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September 25, 2007


Snake Head 'n' Beans

(Thanks to ubetcha)


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Oh, yuk! What is it with all the gross food stuff today?

*may never eat breakfast*

Yes, but did it taste like chicken? And, where's the rest of the snake?

Frog tacos make more sense.

Oh my, I'm suffering mental anguish from just reading the article. Can I join in the lawsuit lottery court case?

I smell a set up.

*wondering what I can chop up and stick in a can of soup*

Weren't they a comedy team back in the 30's?

Sue the pants off 'em. If they can't keep beans out of a can of snake head, they shouldn't be in the business.

gift with purchase?

got snake head 'n beans
you know what i mean
projectile vomiting
like you never seen
got meat in the kitchen
a bird on the grill
a bass in the blender
wanna eat what i kill

but you know it's rare - aw, you know what i mean
i ain't never seen a can beans winkin' at me

got frogs in my salad
and e-coli too
got monkeys in marinade
gettin' ready for you
i got kittens in aspic
just a jigglin' on the shelf
when i opened up them beans
i nearly p1ssed myself

but you know it's rare - aw, you know what i mean
i ain't never seen a can beans winkin' at me

mud!! I've missed your snake prose!

*wondering what I can chop up and stick in a can of soup*
Siouxie - the last 4 threads might give you some ideas.

I sent that one too. Key line:

"It was ... yuck, it was really yuck," she said. "It was gross."

No sh!t, Sherlock.

Maybe that's what the Swedish game show host had for lunch that day.

Yes, cg. It was a can of Cracker Jack beans.

Snakes on a plate.
(can we still say that?)

hmmm Annie, you're right... frank & beans

Frank? The snake's name was 'Frank?'

So, what kind of snake? Garter? Rattler? Trouser?

snake heads, snake heads,
chewy gooey snake heads,
eat 'em up, eat 'em up, yum!

snork @ mudstuffin and cg

Thanks for that story Dave. You were this close to making me look like that Swedish gal*.

*As in vomiting. Being a man, I think actually looking like her would be embarrassing.

EG - you could do worse. In fact, you probably have.

belated 'snork' to crossgirl for 'gift with purchase.'
Who's coordinating the betting pool re:time it takes to hire attorney for 'ew/gross/yuk negligence'?

There's not enough ketchup in the world....

There's not enough chocolate in the world....
There's not enough cute guys in the world.... There's not enough chocolate-covered cute guys in the world....

agrees whole heatedly with annie!

'whole heatedly' - Freudian slip or is it getting hot in here?

Snakehead & beans? What's wrong with that?

Oh wait, I thought you meant href="http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:H3Pma7SzIJVuPM:www.cqj.dk/Fotos/CQJ-Snakehead.JPG">snakehead
fish. Delicious with beans, but make sure you remove all the teeth when cleaning.

*joins the gals in agreement*

There's not enough shoes OR chocolate-covered shoes in the world, even.

(and now, a properly previewed post)

Snakehead & beans? What's wrong with that?

Oh wait, I thought you meant snakehead fish. Delicious with beans, but make sure you remove all the teeth when cleaning.

nah, annie, that was exactly what i meant. just the thought of cute chocolate covered guys warmed me right up.

One order of fondue coming right up.

They should have to pay extra for that treat.

CJ - you should have to pay extra to watch.
sw - yeah, we got that.

OT alert- the way the writing has been going, I'm not surprised to hear that Kiefer's been taking driving lessons from Blitney.
Key (imagined) quote - "If only they'd hire Amazing Steve the 24 Guy to write for me, I wouldn't drink and drive!"

SW - I got the skewer, you got the meat?

Neighbor, how long has it been since you've had a thick, steamin' bowl of snakehead 'n' beans?

Well, that's too long.


Clearly he failed to establish an appropriate perimeter...

cj, you talking about chocolatey men or snakes n beans?

cg - I think he meant trouser snakes and cocoa beans.

"Oh, yuck! We're RICH!"

*snakeork* @ CH*

From the shoulders of the jolly
(Ho Ho Ho)....

"It was ... yuck, it was really yuck," she said. "It was gross."

Such eloquence brings a tear to my eye.

rt - It's Indiana - that's about as eloquent as it's gonna get.

Annie, seriously, every day I grade papers written like that. Then I give them passing grades. Then I a)cry; and b)drink heavily.

wow, random...that like totally sux!

*hair flip*

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR been doing actual work today. Please carry on.

Poor rt - I figured some alcoholicdespondent teachers would be on this site.
Last night my 8-year-old had to write sentences using his spelling words. I asked him to be a little more creative. One of his words was 'peek,' as in- "A weirdo peeked in my window while I was having nudie time."


Annie, I shall stay quiet, this time ;-P

Because I enjoy living.

AWBH, what is the current amount of nudie time allowed in your household?

Hammie, that depends on whether the kids are there or not.

and do you schedule nudie time? is it a reward or a punishment? oh, so many questions!

That's nothing. When I was at Penn State, there was a student who found half a mouse in her spinach.

When I was at Drexel, a student found a big cockroach between pancakes. He showed it to the cashier, and she said, "it's a big one, isn't it?"

did the perv say "Howdy! Nudie Time!"

No insom, the perv said, "Nudie? HOWDY TIME!!"

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

*waves @ blurk from a distance, wearing hazmat suit*

how ya feeling????

Sioux, like a bag of beat up @ssh0les.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

lol, interesting visual.

that bad, huh??

Yeah, but by some miracle of fate the clinic here on base actually had an appointment today that I was able to get. Hopefully, I'll see the doc and then be able to go home.

*will send you Annie a special nurse to take care of you*

I'm sure you'll need a sponge bath..for starters ;-)

Seriously, you had to wait till today??? sheesh...make sure you cough/hug/sneeze at your commanding officers before you go ;-)

That's generally not a good thing to your commander.

I'm kinda partial to the number of stripes I currently wear on my sleeve.

I hear ya, blurkie. Gotta take care of those stripes.

We're gonna need a bigger can.

wait! we're AmeriCANS! We have the biggest cans on the planet!

And these, too.

And these stripes, too.

Okay - one more.

Ok, that last one...somebody feed that woman some biscuits and gravy STAT!

AWbh - How many sites did you have to visit to find those shoes that even a blind transvestite wouldn't wear?

I promise, last one!

I think I arrested that guy, Sioux.

And ww, I agree. Them are gawdawful fugly.

ww - they make your legs look great by contrast.

AWbh - unfortunately, not even those shoes could help my legs.

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