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September 28, 2007


It's good for accordions.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Yaabut what about the concertinas?

Awright! I see a Gary Lewis and the Playboys reunion tour being planned as we speak!! Count me in!!


It's always about you isn't it?


well now i have a great reason to keep right on smoking. smoking - no accordians, no smoking - accordians. I can see a rise in smoking rates in the near future.

Yes, but when the smoke clears, you'll be able to see how unattractive some of the women are.

I can't wait for Manilow's upcoming remake of "Lady of Spain."

Anecdotal evidence had suggested that accordions subjected to heavy smoke collected particles inside, much like a person's lungs would.

I'm willing to perform the autopsy to get real, non-anecdotal evidence. Siouxie - can I borrow your machete?

That Gary Lewis and The Playboys brought back some memories. The LP was Emerald Green. Considering Hugh hefner was hosting Playboy After dark around the same time, I could figure in the Playboys part. Gary lewis evolved into jery lewis' brother. Look what Playboy After dark has evolved into.

*zips in*™

*lights a cigarette and contemplates this article*

*snicker* @ El.

Chris, or course you may. I have a mini machete for just those types of "procedures".

I'm about to chop something myself...so friggin busy here at work.


Little known fact: Accordionng to extensive research, smokers who listened to accordion music were found to have a highly elevated incidence of lung cancer and emphysema. Obviously, accordions must be banned.

I say we ban the lungs too...why not?

In America, that's what you call a "Catch 22".

Oops, El - that was me snickerin' atcha!

*joins El in lightin' a smoke*

Somewhere, an accordian just died.

You're welcome.

Thanks Siouxie, but I found an ax already.

Bumper sticker outside an Irish pub:

"Pro-Accordion -- AND I VOTE!"

Also, sorta like bagpipes vs. uillann pipes, Irish accordions are much less obnoxious than the "Lady of Spain" Lawrence Welky-type monstrosities. These are more the cute little squeeze-box types. Pull out one of the big ones in an Irish bar and someone will use it as a barstool.

Hey blurk! I hear you're feeling a bit better??

Sioux, if I were any better I'd swell up and explode!

Ok, maybe not that good...but better.

padraig is correct. I've seen it my own self over there. And you get the weirdest wrinkles from sitting on an accordion. Who cares, though - Guinness on tap!!

Accordion playing is not a felony in all states. It should be.

Dave, I have a new plank for the party platform.

*Belated wave @ Siouxie!!!!*

Any more planks, Hammie, and we'll be able to build a whole deck! ;-)

Yes, but with this we can save lives!

Did someone say Guiness?

Hey, now - uillann pipes aren't bad at all. It's those darn Scots - they ruin everything.

Good for accordian? We report, you decide.

(I've decided).

Annie, can I trade titles??

take 2

hey LOL


Siouxie - No. That's an order. We need you to keep up the funny business. Lord knows jeffy's snot pulling his weight. Somebody's gotta do it. ;)

Meanie - I could not take more than a few seconds of that. Normally I like accordion - when used properly - say in an Italian restaurant, played slowly and delicately.

Yes, your Heinyness...

Meanie, that was almost painful.

*SNORK @ Siouxie!*

Maith a chalainn, Annie mo chroi. Na accordions Eirisc go maith, agus ta tu go ro-hiontach!*

* Good girl, Annie my dear. Irish accordions are good, and you are too beautiful!

...and the Schmenge Brothers breathe a deep, albeit raspy, sigh of relief.

I would like to point out to This Blog that the last time I saw an accordian played and the last time I saw the RBRs was, well, the same!

So This Blog inflicted second hand accordian on his audience!

*lemony snickers*

I remember that CJ!! he was awesomely funny too LOL

*Goes down to the 7-11 to buy first pack of Marlboro Reds in 2 years*

I can quit again but I must stop the accordians.

padraig - thanks - heard ya the flirt time ya said it.
I think accordians are played loudly in restaurants to cover the sound of pasta-slurping.

Hey, Recov - Jack Bauer smokes those! I remember that from when I met him some years ago. He was still just Kiefer then, though.

Speaking of smoking accordion bands...

...who don't give up easy ....

... they put their soul into it.

I have an accordion story!

WBEZ used to put on a thing called "Flea Market" at Navy Pier in Chicago - it was a folksy thing and before it started, they told stories.

One guy was telling a story about how he dropped his accordion and somebody in the audience sarcastically said "TOOOOO BAD!"

The story teller said "Hey, buddy, if you don't like accordions, you should LEAVE NOW", which didn't make sense until later, when the 100 ACCORDION BAND came out to play!!! HA! They were GREAT! Better than you can imagine - they played the overture to Carmen, IIRC, and it was awesome!

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