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September 30, 2007


(Thanks to hrunting)


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And this would affect the plot how?

His perimeter would be a little tighter, is all.

I mean, cut the guy a little slack. Chasing terrorists, having a relationship with chole clohe that nut job; bad Presidents (join the club); killer schedule. I mean,...well I don't know what I mean.
Think I'll move on to Decaf.

Mornin' Punkin!! How's your kingdom?? I'll be in your neck of the woods next weekend!! Maybe you can join us for drinks??

he could probably run the whole operation from his cell, slip out when necessary...

Maybe they could do a combination show of Prison Break and 24.

mm, I bet HE would get his cell to work from "his cell".

whereas my cell won't even work from my office. But then he'd have Chloe helping...

Siouxie - you've got mail.

*This message brought to you by the United States Post Office. Thank You.*

Hi mm! Miss ya!!!!

Punkin, so do you!!

hey, Punkin, Siouxie, and other assorted royalty, I miss y'all, too. Been short-staffed, so had to limit my time. Hope you all are doing well, I see you are as funny as ever...

mm, I hear ya. I've been up to my "culo" in work and with no end in sight. Same as you, short staffed. Miss you too!!!

Gee, wasn't it Punkin just the other day who was giving detention to Sioux and me for passing notes in class?

Punkin, go to your room and play with your MedPox paraph parefstuff.

Well, he definitely won't be getting out for good behavior after he stabs the guards in the thigh trying to escape...

El - PLEASE send me to my room! I SO need the peace & quiet and the alone time with my male TV reporters and my KY remote.

mm- Can't BELIEVE how time flies! I'm spending this afternoon getting my garage prepped for Halloween. The neighbors have put a lot of pressure on me to outdo last year. I kinda wanted to take a break and tell them that this year I'd be doing an authentic "abandoned house"!

We don't have enough time!!!

What? Oh.

I guess we have plenty of time....

Be sweet if he got the Paris Punishment...
24 hours of "24 hrs"

igloo - I believe that is banned by the Geneva Convention.

Punkin, I hear ya. I've got some pretty scary dust bunnies here, too...

C'mon, this is the LA court system. "He could get one year in jail," usually means, "if he were a worthless lowly regular citizen."

*jumps up and down waving hand wildly*
send me to my room too, send me to my room!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dang! That's 365 seasons!

FCDA says that in CA 2nd offenders get 48 hours in jail and license suspension for either 12 or 18 mos. and a mega buck fine.

el.- does it matter he was still on probation from his first offense?

He could also get house-arrest, but he's been assigned the same judge Paris got, so....I'm guessing no. I think his atty was trying to get him into a treatment spa.

yes it would, insom

could get him another 10 days, but I thought the prior was in 93 or 94, so it doesn't seem like he would be on probation still, but it's been a while since I've done this............

I believe it was a conspiracy by Mr Hand.

DUI is a misdemeanor?

I believe in California, it can be either. I think it's usually a misdemeanor if no one got injured. Sometimes the difference between a misdemeanor DUI and a felony rests on everyone else's dodging skills.

Plot twist: Jack is horribly injured in an accident and gets plastic surgery with a new face. "It will be at least a year until we can rebuild your old face Agent Bauer."

Kiefer can do voiceovers from jail and voila'!

Haha...I crack myself up...He won't do more than 36 minutes in jail.

Longs for the good old days when He wrote 98.6.

Hey, lilrascal, it's good to have you back again.

Maybe He'll be like Quick Joey Small went a-over the wall with a ball and chain behind him. Quick Joey Small went a-over the wall, sent the dogs right out to find him.

Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus

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