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October 08, 2007


(Thanks, again, to Siouxie)


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That guy's gut is big enough to support a rather protracted hunger strike.

He looks like the type who'll sit at the roulette wheel for hours, betting on Green 0 or Green 00.

He could just come to the casinos in America, and then swear in Romanian to his hearts content, and no one would know. Wala, problem solved.


Let me guess...he's single right??

Oh, goodie - grown-up temper tantrum.

If he keeps this up, he'll be hungarian.
Greva foamei=roulette hunger strike?

I agree with Chris; he could use a protracted diet strike.

Guess this genius doesn't know the rule of independent events which applies to roulette/lotteries/dice. Moron.

Odds are he won't even make it.

That would never happen here at the Geezer Miccosukee Bingo. Those old ladies are vicious and probably just as loud as this guy.

But they're (not their) also deaf, Siouxie, so don't give a sh!t.

Will the ca$ino quote odds on the hunger strike?

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!!*

Jeff, those geezers crank up their hearing aids cuz they don't wanna miss the numbers called.

I can relate. I have been on a Wheel of Fortune hunger strike ever since Vanna'a so-called makeover.

is his will bigger than his waist is the question

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!!*

Welcome back! Are you going to be part of the nude photo shoot at the Sagamore Hotel today?

I agree with the c@sino, I don't want to be disturbed when I'm losing money.

croupier: Place your bets.

(spins wheel)

Ioan: What kind of limp-wristed spin was that? I've seen little girl gymnasts who aren't on steroids spin better than that!

croupier: sorry sir, you lose.

Ioan: Again! This place is crookeder than Ceaucescu's corpse after the firing squad got to it!

croupier: place your bets (spins again)

Ioan: My mother spins better than that and she's been undead for thirty years!

croupier: sorry sir, you lose.

Ioan: That's it! I've had it with this place with its pastrami-wristed croupiers, and lack of toppings in the potato-bar! I am on a hunger strike!

croupier (to friend):There goes our best customer...

Thanks, Hammie!

Nope, can't be there...gotta work ;-) I'm sure all the other beautiful people of Miami will represent.

Joan of Arc and Martin Luther King would be so proud

Ramon Saul Sanchez moved to Romania?

*Waves @ Hammie assuming he's still around!!!*

*Waves @ DD!!!!!* (Assuming she's still around, too)

He seems to be a person that needs to go on an alcohol strike as well.

I mean really

Coupier: you lost sir
Guy: Futu-ti norocul matii! your cheating!

Its amazing what you can find in an internet search.

Oh yeah, Here

A bit surprising. The language is pretty easy to figure out if you have had some spanish and german classes.

*SNORK* @ vladias. Maybe if he just lightened up on the Bulgarity?

Still, here, Hammie...periodically.

*snork* @ meanie!



Would you prefer yours or mine?

Why that's positively unAmerican...wait...he's in Romania.


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