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September 24, 2007


Well, don't click on this.

(Thanks to fivver)


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WOOHOO, fivver!! Love it twice!

YAY fivver!!!


Just seeing Flava Flav does it for me.

everyone needs to spew sometime.

Plots on "24" from last season got me upchucking.

I think I just saw a light bulb go off over Rosie's head.

"A result of menstrual pain?" Cowgirl up, chiquita. I once put a customer on hold to go barf. It was the customer's fault, so I figured they could wait.

I think I just saw a combover flip up over the Donald's head.

TV host pukes on camera. Phlegm at 11.

Good one, SW!

lol Stevie..eewwwwie

Everybody have fun tonight
Everybody upchuck tonight

*Throws cottage cheese lunch in the trash.*


Poor guy, barely says hello and she's bazooka barfing. *if I only had a nickel...*

I wuz wonderin' why she din't direct the spewage into that opening on the front of her dress ... but as I watched it, I realized ... um ... that wuz perty quick ...

So, did NEbuddy notice that it happened as soon as she patted herself on the butt?

OK, then it wuz merely me ...

That was simply BRILLIANT! Listening to her explain after she came back on camera was HILARIOUS. (Yeah, min Svensk was good enough to catch some of what she was saying...)

Translation, CH?

wasn't she on Projectile Runway?

It did rather look like it took her by surprise. I was thinking she was a) having morning sickness or b) a raging hangover.

I'd like to buy a towel, Pat.

*snork* @ insom.

"I'd like to buy a bowl."

Whoa, meanie - yours was better, though. You must watch more game shows than I do. ;p

I think Alex Trebek did this all the time, he just swallowed it.....

Pat Sajak had the advantage of "Quick! Cut to Vanna!"....

"I only have eyes for spew!"

*spewwwwwsnorks* @ insom, Meanie and Annie


Wouldn't this be great?? Have her sit in front of Admadinejg Amadeus Ahmadigeno Iran's prez and aim the projectile vomit right at him while he speaks?

Annie, as you know, I'm much more partial to the old games shows, especially:

To Expel The Truth
What's My Lunch?
I've Got a Secretion

I don't think it was menstrual cramps. She's much too perky and not bloated enough. I say hangover.

What do the letters on the left side of the screen mean??

LMA= Laughing My Ass(off)

SOT= Since Ogling Tape

OPG= Of Puking Girl

??? Just guessing

I don't think it was menstrual cramps. She's much too perky and not bloated enough. I say hangover.

Me too. And I have seen a lot of hangovers. I don't drink myself, but everyone else does.

EG, the Pamprin Expert.

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