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September 23, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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good morning dave!

An officer found a pipe used for smoking crack cocaine in the console area.

i'm familiar with where the crack is, but where's the console area?

so how do we define cutting, in this case.

Yet one more reason to avoid illegal drugs.


I knew things were getting too weird in Wisconsin lately. This explains it.

Good morning, Siouxie.


This is why I only buy my crack from the assless man on the corner.


Johnny, we hardly knew ye!

"Johnnies was charged Thursday with felony possession with intent to deliver cocaine..."

I wouldn't want to be the recipient of that delivery.

According to the arresting officer:
Sheboygan, Wis. spelled sideways is "Woe nigh abyss"

And when the cops approached he probably meth'd his pants.

See kids?? Being a druggie isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Good mornin', Jeff!


Got crack???

those lines in his underwear weren't skid marks!

Crack is whack!

cg ... the "console" area would be that part of the ... um ... anatomy ... which, when unsuccessful @ ... um ... trolling ... um ... one would resort to ... um ... um ... "self-consolement" ... um ... nevermind ...

Sounds like ...um...your'e ...um..."reaching"... a bit there...um...OtU.

Maybe OtU is slap-happy?


I'd rather not think of the idea of "slap" when the subject is ... um ... well, why do ya think they call it "self-abuse" ... ?

Beats me ... !

You know OtU, if you do it right you might just get a
console-ation prize!

Well that explains why OtU keeps yelling "Come on down!" as he...um... "consoles" himself.

(And don't ask about door number two.)

there is just so much in that story that is disgusting....ya just cant trust crackheads. so remember boys and girls: dont put your drugs in your drawers.........at least dont let the other guys in the car see you do that, ok? sheesh.

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