned the corner and *wham!* condom man and various costumes of 'naughty bits'. Had to do the "Hey look, a baby deer!" point, and head in the other direction... yikes.

Doc-"white trash" is pretty good for on the fly. I'd get in trouble for that around here, though. I'm going to a costume party tomorrow night. Think I'll be goth chick again. I'll send a picture by Sunday. The black wig will freak you out!

The "Freudian Slip" is a classic, Wyo. Always will be, too.

When I was a kid, my parents were planning to go to a costume party where the theme was song titles. My dad was absently listing all the things he had in the garage that might be used...including several transparent plastic dropcloths.
I (a snarky little pre-bloggette even at 10) suggested they use those, and go as "I'll Be Seeing You In All The Old Familiar Places.")
They released me from my room in time for high school.

Honest truth, the year before I was just over the thong bathing suits which, back then, were called 'T-Backs.' It was good enough for Guavaween (this weekend!)

So I'm with a crowd, walking through Ybor, and somebody got it. He saw what I was wearing (a 'T' carved in foam) and said, "Hey, T-back!," in a Brooklynn accent. He got it, so I looked... "Yeah, you... T-Back. I'm F&ckin A!!," he said, carrying one half of a traffic barricade he had obviously stolen on the way in from the parking lots.

Annie, that's just rotten. Hope the wisenheimer gets a bunch of tricks, and no treats, for Halloween.

You KNOW you and the other So Cal crew are still in my prayers!

Annie's Fino

The on-the-fly costumes do seem to work just as well as the elaborate ones, if you don't have to explain them to people.

I second the hugs to So Cal people. Still shaking my head that someone would be so stupid.

OK, the white trash costume is a winner.

Auntie M, I went to one Halloween party long ago where two young women came dressed similarly, but the top half of one's costume matched the bottom half of the other's, and vice versa. They had concocted an elaborate story about searching for the magician who had sawed them both in half, and then put the wrong halves back together. Clever, but way too much 'splaining. Especially after several beers.

Annie! Fino is so cute!

Time get to bed. 'Nite all. And thanks Wyo, for postin' me pics. :)

All you So Cals stay safe.

Ducky--That's WAY too complicated. White and Nerdy was a little complex, but we had the song right there so people could hear it. Made it easier. The Weird Al fans just laughed their butts off.

I wonder what a costume company would charge you if they made a "white trash" costume? Or any of the other ones people made with cheap materials?

Opera's not all bad!

Auntie, I'm a huge fan of Al's White & Nerdy! And constume companies would charge 1 arm and 2 legs for a trashbag, I'll bet.

Doc Rick had it right (for once) - the fireworks were a scheduled event - just like 4th of July fireworks. I'm talkin' Dizney sparkle-sky boom-booms. When I first heard them, I thought a fire had blown up a gas station or something. Horrible sound when you're stressed.
I gotta go walk my dog to show her that there are no birdies to retrieve. She thinks it was gunfire and she wants to go, go, go. Knucklehead. Later.

I'm off to bed too, keep the pix comin', an' I'll post the new ones in the morning.

(You're all welcome, my pleasure, I'm sure.)

Nice costume, DD. Was it for an opera, or an actual costume? Around here, we do an Operafest where the singers get to dress up. I don't sing well enough to do it, but I have a friend who's really into it. She's always showing up in cool outfits.

Thank you, Wyo. Glad I'm finally up on the blogger list. I'll send photos of me as Goth Chick. Not sure whether you'll get to see my other tattoo in the new pics.

Auntie M, we don't call her DeskDiva for nothin'. She is a bona-fide opera singer.

Nighty-night, Wyo! Sweet dreams!

Ducky--I'd caught that DD did opera. Just wasn't sure if this was an opera costume used for a Halloween costume, vice versa, or none of the above. So hard to know. I've use Ren Faire outfits for Ren Faires and Halloween both.

Annie, you and your pup be careful. Hope you have a good night.

Auntie, I believe that was opera (Aida) rather than Halloween. Diva? Is that right?

Auntie M - This was the costume I had last month when we did Aida at the KC Lyric. Our wig gal is just spectacular. She ALWAYS makes mine look gorgeous.

Right on the money, Ducks!

Fino looks like a star with those glasses. :) What a beauty.

Ah, you have the professional opera stuff going on. The Operafest thing here is very amateur. My friends do their own hair and makeup. Very nice costume you had there, in case I didn't say.

Thanks! That's one of the better things I've had the privilege of wearing. Sadly, you couldn't see the shiny blue/pink harem pants, but the duster over the top was the best part. I did my own makeup, though. We were harem girls and had to look the part.

Yeah, my one friend who does the Operafest and belly dance has to coach the noobs on the makeup. "You have to go all the way to 'wh0re'", she says. "They never want to put on enough."

And yes, I do the pro stuff here - I don't audition in NYC because I do NOT want to live my life out of suitcases. I need to feel settled in my own home, but you really cannot make a living singing opera in Kansas City. It's supplementary at best, because they generally don't pick hometown singers for principle roles.

Exactly, Auntie! The young ones put on basic makeup and it's like - Honey, they have to see you from 100 feet away - not across the dinner table. Criminey. They all feel they look like whores and the rest of us are like, "darker, dearie!"

On the bright side, if you lived in NYC, you'd be one of a million singer-actor-waiters. At least you have some stability in KC.

Levels of makeup:

Innocent young thing
Fresh-faced country miss
Career woman
Evening formal
Working girl, iykwim
Stage actress
Aging actress
Michael Jackson

snork @ Ducky. I'd like to think I fall somewhere around "career woman".

Michael Jackson.... Haven't thought about him in the last few weeks. I'll probably have nightmares now.

Pssst, Ducky, don't forget Tammy Faye Bakker/Messner

I think she'd have been up there with Michael...

DD, you are a beautiful Diva!


*spits perfectly good Miller Lite all over keyboard and monitor* Very nice Ducky!

Awww! THANK you, ellie!!! *SMOOOOOOCH!!*

ellie, I'd really like to forget, if it's ok with you. ;-)
Nighty-night! Don't forget to close your door!

Thanks, Doc. Sorry about your keyboard & monitor.

*hands Doc a couple of blogbar towels*

OK, I don't know what the plan will be for tomorrow, but I'm running off now to get in line....

'Night, CJ! Have fun tomorrow, and tell us all about it!

Nite, CJ. :)

And I still wanna be "fresh-faced country miss."

Diva, no doubt you are, offstage.

Do you have to carry milk or anything weird like that as part of the "country miss" makeup procedure? I can't go that low on Ducky's scale, or I don't have any eyes. Seriously, they disappear. I keep trying to get my hubby to give me his eyelashes, but he won't.

Milk is optional, Auntie M. And isn't it so true that men tend to have the longest eyelashes?

And on that note, it's time for me to flap off to bed. Nighty-night, y'all. Sweet dreams!

Yep, Ducky. My man has the greatest eyelashes, and they're wasted on him. I could make better use of them, but he refuses to share.

Nighty night, Ducky. I need to go to bed, too. I had a long day.

Good night!

Thanks Ducky! I have a tiny yip dog that's good for lapping most spills up, but I think dog saliva on my keyboard is a bit far. Plus the whole alcohol thing.

Night, Ducky and Auntie M!!

LTTG, as usual. Welcome, all you gorgeous bloglits. Wyo's page is gettin' pertier by the minute.

BTW - for all waiters, everywhere. Did you know that if you inadvertently take the receipt that you signed and totalled, the server does not get paid? Major bummer..... that. is. all.

Wow, I wonder if that same concept would work on the docs, lawyers, bills, etc? Maybe I should apply for a grant to study it. tehehehe.

Ouch, Med. :( I'm so sorry. That really sucks. I have done that before by accident, but I brought it back to the restaurant when I noticed it. I hope they will do the same.

Morning, Mr. Brog, SB, and bloglits! I finally have a day off!

Off to the doclings' respective sports endeavors!!

gee, thanks for rubbin' it in, ddd. I don't but before I go, here're three more.

Gee, sorry for all the trouble and here I was not even here to see it.

Actually, I sent in the article and then noticed the name of the author so wrote back to give Dave that little extra incentive.

Annie, I told you not to mention that costume.

(LTTG but nobody else came up with it)

Damon Guppy's colleague Damon Grunion has an excellent article with recipes for late-night beachside cookouts coming up in tomorrow's edition.

(Extry points to West Coast Geezer Bus passengers on this one)

LTTG too:

Welcome to Alfred, ellie and AuntiM!! great pictures and bios.

Wyo, again...great job on both pages ;-)

Those are some vewwwy scawwwy peoople....


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