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September 21, 2007


Pythons That Pounce.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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How long could a python live on the offspring from one mating pair of rabbits?

and a neighbour experienced in looking after large snakes is caring for it while the owner is sought.

Somehow I wouldn't be comforted by the fact it's still living nearby.

Holy pouncing pythons Blogman!

fivver...and how do they know that this "neighbor" wasn't just letting one of his pets out for a bit of a slither?

Betsy, I had that thought too...

Neighbor: Why no, it's not my snake, but I happen to be experienced with taking care of large snakes and just happen to have this empty terrarium that is just the right size for Gloria a 5 foot python. But no, it's not my snake.

Why do they always say that?! "Oh, it's more afraid of you than you are of it!" Well, I don't have freaking fangs, and I'm not looking to bite a cold snake any time soon!

Pouncing Pythons WBAGNFARB. Or a BBC sketch, obviously.

And, um - they never mentioned that it wouldn't take that thing but a few seconds to kill that 4-month old if, say, it had wandered into the baby's room and into its CRIB.

(But who knew pythons could pounce, anyway?)

Yeah, exactly, Diva! Why do people keep acting like just because some people keep these as pets,and they are non venomous, that they are harmless? They can suffocate and eat very big things!

Exactly what drew me to the story, Diva. Pouncing Pythons, indeed. Like you I picture John Cleese and Michael Palin.

And what were these so-called pouncing experts, anyway, the editors of the Daily Mirror?

fivver...It's definitely time for Congress to pass the Mandatory Microchipping of Pythons Act (cuz I can't really see a collar and tag working very well)

She must live in Slytherin.....

This happens to me everytime I slither out from under bathtubs that are occupied by naked chicks.

Big deal. Everyone keeps scales in the bathroom.

Was she suffering from reptile itch?

The thought of two 18-year-olds having a baby is scarier than the snake.

Guin - I had the same thought, actually.

I'd like to know what locking the bathroom door would do. If the snake can get in through the pipes, it can probably slither out under the door. And agree with Guin. Sadly, having a child when you're in your teens is fashionable in England. I personally prefer the old-fashioned graduate high school-attend college-get married-have a baby timeline, but, then again, I'm a 27-year-old fuddy-duudy. This could explain why I'm single.

Or e-Reptile Dysfunction?

Oh, heck, Mare - I gotcha beat by 10 years.

If you'd seen that woman- well, she wasn't too pretty standing there dripping wet and nude and wrinkly with a warbling infant in her arms. You'd 'ave hissed too! I almost regurgitated the rabbit I had for breakfast.

There are bigger snakes in Congress :-P

18 year olds in public housing and a baby to boot.... any relation Monty Python?

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