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September 25, 2007


You're talking rap.

Key Quote Summarizing Rap: "They chose rap because it is spoken and not sung, because clearly they are not singers."

Key Lyric To Help People Remember the Emergency Number: 118, in case you freak out/118, write it in your undies.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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And write in very small numbers.

*takes out my magnifying glass*

Geez, Dave...can ya write a little bigger???

*snork* at firefighters in hot pants!

DAMN. "Un un huit" is going to roll through my head on a loop aaaaall day now.

A half-shirt with a helmet? How 80s.

damn, now all those commando types will have to start wearing undies.


Underpants advice

Semper ubi, sub ubi.

118 is pants!

A half-shirt with a helmet? How 80s.

Really. I thought it was just Eastern Europe than was that far behind the pop culture curve.

118 is directory assistance in France? Wow. That's odd. I much prefer the number in the US which is easy to remember:


The firefighters suggest writing their number in your undies...
If I had a nickel for every time I heard THAT line.

Thanks for making the letters bigger!! We're getting on in years too ya know?? ;-)

118: my orchidometer reading

SW - WHY do you keep ignoring my marriage proposals?! ;-)

damn, Stevie

You're gonna need a bigger cup.

As long as I don't have to see their nozzles....

psst, Siouxie - he's talking metric.... you know how those metrosexuals are....

SW - sorry, we didn't realize that you had Fragile X syndrome. 118, damn, you must be really bad off.

i'm gonna need bigger undies for all these numbers.

ohh...so...254 mm/inch...carry the 2

118 millimeters = 4.64566929 inches



*laughs at cg's undies*

Well, not AT cg's undies. I mean. Sheesh. You know what I mean!

Fire! Fire! Quick...look in my undies! ...Hmmmm...

(BTW, is it illegal to type "fire" on a crowded blog?)

Firefighters+undies=hot pants.

Well I'm off to B & B to get some books. I heard that Dave may or may not have written one. I'll have to check that out too ;-)

"118, au cas ou tu flippes/ 118, inscrit-le dans ton slip"

Gee, I thought it was kind of catchy.

So, giving someone the 'slip' is to give them your undies? So many things I learn here.

Now that's whatcha call a tight end, Annie!


Are you trying to say that there is a party in your pants and that I'm invited?

AWbh - nice, very nice. That more than makes up for the atrocious shoes in your other post.

If these were really firemen and this was really rap, how come they're not singing about hose?

If only I could find a picture of that guy in those shoes, I could really mess you up.

Close enough, Annie! LOL

Aren't undies worn under your slip or was that a Freudian thing. BTW flippe does not translate to freak-out either. Sloppy editing.

Alp! I need somebody
Alp! Not just anybody
Alp! You know I need someone

When I'm in trouble, in such trouble as today
I know Geneva firefighters are not far away
But now today I find I can't get no relief
Cos though I wrote the number down, I just now soiled my briefs

Alp me if you can I'm feeling down
Cos my new white BVD's are turning brown
Alp me read my briefs and bring help 'round
Won't you please, please Alp me?

Bravo, SW!

Q: What did the Swiss arsonist say?

A: Berne, baby, Berne!

YAY Stevie!!! I want to have your love child!!!


(pssssst, Annie, El, Ducky...got the books)

Yay, Siouxie! You da best. No matter what sw says.

yeah yeah...I know ;-P

I'm hoping Tropical Depression (to be announced) is gone by the time I have to leave my house for the strumpeting. It is NASTY out there today. I'll brave the storm for Dave.

Question to any of my Jewish blogmates...

This event is at a Jewish Temple. Should I, a Gentile, wear a yarmulke?? El???

Depends, sxi. Got sultanas?

No - men only. Now - can you get me a book too?

Youse got some sultanas asking her at this late date. Hmmm...WWJD?*

*what would judi do?

I know it's late. I wasn't aware of all the behind-the-scenes plotting. If it's a no-can-do, so be it.

Aren't you gonna get one in Irvine?

How come they never have a T.S. Eliot?

btw - men sweat, women glow.
men plot, women plan.

Haven't decided. Are you? Weeknights at 5 are tough. Maybe if Dave will have dinner with me after. Ya think?

stevie, just cuz you're the future father of my child...or the father of my future child...

I'll get one there for ya. no problema!

And nope, no sultanas...it was a yolk.

Hmm Stevie?? CYE!!

Hoo-hah! XLNT!! (Personally inscribed, please...bye/cye, later)

Hmm...to Stevie?? to SW?? to StevieW?? to Siouxie's slave??

ok...off to get ready! later. Dave, I'll be the one wearing the DBFP-Y,OTUS shirt.

Stevie W would be best (I know I'm late again - ha ha ha).

sw - I'll ask Dave if you can join us for dinner in Irvine. I have to go, but you won't see me - I promised El (she paid me) I'd get a photo of you. I'll be the one incognito.

Sio, that would perhaps not be advised.

Don't get your phone numbers in a bunch.

Dave better not call me a goddess.

Lol, cj, and bonus points for going back on topic.

OK Siouxie....instead of "off to get ready", I read "ready to get off"!......so which is it?

Jazzzz - Siouxie's at temple right now. With Dave. Jewish? They don't look.... funny.

Sio is Strumpeting. That's all I have to say about that.

Yo, Jazzzz, missed you. (in a non-brokeback way, of course.)

Sioux's always ready to...

never mind.

Jazzzz, you need to go fishin' next July, in Wyoming.

here, here!

CJ, have you been here?


No. But it's now in my favorites!

Cj....fishin' in Wyo?....that sounds like a blast! What's the story on that? And thanks Wyo. Missed you also. I have been spotty on blogging (not in my undies) lately. You know how that can be. Hopefully back on a regular basis soon. We are getting some help soon at work which = less call time and more blog time. I did go to Montana in July, which, from what I hear, in the same hemisphere as Wyo. Beautiful. Hope all are OK.
CJ.... soon to have response to your great letter! Thanks again...youdaman

Off topic alert: For those of you who enjoy the internet for finding rare, and obscure treasures, I have two clues. Pandora Radio, and Stumble.


so if any bloggers can make it to Wyoming next July, I'll provide guide services, housing (tents), and beer for anyone who wants to catch fish. lots of fish. guaranteed.

Jazzzz, July is a good month for fishing in Wyoming. We'll let Wyo and my brother choose the water, but I had a blast in Boulder Lake and Boulder Creek.

Either way, I'm traveling 1,000s of miles. We just have to make sure Wyo doesn't pick a storm water pond in Sheridan. I'll bring myself and a remote control boat.

no storm water ponds. only Blue-ribbon trout fishin' in spectacular scenery. and good beer too.

I'm backkkkkkkkkk from strumpeting!! I'll be loading up the pics soon! I've got the books signed and you're all gonna LOVE what he wrote!!(I'm not saying..hehe). I was, in a way, embarrassed by what he wrote for me...

For Susy,
Who is responsible for more blog content than I am,

Dave Barry.



I also ended up taking pictures of total strangers with Dave that I'll have to email to the ONE woman of the group that I knew. Dave announced that I was available for weddings and bar mitzvas too. *snork*

And he saw my shirt and made me get up and show the crowd.

ec and I got to chit ch@t with Mrs. Blog and got to meet the Blog's mother-in-law. Lovely lady and another "Cuban"!!

Dave was hilarious. Had the Jewish community rolling!! (I believe I was the only Gentile there).

A great event!!! Wish you all could have been there...but I was "representin'"

anxiously awaiting photos.

Sioux, you've gotta join us fer fishin' an' beer next July. You won't regret it.

Way to go, Siouxie!!!!!!!!!

Awesome, Sioux.


Keifer got arrested for another DUI today. Wish I could have been there to help set up a perimeter and strip search book him.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled drinking. Blogging. Giggling.

Thanks! I will have photos soon. They're loading up on Photobucket now.

Wyo, I would LOVE to!! uh...do I have to FISH?? I'll just go for the beer ;-)

Dave blogged that a couple threads back, Med.

Yeparoonie, When I think of Rap the first place that comes to mind is Switzerland.

Yeparoonie,When I think of Ski Lodges and Yodeling, The first place that comes to mind is, Oakland CA.

Wyo, I agree about Pandora. I use it every day. Haven't played with Stumble, yet.

Yea Siouxie!

*snork* @ Mikey


Oooh! Can I come, too? I'll even go fishin' witchas if you have a spare pole.

Hey, Scott, nice to see ya. you'll love Stumble when ya try it.

Yeparoonie, Sioux, fishin's only an excuse to drink some great microbrews.

Hi, Scott!! How are ya?

Diva, you can come, but you gotta come dressed in yer harem costume. ;)

*snork*@Wyo re: harem costume.

I'm doing pretty well, DD. You?

Well, I would, but I'm hoping to be in a smaller one by then. ;-)

Welcome home, Sio.

I don't really care where we fish, but it needs to be 4x4, then back pack (or just 4x4).

I'm the only white guy that's so synchopated that I can't ride a horse. I can dance in a juke joint, but no self-respecting horse will allow me on it's back.

Millenium Tour (so far)

That's all of them since I have to send them to all those strange people I took pictures of

btw, Dave said to tell you all that his shirt was red.

Oh, no! Dave can't be a red-shirt!

Not bad, Scott! I'm thrilled the show is over and that my evenings are mine again. Anyone for a hot tub dip? ;-)

Sioux, if I only had a password. Hmmmmmm?

*snork* @ Red Shirt Dave!!

First name, Wyo. The real one.

Nice photos, Sioux! You always have such a nice smile. :-)

thanks, Scott, dat did it!!

ok...the password is always : susy

ack...Mrs. Blog took that photo. Not my best. ec had to leave early. She wasn't feeling well so she's not in the pictures. I had to wait till the very end to get all the books signed.

I wondered why she wasn't there. I'm sorry she wasn't feeling good.

Is that Sophie and a friend in the one photo?

who are the little girls in pix 13?

looks too young for Sophie, but is it?

Yes, that is Sophie and another little girl (I don't know who she was).

Sioux... looks like a good time! I was wonderin' if that was Miss Princess Blog Sophie as well.

Not surprising that I missed the Bauer Blog update. The kids are so busy this year, that I don't even look at the computer until almost 10 o'clock.

Sioux, when things settle down, (I know you like the country boys) check out This guy

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