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October 26, 2007


Damon Guppy

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who will NOT REST until this item gets blogged)


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"Workers said another croc, as big as 3m".
D@mn, 3M® is huge. I think they own the entire state of Minnesota.

*Igloo claims Hat trick.*
Cheated, but Hat trick nonetheless.

I am going to have nightmares...

uh..lemme guess. Jeff threatened to sing every Jimmy Buffett song ever recorded...twice??? While dressed as a pink mummy fairy princess?

Siouxie - you were NOT supposed to blab about his princess costume. You're gonna make him cry again.

Does that croc have a beer bottle in his mouth, or am I just happy it's Friday?

"...if it becomes a threat." IF?????????????


I'm amazed he can fit into it after all these years.

The croc sat on the bank as onlookers gathered at the Fearnley St drain in the centre of Cairns city, before sliding back into the water

Crocodiles can sit?

They also can do a pretty decent 'roll over.' Warning - not for the squeamish or the Amish.

The Squeamish Amish WBAGNFARB.

only if the intro group is 'Sarcastically Unemployed.'

Hehe! I'd be a great lead guitarist, I can promise ya that. Air guitar of course since I can't afford a real one. Still....

They're gonna flock around the croc tonight!

*snork* @ iggy!

you shoulda seen the one that got away!

btw, welcome gjd.

There there Jeff. You may now rest in peace.


Well put and quite creepy, casey.

missed you, casey, nice to "see" you again.

Thank you, Mr. Wyo Cowoby, sir. :-)

Please, don't call me "sir." I work for a living.

Alright. I know you all are getting tired of my and my never-ending Bot battles today, BUT has anyone else ever been Botted twice for one post? Paranoia is setting in.

nope....just you....hehehe....

Wyo, read it with a proper southern drawl. I can talk it, but I can't type it.


it has been suggested by one who shall remain nameless ('cause I don' wanna embarrass Annie), that I collect pix of bloggers in costume. She This unnamed individual says, "'Dave Barry's Guide to Disguises.' Or 'Guess the Blog Guise.'"

so what do you all think?

gjd- I have been botted 3-4 times at one post. So relax, your in strange company.

I KNEW IT! You're all a part of the plot aren't you? Even the nice ice cream vendor I was talking to this morning...though why an ice cream vendor gave me a jacket with really long sleeves that tie in back, I don't know.

Wyo-Sounds cool. Can I dress up as Ichiro?

gjd - lovely photo! The bot used to do that to me, too.

Al, you can be anybody you want, but I need pix quick, as there's not a lot of time. (you should follow gjd's example, and join the reg'ler blogger's page too, Al.)

Blasted BOT bugs us all. a lot.

Wyo- I would, but every time I check your site, I can't find the email address link.

the page now exists, we're open for submissions.

*hopes Walter might participate!*

Thank you, Alfred. You have just saved Mr. gjd from having to listen to me yell at my computer.

Unless Annie just told you to tell me that to make me think that it wasn't only me...

Al, go here and click on "email me."

Thank you, DD! Hmmm...a page of us in disguise. Since the pic. I submitted to the regular site is not anything like what I look like on a regular day, maybe I should be disguised by sharing a picture of what I actually look like.


Somewhere in my brain, that made sense.

Wyo, do we submit via your e-mail like the regular page?

another brain sucked out by the blog.

LOL, gjd, I get your logic. :)

Wyo - I don't know if I'll have any pics to send you, but I'll try! PS - that's a GREAT one of you to start with. :)

yes, same address.

Somebody had their brain sucked out by the blog?

*looks around*


I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in....

I take it Jeff is now resting.

Praise the Lord!!!

Here's another...

Somebody had their brain sucked out by the blog?

*looks around*


Could it be the person who used the back button and ended up posting the same thing twice?

*tries to look innocent and reasonably sane*

gjd....you're scaring us...more than usual.

Yay, Walter!! :)

gjd - apparently it happened twice.

... and another

gjd!! welcome to the booger page!! awesome photo ;-)

nice to "see" ya ...finally!!! I'll have to dig up a Halloween pic this weekend.

Thank you, Sioux!

Nice page graphics, Wyo....

It's always good to see women in corsets.

amen to that, Al!!!

*flaps in for a moment*

Wyoooooo! What a fun page! The girlduckling dressed up as Santa Claus one year for Halloween. It was a big hit!

Someone's brain was sucked out by the Blog
I don't think that I can make it
'Cause it's much to hard to fake it
And I think I maybe drank way too much Grog
Oh, no!

*flaps a welcome to gjd* It's nice to see you on the most wanted blogger's list!

Someone left CJ out in the rain...

*sings, "Another One Bites the Dust."*

Hey, welcome, Alfred!!

And MY what a nice sword you have!! ;-)

*waits for Ducky's submission*

(like Ducky ever is submissive to any one other than MR. Ducky.)

What are we submitting to? If it involves Siouxie and the hot wax, I'll pass.

Al/Wyo... wasn't that the Halloween shot?

Annie! I know, you warned me, but geezey crezy! My ex is terrified of crocs. Gotta go, gotta send him a special email...

Doc, for over a year I've collected bloggers photos here.

and tonight Annie suggested we start another page of us in costumes, here.

you can make submissions by emailing me from this link.

*snork* @ Diva.

Fun pic, Alfred.

Although I hope you will not be hoist by your own petard

Said the canard

Quoting the bard.

Wyo, I think Mr. Ducky would laugh his bill off at the idea of me being "submissive." ;-) Good thing we rarely disagree.

Unfortunately, we ducks haven't dressed up for Halloween in a very long time, so I don't know if I have anything to contribute to the new page.

And speaking of Mr. Ducky, he wishes to quack at me, and I, being a dutiful duck (smirk), must flap off for awhile to quack with him. But I'll be back (said in a terrific Ahnold voice).

See ya later, ellie-gator.

that's called submission.

I don't think the bloggers'd object to seein' a duckling as S. Clause, btw.

My brother sent that too me as a present.

I have another picture of me pulling out my sword, and in the background is my Russian flag.

Hm. You've got a blog, you oughta post it!

in the immortal words of Just Ducky, "I'll be back."

Ducky just went immortal. Thank goodness I have a sword.

Guess the reference.


I guess that makes everyone feel safer.

Everybody duck! ASF is pulling out his sword!!

And proud of it.

Nice fedora, Alf. ;-)

Apparently my sword is scary?

I have heard that you should always have a hat on when you're pulling out your sword.

It keeps everyone happy.

About to leave to a party.
Everyone be happy!

You, too, Alfred!! Have fun!

Why would you need a hat on when pulling out your sword? I mean, it has the potential for dangerous implications, but if you pull it out at the right time your usually safe.

*SNORK* Is that the advice you give your son, Doc (or should I say Grampa?)?

He knows about keeping his sword properly sheathed Meanie. He's sees the end result of poor sword play every day when his brother runs by.

Sometimes we learn the hard way, eh?


Finally, a foto of the elusive Alfred!

WTG, Alfred! (And recurring thx to Wyo for the page(s) ... (costume foto may be on the way in a day or so ... if I can still find the costume ...)

*SNORK* @ Doc's boys!!

Welcome to ellie.

An who can resist a good cigar?

Dang, Meanie - I always knew you were ssssssssmokin'!! ;-)


ellie - welcome, Sister! Nice photo!

Hmmm. Not much chance of me having a digital photo of me in a costume. Last time I wore a costume, I was in a nice dark suit with a Bill Clinton head mask, and had viscera spilling out of my white shirt... I had gone as Clinton and Gore in October of 1992.

That's scary, CJ.

Snork @ CJ. Sounds like a great costume. Find that picture, man!

CJ - I knew I loved you!! That's a friggin' BRILLIANT costume!

My friend Dan is one of those who comes up with great costumes, too. He's gone as Mr. Right (painted his entire left side and the left half of his clothes black), and a Lincoln penny - his whole family bears a STRIKING resemblance to old Abe. He covered a hula hoop with copper paper and used his own painted head as Lincoln. Great costume.

Betcha can't guess who this is!

Yes, ellie, Tipton counts.

Why is Bette Middler standing next to a nerd in a kitchen?

Thanks, man. My nickname in high school was "Bette Luck" because I look like a cross between Bette Midler and Lady Luck, a popular Virginia Lottery commercial character. I just sent Wyo a recent photo and my bio, so you can see what I really look like!

Yea me! Yea Tipton! Thanks Wyo!

Oh, and the nerd is my husband, who's not that nerdy in real life. Just sort of nerdy. If you don't get the reference, it's a play off of Weird Al Yankovic's song, "White and Nerdy". I love Weird Al!

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