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September 27, 2007


Now they're using flaming manholes, which would be a good name for a rock band.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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if your man hole is flaming, see your doctor.

How does a manhole cover catch fire? Nobody was even suspicious?

Aren't flaming man holes on the SOUTH end???

I believe this also describes the condition of a guy the morning after drinking lots of beer and eating really hot chicken wings...

snork @ crossgirl!

The bot made me type "fudtut." My new word for the day.

ken in jax, you beat me to it. I was going to suggest the morning after the night before with habanero peppers and Corona.

Sorry but it was a REALLY bad burrito.

Had your espresso this morning, Dave?

this is veritable plethora of posts is due to the after effects of that ever-so-lovely lavender shirt on the earlier posted Strumpdate. that kind of shirt causes lasting aftershocks not to mention retinal burn.

They were throwing their fart bombs.

duh, remove the 'is'. i swear it's because of that damn shirt.

I thought it was a puffy shirt on first glance, wicked.

now the puffy lavender shirt would really bring out the gay vote.

...and the moire pattern would bring out the scientists. And the ophthalmologists. Or is it my monitor.

There is no such thing as a bad burrito.

Dear LORD...I'm up to my woman hole arse in work here and came to say "hi" and noticed that Dave has been drinking Cuban coffee again.

Btw...lovely lavender puffy shirt.

At least the bot let you post. My reference to an event in a city in Illinois that was similar (the exploding manholes were "walking" down the street on the way towards a riverboat) was refused completely as being too commercial.

Oh, fudtud.

*makes mental note to never stand near manholes in Boston*

Next thing you know, this guy is going to start using flaming manhole covers in place of the hockey pucks.

better flaming man holes than flaming a-holes, I always say.

although, in some cases, it could be the same thing, I suppose.

Actually, "flaming manholes" sounds more like the setup for a commercial advertising Preparation H than it does a rock band...

Either way, it makes me even less inclined to visit Boston than I already was.

"Fudtud and the Flaming Manholes" opened for the Village People in 1977....

I bewieve dat Elmer Fudtut wuz duh Uncwle of King Tut and wuz a vewy famous wabbit huntah; known to be so avid as to say, and I quote: "Shhhhhhhh, we have to be vewy quiet; we'wah hunting wabbits, heheheheheheh"

better a flaming manhole than a flamingNookee?

The flames must have spread to the link....

"Flaming Manholes" would also be a great name for a gay porn film.

I am sorry to go off topic with such a serious subject, but I felt compelled to get the word out and help this little girl.

Please read this story and contact the police if you can help.

Now if you will excuse me I am going to vomit.

But what was up with the gorilla article on the side?

I'm wondering if Big Papi had something to do with this.............

Well, R24, it doesn't take a rocket scientist IMO, to think that Mr. Tuck is involved in this - sheesh, just awful. :(

Caroline Allen, an NStar spokeswoman, said the explosion resulted from a cable failure, which occurs "from time to time."

FROM TIME TO TIME?!?! What?! This is a pretty laisez-faire attitude to take about manhole covers that burst into flame under your feet or car. "Oh, yeah; that'll happen from time to time. No worries."

So if the Flaming Manholes share a bill with the Butthole Surfers, who's the backup act?

I forget their name but they do a great cover of "Wipeout!"


Thank you for being a good man. I'll be joining you in ridding myself of my lunch.

If you have a flaming manhole, it is time to check your closet.

Recov, Desk Diva- I have spent many years trying to figure out how to solve such crimes. Basically put, I have studied it the best I could. Losing lunch is, crying in bed, a lot of anger, and my best bet is that most decent human beings can help to prevent it. If it is posted online, then the pictures can be analyzed. We are starting to get film awareness programs that can create a perfect replica of people. This can be used to profile and help victims. Most people have probably met someone that is being abused, just not realizing it. The abuser uses threats to keep control. If this little girl is found and psychologically treated correctly for the crime, she will probably end up ok. She will be scarred, but she will know how to deal with it.

The person who committed the crime will go to jail, and then die. Convicts do not like such people, and have no problems with meeting out revenge.

It is a very serious subject. I wish I had a perfect answer, but I don't. In fact, I don't know how to properly end such a subject line. The police could probably figure out some info based on the clothes being warn. A small trail to follow, but a leade none the less. Then using the computer profile and security tapes, they can trace where the little girl has been. Also, the man can be figured out from the tapes as well. It would darken the soul to view them though. Those are my ideas. I wish I could help more.

I have run through Pahrump a number of times - literally - in a footrace. It is also the home of Nevada's best-known legal brothel, Sheri's Ranch (which I have not been through). Just sayin'.

Alfred, it was on the news tonight, too. I'm glad the information is getting out there. Maybe - just maybe - someone will recognize this little angel or have a memory triggered or something.


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