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September 08, 2007


Jack Bauer for President

(Thanks to Kevin Goss)


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Hey, a running mate for Dave!

Wouldn't it rather be that Dave is a running mate for Jack?

Depends on whose thigh gets shot first, Steve.

*would LOVE to see that debate*

Dave vs Jack!

Well, it's not like we haven't had a President who's done THIS before.....

*snork* at Meanie! All he needs is a cigar in his hand.

Buy t-shirts to show your support of the greatest CTU agent of all time

Nah, they should sell official Jack Bauer Protective Hoodies.

Should someone who's running for President be fondling themselves in their press pic?

I think we are fortunate that Bush was president for 9/11 else there would be alot more dead Americans from further terrorist attacks on US soil.

I don't think that the muslem 'diaper heads' want to play nice with the west. Islam has been atacking us since Jimmy 'wimpy' Carter and "bubba" Clinton only ran from a fight.

'The president added that he might convert to Islam just to “find out what it’s like to be a man who wears a dress and a bonnet and dyes his hair like a girl.”'


Humor blog - key word - humor. Is 'diaper head' funny? It 'depends.' Is misspelling 'muslim' funny? Considering it's coming from someone who wants me to seriously consider his opinion, I find it hilarious. Putting down an entire religion because of a few wackos...might as well condemn the entire Republican party because of Bush, Dick & Craig.

I would LOVE to see Jack in a debate. If we could get a hold of Kiefer to do "one reel" outside the realm of 24 as Jack Bauer, that would be on the top of the list for sure. What else would you want to see him "do" as Jack?

How about:

-- Get a parking ticket

-- Become a Union Contract Dispute "Solution Provider"

-- Be a dentist patient

What else would you like to see?

We would like to see him:
-drop his pants. Oops, scratch that - done already.
-attack a Christmas tree. Oops, done.
-come up with a plausible script.....

*crickets chirping*

Ah, but have you considered the potential liabilities of a Jack Bauer campaign for the Presidency, including but not limited to the following:

-- Jack's father and brother both being traitors to America...and having at least peripheral involvement in a plot to use WMDs on American soil;

-- Jack's wife being murdered by Jack's mistress, who was also a traitor;

-- Jack rebounding from his wife's death by taking up with the sister of another traitor;

-- Kim having an even bigger stage upon which to wreak havoc as the First Daughter;

-- the likelihood that even Jack would run out of ammo before running out of political hacks and TV talking heads who would be so impolite to mention such things. We need to save some for the terrorists, after all...

Although compared to, say, the Kennedy family tree, Jack's personal history looks almost normal... and not quite as far-fetched.

OK, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much...

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