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October 27, 2007


There's a cooter crisis in Citrus County.

Key Quote: "Cooters. They all look the same. So I had no idea that there was a difference."

(Thanks to Mary King)


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You definitely do not want to mess with the wrong cooter. And apparently the first to say it!

I thought Cooter was a mechanic for the Duke boys. How wrong can a guy be.

It makes sense that in Citrus County, where it gets too cold to raise citrus, they have a shortage of real Cooters for the Cooter Race. Somehow.

Cooters, she said, they all look the same.

Uh, I'll take your word for it.

Only the yellow bellied cooter can be in the competiton. Somehow, that makes as much sense as anything else there...

Just remember:

You can yell at your cooter but don't touch it!

Can you eat cooter?


ISTIT, I just read a book about Florida cooters, this week. I feel lucky now.

They should put a hare or whatever kind of lagomorph is native to that part of Florida in the race just to see what happens.

Isn't playing with your 'cooter' considered a sin by some religions?

I wonder what you're actually getting when you order a "plate of"wings" at Cooters?

It's wrong to touch your cooter???

"I picked the meanest cooter, the one that snapped at me". Snapping cooter? oooooohh....

Red-Eared Cooters WBAGNFARB

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