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September 28, 2007


The HomePub

(Via Gizmodo)


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oh!!! this so trumps that flavored water thing for your faucet!!

Alas, I thought Dave might be referring to a way to publish your own books at home. :( Makes me sad enough to drink. Who's buyin'? It's 5:38 somewhere.

Still need my cabin/cabana boy to fetch it to the couch.


I'm still holding out for one of these that uses grain instead of extract. Plus, I'd mount it on a trailer so I could tailgate with it...

DPC - don't you have some coffee beans to crush? ;p

Why would I crush them?

Advisory to people who consume too much beer:
Stay off the roof.

What kind of "beer"? I don't do industrial and they won't tell me.

It things like that that make you realize that sometimes technology really rocks!



(He needs a reason to get up during commercials. I can't deal with the bedsores anymore)

Annie, you can always buy one and set it next to the couch. That way cabana boy will be free to perform other 'errands'.

Just an idea...

ellie....good idea. Hopefully it doesn't make too much noise, so I can hear the tv. Hopefully the fridge doesn't, either.

Apropos of the above, old joke:

Did you hear what happened to Lady Figidaire?

Lord Kelvinator.

'FRigidaire.' As in 'frigid.'

sw - where old jokes go to die.

I didn't have the patience to navigate through the whole site.... Did anyone happen to see what it costs?

Geezers only - Remember the rabbit who was found snoozing in the fridge. He said, "It's a Westinghouse isn't it? Well I'm westing."

(I don't think Westinghouse makes appliances anymore.)

*shrug* Nothing new here - a drill and a long threaded shank will give you the same thing - but with real homebrew instead of one of those 5-liter minikegs.

A friend of mine has a tap built into the side wall of his garage - right next to the pool. He really DOES need a cabana boy!

"sw - where old jokes go to die."

Hey, I'm a firm believer in oral. Oral history.

Besides, looks like I'm sharing space with pogo.

psst...someone tell Dave he's wealthy.

And he's healthy, snarky (for a 60-year-old, that is). He needs to go to bed earlier. He's still missing the wise part. ;-)


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