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September 27, 2007


The Ingredients

Key Quote: "I was surprised that so many not only came from petroleum, but at least five came from rocks."

(Thanks to Jim Gilboy)


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I don't care what's in 'em. Besides, I've had worse things in my mouth.


Quote:"America is well-known across the globe as a country with an obesity problem, a problem that's become so bad, our snacking habits have turned us into a so-called "Twinkie nation."

This would explain the gigantic babies in the aforementioned story...

Author Steve Ettlinger spent five years tracking down the source of every ingredient found in a Twinkie.

Somebody has waaay too much time on their hands.

hmmm, petroleum product sweet cream filled cake or pesticide covered genetically altered fruit. decisions, decisions.

that's why i stick with TastyCakes. they only use the finest of artificial food products and naturally occuring chemicals. well... maybe not.

I saw that story on the news and I'm ashamed to say it made me want to run out and stock up on the goodies.

Is that so wrong?

Actually, the rocks and petroleum products didn't bother me as much as the disillusioning news that the "cream filling" is actually mostly CriscO.


Twinkies are disgusting. Give me a Ding Dong anyday!

In the little town where I grew up it was a Moon Pie and RC Cola.

Seriously, does anyone still eat these things? I cannot remember the last time I had a twinkie, of course I'm from Philly where TastyKakes rule.

Every once in a while, my two teenagers ask me what a Twinkie tastes like. I haven't bought one since I was about 10. I am, however, a Drake's Devil Dog fan. Yum!!

I posted this on here a few years ago, but on occasion things need repeteing.

The Twinkie Project

(I particularly like theis application of the Turing Test.)

When I saw "Twinkie's Anatomy", I thought it was going to be more pictures of Britney! Thank God I was wrong...

for those of you who still eat twinkies...

Twinkies Flambe
1 box of 10 Twinkies
1 12 oz. can of fruit pie filling (cherry in my case)
1 Bottle of brandy
Powdered sugar

Put the Twinkies into a 9"x13" flameproof baking pan. Spread the fruit pie filling on top of the Twinkies. Splash a good amount of the brandy over the whole glop. Ignite carefully and allow to burn for several seconds. Extinguish the flames while they are still bluish. Dust with powdered sugar. Serve and enjoy.


Hate the stuff...

orcel, but i'll bet you can remember exactly what a Butterscoth Krimpet or a Kandy Kake tasts like. Man, that is the food of the gods.

Has anyone else ever heard of Spudnuts? Food of the gods. If the god is Buddah!

Hey, I would have had a butterscoch krimpet this morning, but its autum and the spice krimpets are about.

*wonders off humming "most wonderful time of the year"

ww, that was my one problem with moving to South Carolina from PA...lack of TastyKakes. And yes, the butterscotch krimpets and the peanut butter Kandy Kakes are the best. Somewhere I have a book of recipes to duplicate fast food, snack items, etc. Both of those are in there, but I've never tried to make them.

I really need to head up there again, I miss pork roll and birch beer, too...

sugar, crisco, petroleum and rocks ...
it is all natural so it can't be bad for you, right?
maybe that's why they taste sooooo good!

"Millions of addicts say heroin makes you feel great"... oh twinkies... "millions of pot smoking americans are still watching the video and craving twinkies."

fivver, you just made me want to go out for a moon pie and an RC!

as for twinkies, y'all can have em

what exactly is Spudnuts? I saw the store recently but didn't have a chance to check it out.

Betsi, they are potato flour do-nuts. When I was in college there was a shop up in Bradenton. It was the place to go for the late night caffine and sugar fix.

Where did you see the store?! I wasn't sure it still existed. *hoping like h3ll she'll answer Atlanta*

I'm convinced that eating lots of preservatives will help me live longer. I am weary of reading about structured programs to fight kids' obesity. Just let 'em run around outside and play.

Fivver, Moon Pies and RC cola? Are you from the south? That is a staple here in Texas...even a yankee like me has grown to love 'em.

Plunk the Twinkies (tm thingie) in batter and deep fry them for Fried Twinkies.

They are best when consumed in Williamsport, PA during the Little League World Series.

ellie, yup, rural (very) north Florida.

Oh, God, I hate those Drakes cakes... Especially Butterscotch Krimpets, which my spouse loves. Twinkies and the cupcakes - I love the orange flavored ones. I don't care what's in 'em, as long as there are at least two of them left for me to eat. Speaking of which, I'd better check.....

Here you go: Spudnuts.

Key line: Originally made with mashed potatoes, the Spudnuts supposedly gained popularity when the Peltons perfected a dry mix recipe, enabling the chain to spread quickly.

Potato donuts?

fivver still a couple of spudnuts in Virginia. I know one in Charlottesville. At least it was there in 2003. Haven't been there recently.

I saw banana flavored twinkies at the gas station yesterday. I bought M&M's instead.

I'm quite skeptical about the truth of this article. I saw a program on FN, Unwrapped and they asked the Twinkie people what Twinkies were made of and they showed th 'natural' ingredients, and the real cream.

I don't think Twinkie people or FN would lie about this.

Or it may have been on the History Channel and then for sure it would be the truth.

But I prefer Hostess Cupcakes and Ho-Hos.

Ah, but there's nothing like a deep-fried Twinkie (™), is there.

I'm proud to say this was invented in Brooklyn, albeit by Brits.

And they make excellent fish & chips too.

Am I the only one who read this and thought the ingredients were:

Incredible Fighter Jets
Jessica Simpson: Then To Now
Openly Gay Celebrities
Best Movie Bloopers
Brad & Angelina Through The Years (I guess that would be the filling - and I just threw up in mouth)

Or did Dave and Gilboy also think this?

Spudnuts sound amazingly similar to my grandmother's recipe for the best doughnuts I have ever eaten. If I hadn't been restrained I might have gone bobbing for doughnuts.

"Deconstructing a Twinkie is like deconstructing the universe."

Yep, and eat enough of them and you'll turn into a gas giant.

We love twinkies (P.S What are they???)

We give a shoutout to all the Dave's in the world!!


The UK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey hey this is beckydeedee !
wales rules like daves!!!
give a shout to my morfanwy(morven) lil scotish ehh!
i have been to florida 4 times and i think i have seen twinkies but never ate them woop woop! but they look nice!!!!!

hey again just to say woop woop to jeff meyerson about fish'n'chips eva tried deep fried mars bar??

oh hi there its me again in skwl :'( lyk daves.
morfanwy,burt and tish cart is ere wid me lyk daves!

hya ive only had twinkies once wen me daddyaa went to america!!!
they were nic and net!!!!
shout out to all the daves in the world!!!
and hi to me bezzies beckydeedee and Burt Burt!!!

for the love of god WHAT'S A TWINKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
=0 =) =( ={D

me again!! still havent had twinkies yet!! i'll keep u postaed though!!

<3 wales <3

My m8 morfanwy has got 2 twinkies for me from seattle. i have tried them and think there lush!!!!! go twinkies !! wen i go to florida i will buy some.

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