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September 21, 2007


...some doubt has been expressed on the willingness of men to undergo the procedure...

(Thanks to Vin39)


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"I can see more problems getting humans to agree to have this done, as it would be a very painful procedure to have them extracted."

Tsk. It builds character. Come on guys, it for the good of all humankind.

First again? Where IS everybody this morning?

Maybe you are all being held captive by the Evil Bot.

No we're all cowering under our beds with our legs crossed.

Awwww...c'mon...if Dave was brave enough to post it, surely you all can show your masculine solidarity?

Okay, maybe not.

You'd think there would be an UNpainful way of getting the little guys out.

The potential ads could be very persuasive:

"We've Got [name of disease here] by the Balls!"

"The Family Jewels Just Got More Valuable"

"The Gifts That Keep on Giving"

"Testicles: They're Not Just for Fun Anymore"

Hey, they can have as many of mine as they want, I don't have much use for the little buggers anymore.

i think the masculine solidarity is firmly behind the "no way are they getting near my nads with that thing" sign

Oh, it'd be painful; for the first Dr. who tried to extract them with a needle. Unless I had wisenheimers 'cause I'd probably forget what happened and wonder what I did to bring on this...another easter egg!

and if they're mining testes today, can ovaries be far behind? So ladies, do you want to have yours sliced into?

Of course then, in the usual way these things happen in labs, the testes would find the ovaries, and there'd be
test tube babies...

mm, a real conspiracy theorist you are.

It's a whole new ballgame.....

Every sperm is sacred.
Every sperm is great.
If a sperm is wasted,
God gets quite irate.

Every sperm is sacred.
Every sperm is good.
Every sperm is needed
In your neighbourhood!

My only concern would be if they tried to use a combine harvester.

The doctors must think we're nuts.

"For male patients, it could someday mean a readily available source of stem cells"

Oh! Maybe then, some men could grow that missing brain!

*somebody bring me my coffee and chocolate covered bacon! Grrrrrr!*

*tosses catnip mouse to Punkin*

On the way, Punkin.

*shreds catnip mouse, bites fivver on shin, STILL HAS NO CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! FOR GOD'S SAKE GET ME SOME CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

snork @ fivver

*happily watches the shoe on the proverbial other foot*

Here ya go, Punkin.

There will be NO extractions from my testes. Except for withdrawals made in the usual way.

Yes, daisymae, it's about time the men got to experience the joys of having their reproductive organs poked, prodded and pinched. And isn't there a way we can check them for testicular cancer the same way we're checked for breast cancer????

*volunteers to invent tiny little x-ray vise for the guys - for early detection, of course...we women only have your best interests at heart*

Punkin - already exists. And as I've said before, some guys will pay you (lots) for the experience.

Pssssst! DPC, This sounds like the perfect "work from home" opportunity! Where may I purchase a franchise??

Ouch! I've been power leveled!

No franchise needed. Just advertise your services on CraigsList.

And the powerleveler definitely needs this done. Repeatedly.

Maybe men are reluctant to undergo the procedure because it is carried out by "a team" of doctors. Maybe if they used one woman who looked like Pamela Anderson they might have more volunteers. Just a suggestion.

I HAVE had this procedure done, and I can attest that it is, indeed, painful. Recovery took about a week, but I only missed one day of work. But you have to be mighty careful how you sit for that week.
Fortunately, they did it under general anesthesia, so I was spared the sight of a man between my legs with a scalpel in his hand.

Sorry. I had to stop at "Painful Process."

Solidarity, no, I think not.

Of course the bad news was held until the last paragraph.

Reading, reading, head nodding, head nodding, science is our friend...wait! Reverse, Go back, It's a trap!

Hate to break it to you guys, but they likely will never use female eggs. Since women are born with the full allotment, they are 'fresh' when they're younger and mad scientists aside, I don't see them cutting into young children. Whereas you guys make fresh each and every day.

/serious note

So.... when do we make this mandatory for 'the good of mankind'?

I notice they didn't exactly lay out what the procedure was. It's that horrific??

Moon, it involves a bottle of detergent, a piece of wood, rubber glove, vacuum and...a scalpel. Not necessarily in that order.

KOW, it would only help the men. "For male patients, it could someday mean a readily available source of stem cells that gets around ethical issues linked to embryonic stem cells."

And personally, I'd rather face the ethical issues.

How can that scum spammer be stopped? I thought there was a law down there to stop it.

SW: go no further . . .

Punkin writes:

"Yes, daisymae, it's about time the men got to experience the joys of having their reproductive organs poked, prodded and pinched. And isn't there a way we can check them for testicular cancer the same way we're checked for breast cancer????"

I would respectfully ask Punkin if she has ever heard of prostate cancer. The biopsy procedure for that makes being "prodded, poked, and pinched" a walk in the park. Then, if one is lucky, like me, after all of that, one gets to live.

Ernie - breast biopsies are no walk in the park, either. I don't think she was talking biopsy. I think she was talking the mammogram wherein the breast tissue is squeezed into a pancake and then subjected to seriously unflattering photography.

Trust me, she intended it all in good fun. :) Love and boogers!

There wuz a "humorous" essay published a number of years ago (20+?) on this (Gonads in a Vise testing procedures) very subject ... I've looked for it, but have yet to find it on the 'net ... of course I have the actual copy ... sumwhere ...

Frum the female POV, it wuz a SCREAM!!! I wuz able to look beyond the obvious drawbacks, and I laughed a LOT ...

HOWEVER, frum the male POV, it wuz a SCREAM of a diffrunt sort ...

Dang ... now I gotta go look for it again, merely to share ...

Wait! At the beginning of the article, they're talking about the use of the cells from mice. Can we avoid the extraction procedure and use the mouse cells? And will men be more willing to have mouse balls?

Ernie - I was, indeed, referring to mammograms. And I am sorry for any pain you went through in your case. However, it has been my experience that women, just in the routine course of their lives, must endure many more incidences of poking, proding & pinching to their sensitive areas than do men.

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