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September 28, 2007


Bunny Dumpers

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Long Island can be a dangerous place...
enough said...

FIRST? What, everyone is sleeping ??? Where is Souxie. Annie is busy running the west coast, but when I am first... oh wait, it must be the Rapture. Gotta go...

Nah. It's just siesta time out east.

Rubber Baby Bunny Dumpers?

Lepus alone. We're multiplying.

I'm kinda sorta here but not really

People of Long Island:
There is a solution.

Darn, funniegrrl beat me to it!

Two possible solutions:

  1. Hire a hit-cat.
  2. Use a Holy Hand Grenade

This would NEVER happen on the west coast. Not while I'm in charge. I'm huntin' wabbit.

If you think squirrels are evil, you have never met a pet bunny before.

The answer's right here. Jumbo economy size, even.

*snork* at diva!!

Be vewwy qwiet... wew dumpin' wabbits.

If they saw a pot-bellied guy dumping the rabbits he would be a "blubber belly bunny dumper"

Since funniegrrl beat me to it...

"If you think squirrels are evil, you have never met a pet bunny before."

They mirror their owners' personalities, bethie ;-).

Bad hare day?

Jack rabbit's lament, 'I;ve just washed my thing and I can't do a hare with it'

SW---it was my mother's and you are correct sir.

I love the headline!

Those wacky CNN writers really have it goin' on.

*snork* @ MTH!

Diva, what good would rabbits be without fur? (EG)

Yup CJ, I've seen a hairless (hareless??) rabbit and it ain't purty. Shaved beaver looks much better.

*gets out Sharpie™ markers, just in case*

Don't tell mrs. p. about this or I'll have a basement full of refugee bunnies.

She WOULD drive from Wisconsin to Long Island to get them. Bunny-lovers are a determined breed...

And bunny lovers are determined to breed.


We have this problem in Rezervations. People dump there dogs and then leave. To survive, Dogs become wild animals that have several fears of humans. To be well fed, they can take down cattle, and adopt a house for care.

Rabbits are amazing creatures. I would bet that some of the rabbits are new borns, and others are zombies.

Of course the rabbits here are quite small.

Alfred - you haven't changed a bit.

Some wascal dumping bunnies...it's enough to make you hopping mad !

Poor buns. Why couldn't the guy just call the SPCA or something?

Annie, I'm glad you have good self-esteem, but how can it be all about you when it's supposed to be all about me?

*zips™* in, courtesy of El


The little girl that was shown on that video tape has been found and is SAFE!!


*zips™ out*


hi, casey, great to "see" you.


Ummmm, CJ, I think you're about 6'3". close?

*loves guessing games*

Wyo - Dave said. I have it in writing. Soon.

Wouldn't there be something lower than bunny dumpers? I mean, with gravity and all, wouldn't a bunny dumpee be lower? Not to argue with my supreme leader or anything, but....

*wonders who's Princess-elect of the Eastern region* must be Sioux.

Lol, wyo, on the gesundheit. Bless you.

I think Siouxie was tagged as the Bloggess Goddess, or something like that. She basically owns da blog, homie. Word.

Word up, princess, and she's earned it.

Huh. I was busy drinking beers. I think I wrote the first half of the first chapter of my first novel.

When I came up with the idea and I knocked on an intervening door and asked a brother about the idea, I believe he threw stuff at me. I'm not sure... I closed the door. I just have a great, silly idea for a story. It may be silly, but as somebody that writes technical text all day, I was amused.

Then again, I get distracted by Nickels.

(have i mentioned to anybody how much I hate this new Toshiba keyboard?)

Yes, she has. And she's earned a night off. Hopefully she has a hot date with a box o' wine.

Shirley she can do better than that.


Thats good to know. To be honest, The little girl looked like one of my cousins. I figured I would try to discreetly call my Uncle and see if she had gone missing.

I wish there was a place to both tell about, and find out about, info on such a subject.


Annie- I think I have changed, my sense of humour doesn't need to be changed though.

A good Bun is a great thing. A bad bun makes you groan... And eat carrots.

Don't take this the wrong way, but it's been a tough week for a bunch of us, including Siouxie and me. That box of wine is looking pretty darn good right about now. Especially since it's sitting next to a bottle of Coors.

picks of da week -
New England

{{{{{{Those Who Need It}}}}}}}}

Glad I can finally read/post again. I hate my Schmime Schwarner. They schtink. Every several days (sporadically) it takes the evening off with no notice. Truly not fun, cuz it takes my elephone-tay with it. :(

Anyway, here I iz, but I don't know for how long.

HI to whomever is still out here!!!!

*stirs up an icy, refreshing mojito*

Oh, and Siouxie - I saw that on the little girl. Her name is Madison. I'm just so incredibly thankful I sat down and cried, and then I prayed in utter gratitude. Thanks so much for putting up that notice.

I had much to say. I also had the worst week of my life. The rest of you will be more funny.

Good Morning all...

My most wonderful of hubbies decided to take care of the boys this morning to let me get some much needed (before I go postal from exhaustion) sleep. Unfortunately, there was so much loud whispering and "SHHHHHHH!"'s at 6:46, I woke up anyway. But I stayed in bed and dozed.

Then, I JUMPED out of bed when I realized that the hubster had sent the boys outside immediately after breakfast - again, so as not to wake me. But instead, I heard them going door to door at 7:50 A. frikkin M. Eastern Saturday Time, ringing the neighbor's doorbells asking if their kids could come out to play!

Poor hub. All he wanted to do is let me rest, but instead managed to wake me AND the entire neighborhood!

*need coffee*

Oh, and did I mention the Red Sox won the AL East?? Hmmm? Did I???? :)


Can the blog come out and play????????????????

Errr,..... Yankee fan here, also awake.

Got bat?

SHHHHHHH!!! Can't you see we're trying to sleep??!!

Oops, sorry.

Why am I up so damn early on a Saturday? Who was that knocking on my door? Get off my driveway!

Knock! Knock!

My! What knockers!

Hey, Punkin - you need to get up early and fly all the way to Anaheim to play the Angels, then fly back, then fly to Anaheim again...good luck with dat! ;p
And get that Papi off my lawn!

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