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September 28, 2007


It's Wang-King in Bangkok.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Wang beats King. Now that's a man bites dog story.

Nah, it'd be tooooo difficult to use first names. The bowler is Holding the batter's Willie...circa 19something, a cricket match.

And what if they faced a doubles team that included Roddick?

I don't get it. I mean I have dined at the Pornprom, I've drove by the Prick King and I don't see anything funny when I pass a Burger King...well other than the ghost of Rodney Allen Rippey. In Thailand, if your name happens to be Rupert Dawson...well hahahahahahahahahahaha. Your image of both a male and female sex organ combined causes pointing. Dawson...hahahahaha! And uhmmm... Rupert!

everybody wang king tonight!

This story sounds like bad Eighties' pop songs come to life:

Everybody have fun tonight;
Everybody's Wang-King tonight.

On "one night in Bangkok," no less.

Arrrgh. Now I have two earworms to deal with...

"New Balls, Please"??

Yessssss, Wes!!! :)

I have an economics teacher named Wang. I have to film her for my job. After 3 hours of lecture, I eventually fell through and said, "I'm falling in love with Mz Wang"

I was able to fight off the psychology teacher. I had feelings of doubt.

My job is to control the cameras for my college's classes that take place on several campi. It lets a lot more people see the class, and get really bored with Economic Equations.

Today's LA Times has a picture of a new Dodgers player named Hu up from AAA ball. He got a single. Vin Scully took great pride in saying, "Hu's on first."

Annie, couldn't ANYBODY stop him? Cut his mike? Duct tape?


/Did he give a warning, at least?

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