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September 28, 2007


Not this blog.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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At least that's still enough room to pass one sheet of TP if you get into a stall with no supplies and have to bum off of your neighbor.

and it will allow privacy to those who have a standing rendezvous.

Wouldn't it be easier just to ban poiticians from the washrooms?

Ok, how long before the senator's stall ends up on ebay?

Guess instead of a "Presidential Library", Sen. Craig can only look forward to a "Sanitary Senatorial Reading Room"

This should put a noose on unwanted sex in the end..

it used to be that the stalls would tell you where to go for a good time, not be the ultimate destination...

I want nothing to do with my neighbor's bum...

jon - that's why you'll never be a senator. I mean, if you're not willing to bend your constituents over...

Healthcare at it's finest!

Is it just me or does this just make it easier for them to hide what they are doing?

He's just lucky he wasn't trying to smoke in there, then he would have been in BIG trouble.

Quote: "One person arrested over the summer told police he had four sexual encounters in three hours, and it was only on his fifth approach that someone objected, Hogan said."

4 in 3 hours? You're a better man than I, BungaDin

Perhaps he was mostly on the, uhm.. receiving end, Bill...?

...countdown to Craig bathroom fixtures on eBay.........

This is nothing but a stall tactic

I never heard the 'swiped his hand' aspect to this story before. Was his stance not wide enough? Did he fall over and grab the bottom of the stall for support? Curiouser and curiouser...

You're a better man than I, BungaDin

There's a company here in Scranton that makes restroom stalls. It's called Hiney Hiders. Methinks they'll be having to change their name after this. Horny Hiders??

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