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September 28, 2007


Salt-Lick Sculptures

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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tasty ONLY if they aren't combo mineral/salt blocks. trust me on this.

YIPPEE! There are folks in the world with less exicing lives than me!!! I'm not a loser! I'm NOT a loser!!!!!!!

They missed an obvious name for the contest: The Great Salt Lick.

I thought it said Self-Lick Sculptures. Mas cafe, por favor.

Aren't these one of the ingredients in a Twinkie™?

fivver is right. Someone note the date and time.

Have you ever seen those erotic cakes advertised? I was afraid the "licks" were going to be something like that.

I've been lurking this blog too long...

crossgirl, excuse me, WTF? you know this because???

crossgirl - that explains a lot about you.

diane - welcome. What are these erotic cakes of which you speak? We know nothing about them. Please tell us more.

Salt licks are steak pre-seasoners.

I bet Paris Hilton has one.

Crossgirl, most parents give their kids teething rings. Just sayin'

I use these for tequilia shots.

These are pretty neat. My horses never made cool sculptures like that with their salt blocks. :(

Don't try meat tenderizer either......

HUH? WTFBBQ? Does this mean I have a life?

LOL, Punkin!!

In the great Salt Lick City.

All those years growing up on the farm we were sitting on an art gold-mine??? WTF?? Our cattle could have been wealthy artists...

Ok, so I at least figured out what a salt lick was. Now, can someone tell me what the BBQ stands for in WTFBBQ? I can guess at WTF but is it really WTF barbeque, because that would make NO sense.
and yes, I checked the acronym page. It's not there!


It doesn't really stand for anything in particular. Just makes the wtf a little less crude, I guess. It's not supposed to make sense. ;-)

It's basically and extension of the WTF??

They have these salt deals in Kansas, too.

They are all the same, though - Lot's wife.

/It's boring in Jesusland.

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