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September 27, 2007


Earlier we had this. And now we have this.

(Thanks to wickedwitch)


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Good thing he wasn't standing at the other end of the horse! And another first!

Sounds like the makings of a Stephen King novel, and I'd be the first to buy it.

One chomp and I knew that sucker was coming off.

I don't care what the circumstances were. Those words should never be spoken by a woman.

You're durn tooting, fivver.

*quits channeling Gabby Hayes*

It's a good thing his ear was all the guy ate., IYKWIM.

It was a badly written and edited article, by the way. After all, the header (Man Bites, Swallows Ex-Wife's Finger, New Husband's Ear) make it sound like it was his new husband (NTTAWWT0).

And then there was An Oklahoma man is facing charges for attacking his ex-wife her new husband.

Where's the editor at?

loses the extra 'O'.

*chomp* *chomp*

Thanks Siouxie!

*curls up into fetal position*

om nom nom nom, BUURRRRRP

hmmm..wondering if the EX thought he saw the new husband wearing a TEXAS shirt???

How do you get to Oklahoma? You head south and step in it. (Old joke...no offense to the Okies out there...not their). Can you imagine how peaceful the first 15 years of their wedded bliss was? Do they have a pic of the rest of her fingers?

Hmmm... Horse lover doesn't begin to cover it:

"Sauter is a horse lover and said his instinct took over, and his mouth went to work."

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