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September 24, 2007


Key Quote: "I discovered the bathroom had hot water, so I thought of taking a bath, since I hadn't had one for nearly a week," he explained.

(Also thanks to Siouxie)


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Talk about leaving DNA around!

And that's a pretty expensive bath.

Hat trick! It's gonna be a good week.

Dave, but I'm sure you would rather let him take his bath, no matter WHERE.

Maybe he was trying to join the Dial High Club.

Dial High Club? Snork!

Once at LAX I walked into a restroom and there was a guy standing at a sink, buck nekkid, washing himself. I think I set a land speed record for making a u-turn.

Siouxie, you're on a roll today.

"When he saw me, he said he was bathing, and asked me if I had some shampoo."

And some baby oil and a condom.

At least the Creeping Fascism™ hasn't gotten to this, yet.

there is nothing in the regulations to prohibit passengers from having a mid-flight bath

LOL Annie...nice one!

Jeff, I'm like buttah ;-)

*wonders if they let him finish bathing*

glug! pass the rubber duckie!

After mid-flight
We're gonna let it all hang dry...

i am not making this up:

i once had to fly to dallas for a meeting at like 9:00 or so and got a flight that left around six. got to dallas, attended the meeting, and got a taxi back to the airport to wait for my flight (leaving around 5:OO) the flight got canceled, and i got to spend the night in some cheap hotel. bad enough, but could be worse, right? well, i did not have a change of socks, or a change of underwear, or a clean shirt, because i was not planning on staying the night. i made my own eyes water.

"Half-naked"....but WHICH half?

Mud....no sympathies for you! Your hotel may have been cheap, but I bet it had a bar of soap and a sink with running water. Could've washed your socks and undies, y'know. ;)

So, mud: You've never washed out your panties in a sink? It's a good skill to have for those unexpected sleepovers. Just sayin'.

I agree with the gals...wash yer pantaloons!! Dry 'em in front of the a/c and THEN nuke 'em so you don't end up with shrinkage (iykwim).

psssssst Suzy?? I called B & B and they told me that you can go to the book signing and get the book THERE as well. No need to get it ahead of time. According to them, there shouldn't be a problem getting in.



Them kinda rented rooms tend to NOT have a/c ... merely sayin' ...

(IANMTU -- there's a "motel" in central CA that claims than "None of the motels here in town have A/C ..." ... yeah, right ... merely sayin' that not all the innkeepers are totally interested in customer comfort ...)

Of course, mud' could've gone commando, if his skivvies weren't dry by boarding time ... um ... GRB/RAN ... nevermind ...

What would have happened if this was a Southwest Airlines flight. Personally, I believe the flight attendant would have tasered him.

OtheU, I wouldn't know...I myself, have never stayed in those types of no-tell motels ;-P

I couldn't NOT have ac.

As just a linguisitics inquiry. How does one pronounce Chongqing? Is the q a Ch sound or a K sound? There seems to be 2 or 3 ways to write Chinese into English and they all use Q as a letter. Kind of annoying.

I think he was being orderly and kind. He hadn't had a bath and wanted to save everyone from the smell. He should have used the mens room at the airport is all I am saying.

Siouxie, them types are "no-tell" only in the sense of "not braggin' them up becuz they're rat-holes" type of lodging ... merely experienced 'em becuz of werk requirements ... noplace else available, and logbook time expiration required that I stay sumplace ... and that wuz the lucky winner!

*Name of non-a/c motel, and city of same available on special request for "WARNING! Do NOT say here!" type of preventative maintenance ...*

Siouxie - I agree - AC is a must. Right up there with room service. Even when I go camping, I insist upon both. Really.

Once at LAX I walked into a restroom and there was a guy standing at a sink, buck nekkid, washing himself. I think I set a land speed record for making a u-turn.

Could be worse. He could have asked if you want to join him. NTTAWWT.

And Annie, as a councillor for Camping Merit Badge, it is my solemn duty to inform you that you are pathetic.

Thanks, EG. Actually, I have an extraordinary cabana/cabin boy who makes it all possible, plausible, and pleasurable. :)

And I can earn my own dang medals, tyvm.

Pins a merit badge on Annie, for "Courage and Fortitude in the Presence of MCPism" ...

Hahahaha, Juggler!


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