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September 25, 2007


The City of Romance

(Thanks to jon harris)


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The robber took a Rolex watch from Nagase and $125 from Jacunski, who had planned to use it to pay for a romantic dinner at a French restaurant.

$125 ain't gonna get you much at a fancy French restaurant in NYC (not that they give you much to begin with).

Well, I guess this relationship's got nowhere to go but up!

Is it sweet or stupid that he kept the ring but lost the rolex?

depends on the ring, diva. if he's got a rolex, that better be a damn nice rock.

IF they're in NYC, the rolex is probably a $25 fake.

Hm. Good point Siouxie. It was probably just a Timex® and he's just taking his insurance company for a ride.

DD - if it was indeed a Rolex, they are all registered with the owners name and address. Pretty hard to fake out the insurance company on a real Rolex.

wicked, that's why he probably cared more to hide the ring and not the watch.

Any decent NY thief knows the diff between a Rolex and a fake. It's NOT Sandusky. Sheesh.

So you're telling me that this Bolex I got for $49.95 from that upscale shop in the alley may not be a genuine 8000% markdown sale like that guy said?

sorry Fed, you've been had.

She stole my heart
And then she stole my time

She's a Yank, Yank, Yankee Bronx woman
Gimme, gimme, gimme the Yankee Bronx crime

The article says they are still planning to get married. LOL For better or for worse, oh unless we get mugged. ???

At least they didn't lose the ring.

If that mugger comes forward wanting to be best man or something, I think we've got our criminal mastermind of that day/week.

Bonus points if he gives them back the "Rolex" as a wedding gift.

ps: Saturday night in Central Park? Morons.

And fast forward a few years and see the same scenario take place in divorce court.

According to a different article, the Rolex was a family heirloom of the lady's. There was also a picture of the ring: it appeared to be a hammered yellow and white gold band. No diamonds in sight. I think he was being selfish; I'd much rather have my family heirloom.
You don't think it was part of a crazy scheme to show her how brave he was and how much he wanted to protect her? Am I cynical?

Cynical, Mare? Yes. But no more so than the rest of us.

I didn't know that Rolexes® were registered, but it makes perfect sense. And good point on NY thieves knowing the diff between the good, the bad and the ugly.

you can tell they are out of towners. NOBODY hangs around in central park after dark. but they didnt know that. i hope some good samaritan hears this and spots them a fancy dinner, and maybe a real rolex. mine's a molex. i gotta see a dr about that.

Queensbee, perhaps New York should put up some helpful signs for out of towners!

Queensbee, if it's a molex, you'll need to see the Geek Squad about that.

Staarrrtt spreading the news!
I'm leaving today!
New York, New York!

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