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October 26, 2007


Take off your panties.

(Thanks to Liz Headland)


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Panties? Can't help, sorry.

If I had a nickel for every time contact with a woman's underwear had robbed me of my powers...

"We are sending [the generals] panties as a symbol of putting their power down"

Sending me panties is generally a symbol of putting my power up.

the thugs who control all the Burmese
see panties and then get the squirmies
said they "we've got fears
they might come from Spears.
Superstition be damned! It's the germies!"

Panty Power!

They only want us for our vital juices!

Dave, maybe you can get the Panty Power Party (GNFARB) to join your campaign?

will they take thongs?

Siouxie, yes, works as a slingshot. Much easier to get over the gates of the embassy!


An appeal to any women, freedom loving or not, who are concerned about damn near anything...

Take off your panties.

*readies handcuffs*

Dibs on the non-freedom loving ones blurk.

*smacks self for Annie*

comfy granny panties sexy thong, coming your way.

Guess this rules out ladies who go commando?


Another appeal to women, specifically those who go commando...

Take off your bras.


*SMACKS* blurk!

that. is. all.

you're welcome, Annie.

*sligns thongs @ blurk & fivver*

*pokes them in the eyes*

you're right, ellie!

I had a feelin' that was comin'.

What took ya so long, Sioux?

While I feel for the people in Burma, there's nothing I can do to help them.

slow reflexes this mornin', blurk. I'm coffee'd up now.

The generals are really shook up and crying about this massive demonstration. You can hear them now -- sniff, sniff.

I was so prepared to think that was going to be something lame, but damn it that isn't a brilliant plan! I just wish they could get video of those guys opening the panty packages (Which WBAGNFARB) and freaking out. Bwahahah!

Beware! Quote from a response to the article:

From huwboo: did anyone ever think the the whole myth of these people being afraid of women's panties might be a ploy to get people to send them women's underwear because they are all really sick underwear loving bastards?

exactly Scott, that's why i think sending sanitary napkins or Tampons would be better.

Should they be u... Nah, I can't ask, ww. I was gonna but, no, I just can't ask...

i'm thinking that used ones would be more effective.

wicked, I thought about it and thought it too gross to post. I agree. I like your warped mind.

*whew* I didn't have to ask! Thanks, ww and Siouxie!

after seeing a guy catch a paper wad with his butt cheeks, used tampons are not that bad.

*SNORK!! AAAAALL the way up there at casey!!*

*things a thong at the embathy*

What you weren't talking about a therenade?

Burma Myanmar currently has no ambassador to Washington, according to sources close to our government. But they do have an Embassy in DC.

if i'm going without panties, wouldn't i need a burma shave?

Thanks, Siouxie & fivver for the smackin'. Where have I been all day? Missed this thread.
btw, blurkie, the term is 'debraify.' Duh.

Actually, women's panties have cost me many a dollar. First, it was the "wife from hell". Next, the "hit and run" wannabe mother. Ya gotta watch out for them panties. They'll really rob ya.


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