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September 25, 2007


Key Quote: Despite his shock and pain, the man managed to pull on his trousers and ride his motorcycle to a nearby hospital.

He rode a motorcycle.


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Nearly severed and it only took 11 stitches? Just wondering do they use elastic thread?

I sure hope he rode that thing sidesaddle.

That'll teach him!


I suppose it was easier to ride the motorcycle than to saddle the mule.

He rode the motorcycle so he could feel something throbbing between his legs again. Doh!

Obviously, this guy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer among Malaysia's best and brightest. But what he lacks in discretion he definitely makes up for in shear sheer determination.

Serves him right for comparing the two. What an idiot.

BIG NO NO, boys. Right after having TWO wives. Ok...off to face the traffic. Laters!

Mot, glad to know you made it home safe and well...not so sound ;-)

The man has two wives !!!!!


The docotrs should reattach his brain instead.

Perhaps that would take only three stitches.

Two wives and still not getting any. That's why he tried the comparison trick hoping the slasher wife would say, "ya think so? well I'll show you who's better in bed". Talk about a plan backfiring.

Good point, gangus (and Siouxie). What a moron.

Notes to remember for blog guys:

Never marry a woman from Southern/Southeast Asia and piss her off. American women might shoot you but they rarely "chop it off".

Memo to Jeff ... Lorena started the wnole craze.

Was he riding an -Ow!asaki?

what's the (other/normal/usually not so painful) penalty for having two wives?

having two mothers-in-law.

Did she at least squirt him with some breast milk too?

"No more peeing on feet for you!"

"Two wives and still not getting any."

To borrow from Lewis Grizzard, "I come from a large family. In fact I never slept alone until I was married."

Eleven stitches; I'm guessing it wouldn't be legal in Iceland.

OK, Lorena wasn't from Asia but she wasn't American either. She was from Ecuador.

*expands list of women not to piss off*

Jeff, she was Hispanic. Hispanic women own machetes. Just sayin....

oh yeah...have I mentioned that *I* am Hispanic???

Morning, Siouxie. Machetes are fine when you have room to swing. Wouldn't something... uh, smaller be more appropriate for such delicate work?

If it took 11 stitches to sew it back, I'd say Scott is right - smaller is appropriate.

MeThinks having 2 wives, over 10 years apart .... is an interesting idea. BUT never, ever "compare and contrast" them to each other!

Maybe to the girlfriend, but NEVER to the wife!

uh..Scott & Jeff?? I have a mini-machete too.

DAVE - when you see Siouxie tonight at the booksigning, stay the hell away from her 'keychain.'

Okay, what is the deal with the photo of the deli meat being sliced with a wicked looking carving knife right next to the article? Do they think we didn't get it from the story alone?!?

"Grievous hurt" is a really bad thing.


"Grievous Hurt" WBAGNFA Harry Potter Villain.

yeah, but the photo along with the article is the best, just some random meat cutting...awesome

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